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Eso’s Chronicles 148
Shareholders of the Government Pocketbook
Sole Representatives of Humankind (7)
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Black Sheep
As I wrote in my previous blog: “The claim of the discovery of the Higgs boson will prove to be a scientific hoax, an overreach of scientific authority, and likely signals the beginning of the end for science.” Still, I should make one reservation, one also made by the RT makes, i.e., that: “…one cannot expect anything more sensational from the LHC team in the coming two years, as the 27-kilometer collider has been shut down for maintenance until the early 2015.  In other words, for the coming two years governmets may do with God as they will.

It is interesting that the crisis in science coincides with yet another crisis in religion.

The election of the Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the new Pope Francis I , a religious leader complicit in keeping silent about the atrocities committed against the populace during the military dictatorship led by General Jorge Videla (1976-1983), confirms that the nature of the Catholic Christian God continues to be the muted ‘word’, i.e., a word backed by no action. For Western Christians, God as an Act is like the fog rising above a river in the valley in the evening, which fog the pajans* used to call the ghosts of the dead.

The above crises occur at a time of an acute third crisis: that of the economy and financial world. All these events are closely connected and originate from the top down, from government attempting to present itself as the ‘first estate’, that is, as the only representative of humankind. This makes the rest of human kind a no less defiled human being than a Hindu ‘untoucheable’ in India  .

While most crises manifest themselves in ways that either try to mask chaos and/or sow confusion among those who suspect something untoward is happening, the crisis that occurred a few days ago in Cyprus, presents the colors of Reality in the real . As Elvis used to sing: “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog….  “….cryin all the time.”

The adlib “….cryin all the time”, originally meant to evoke an unrequited lover, is today proving to be a dangerous entity: a rock throwing youth, who resents what he believes to be an injustice that affects him and his community. However, his actions have been so persistent and therefore onerous to whoever he throws the rocks at, they— usually a body of ‘top estaters’**--are recommending that the youth(s) be shot .

While the recommendations of Avigdor Liberman, the Chairman of an Israeli political party and former Israeli Foreign Minister, may at this time seem as only that of an extremist and one berserkt by government office, the possibility that among the rock throwing youth will soon be found most people with a bank account (while the oligarchs will have converted their cash into gold), make the social consequences of exercising government power unilaterally as obviously disastrous and intolerable. In short, government is in the throes of making itself intolerable.

The exercise of violence by the Israeli government in settling its differences with the people whose land they have occupied, has been a long-term pain for the people who have to practice “The ceremony of innocence” (W.B. Yeats “The Second Coming”, 1920). The former Israeli Foreign Minister has just given another hammer blow on the jaws of those who oppose the ways of his ilk.

“[The] …symbolic order, in which the symbolic mask-mandate matters more than the direct reality of the individual who wears this mask and/or assumes this mandate” (S. Zizek, ‘The Universal Exception’, Continuum, p. 304) is being demolished; which is to say that though we know that things are not always as they seem “…I nonetheless treat [the judge] respectfully, because he wears the insignia of a judge, so that when he speaks, it is the Law itself which speaks through him” (Ibid.). That is to say, I bite my tongue before I say that the Law sucks; no longer, however.

It took Western Christianity an act of force majeure (the killing of Basil the Bogomil physician in 1118) followed by many of years of repressive violence by its ‘top estaters’ to impose on the public an unquestioning belief in the correctness and justness of its practices and interpretation of Christianity. It survived many rebellions—of which that of the Cathars and Jan Hus (1371-1410) stand out as among the most effective—and disseminated many lies on behalf of the ruling economic ‘top estaters’ to keep them and itself in power. It also supported by silence a number of outright financial coup d’états, for example, by going off the gold standard and substituting value with fiat money.

Nevertheless, it has never in its nearly thousand years of its existence dared to unilaterally confiscate the savings of over a million people and threaten by that action many hundreds of millions by the precedent. Yet again, a wanton Pope says nary a word, but mocks God as Act.

As necessary as the observation of the “ceremony of innocence” may be for the maintenance of the community, it ceases to be valid when the cynic becomes nearly everyone. It is at this moment when a new force majeure (one that essentially reinstates Basil The Bogomil physician) is enabled, and Jesus Christ becomes the anti-Christ Western Christianity designed him to be from its start.
The supports that buttress the stage and enable the “ceremony of innocence” to continue have collapsed today. The bank (and the government and Vatican) have stolen my wallet. I have every right therefore to address the banks and governments as ‘thieves’. We are within the quantum space that enables us to travel back in time, to return to day one.
*Pajan–from misspelled ‘pagan’. Pa = a prefix’; Jan = a prehistoric name for ‘man’, originally identified as a migratory herder. The change of the word from pajan to pagan was the Catholic Christian way of casting aspersion on the spiritual realm of humankind’s forest dwelling forebears.

**’Top estaters’: a collective of first (clergy) and second (nobility) estaters, i.e. rulers, the government.


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