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EC 462 GoveRment is an aLien People
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Ivan and John Become Cognates Again / 1
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In blog 459, basing myself on the research of the late Lithuanian anthropologist Marija Gimbutas, I suggested that former Balts—who according to Gimbutas had once lived along the shores of the Dnieper River in what is now the Ukraine—following the arrival of taxation (perhaps introduced by Kievan Rus )  had been dispersed (or led by their greedy boyars had been led hence into diasporas now forgotten)—segmenting into Belorussians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Poles, and Western Ukrainians. The balkanization of the Balts was significantly contributed to by the Slav and German elites, the former succumbing to the first-come-first-served success of the Franks whom now forgotten rebellions of natives had driven from Byzantium to the northwest of Europe.

Because the Great Schism failed to separate the East from the West physically and could not prevent violent attempts at rapprochement by the expelled Franks, the boyars and clerics of the Slavs were forced by the West (with an eye to the distant future) to adopt its version of Christianity, which accepted taxation of the ludi (people) by the rurics* as a God given law.

Nevertheless, in spite being compelled to accept the Western version of the Holy Script, the Eastern Christian Churches stubbornly retained many of the rituals prevalent at the time of the Schism, through which the people remained bound to the democratic ways of people living off the gifts of the wood and land. Many years later Tsar Peter tGrt found these habits ‘’backward’ and subjected the Russian people to further abandonment of their traditions.

Perceiving Tsar Peter’s ‘reforms’ as a last opportunity (before they took effect and it was too late), the last of the Vikings, the Swedes (backed by the French) attacked Russia and wrought great havoc through vast stretches of the land. The Swedish King Gustav X was followed by Napoleon. Gustav X and Napoleon were both defeated by Russia. However, the ‘reforms’ (actually disruption of native traditions) of Tsar Peter continued to work well enough to provoke among the Russian people great unease and, if you will, disturbance of soul.

The disturbance was taken advantage of by Lenin, who along with Marx assigned the success of the West to capitalist industrialization rather than taxation and the graft of a lie to the Holy Writ through persecution and terror of the Inquisition. Facing defeat by the West, where government by taxation had become part of the warp and waft of society, the Bolshevik ‘revolutionaries’ had little choice but increase violence against their own. Merciless and excessive violence brought Lenin and Stalin ‘victory’, but it did not reveal the causes of the Great Schism, which was forcing all of Eurasia to live as we know today, a history under a false flag hung in a tree with its insatiably thirsty roots soaking up groundwater fertilized by Murti Bing Juice fracked into the ground by the CIA.  

The West today faces collapse brought on by its very success. To survive, it needs to seal the coffin of Eurasia’s contaminated past in a sarcofagus no anthropologist will be able to unseal. To do this successfully, it is attempting to dismember and balkanize Russia. To cover up its intentions the West is putting up a smoke screen it calls ‘globalization’. Globalization is served up with a puree called ‘human rights’, which ‘freedom’ Janis Jopplin once defined as “nothing left to lose”. So far, ‘human rights’ have silenced community protests until the community is past saving itself.

The secretive ways of the West may not fool all, but it does fool many of the ‘younger generation’, which knows nothing of the freedoms enjoyed by those facing the challenges of the natural world. Many such alienated youths live in Russia, where not a few worship the likes of Pussy Riot as their heroines. Still, the ‘backward’ narod keeps its distance from these cosmonauts.

Having failed to provoke a ‘popular’ revolt against Russian President Putin in Moscow, the West continues to prepare the ground for more violent confrontations while Russia’s Foreign Minister may be taking a defensive role for a little too long.

What to do?

* As I have explained in some previous blogs, the peasantish consonant ‘L’ was in some instances replaced by the royal consonant ‘R’. This may also be the case with the words ‘narod’ or ‘nalud’ versus ‘ruric’, which at one time may have been pronounced ‘ludic’ or ‘luvic’, a word which once stood for oarsman.

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