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Eso’s Chronicles 151
The Wing-Ding of Crash, Bang, and Doom (10)
© Eso A.B.

Teeth of a Crocodile
The premise of almost ALL commentators who write about today’s global financial, business, social, and war crises is from a neoliberal capitalist point of view. This goes also for the populist BRICS countries.

Many admit that the current crises is severe, perhaps of catastrophic proportions, but the underlying presumption among most remains that: ours is a civilization of enormous achievements, our science has discovered unimaginable (Higgs boson?) things, our cities are megalopolises, our satellites circle the planet and search for ancient civilizations from five hundred miles above; who knows, maybe our brain is like a pocket radio, not a thinking machine, but a transmitter; that transmits not God’s orders, but whatever comes from the degree of ‘free will’ that is enabled by the virtual environment we unwittingly create by our chicken head mentality. The chicken head becomes operational once it sees a new white line (drawn with a Apple mobile phone?) and cannot get its eyes off it.

One of the forces that keep us focused on dysfunctional modern traditions is that in creating our bric-a-brac culture, we have sacrificed millions of human and billions of animal lives (if we count them), and plants in the process. A sense of guilt whispers in our ear that the results, no matter how unsustainable, cannot be let die with no one to remember it; therefore it must be kept going.

It is as if our ‘free will’ does not allow us to exit the trap of ‘creativity’ which our get-rich-quick ‘achievers’ have set for us. At the same time, the ‘poor’ and neglected lack the communication skills to break free from the mud at the bottom of our globamare civilization.

Along with such optimism, comes a pessimism whose holders say they are expecting a total wipeout of humankind. Unfortunately, the DOOM people do not move their fantasy projectors further than visualizing a temporary surge in the rat population feasting on our corpses and whatever stuff is left in abandoned warehouses.

As correct as such visions may be, it has not occurred to the DOOM people that besides being DOOM promoters, they may also be Revolutionaries.

So, how to we get from doom promoters and conspiracy theorists to revolutionaries? What is the line of progression?

It is not as complicated as it may seem.

First, the doom promoter may no more than intuit something as not being quite right with the way our society functions.

Second, after receiving criticism for being a negativist, the doom promoter notes that the reflection of society in the media mirror is one sided, and that this is the result of the media being owned by the wealthy and governing class.

Third, we note that the poor or have-nots have no say in the way society is being created by the ‘creative people’. Moreover, the creative people are creating things not for the betterment of society, but to make Money.

Fourth, it appears that the so-called ‘democracy’ is not a democracy in the full meaning of the term, but excludes the have-nots. It is also noted that ‘democratic government’ is controlled by the banks, which are controlled by the ‘haves’. The recent example of Cyprus, coming under a ‘by-proxy’ control of fascist serving German banks, is proof of this.

Fifth, some of the ‘haves’ and most of the ‘have-nots’ note that of the many anthropologists with PhDs none has volunteered or is being recruited to live out his-her life in, say, Calcutta slums. Some of us may voluntarily live among guerillas and chimpanzees in the jungle, but—unless by an unfortunate accident such as struck Robinson Crusoe, no one has volunteered to spend their adult lives as a non-missionary Mother Theresas in Calcutta’s slums .

No academic has been told that such a service may earn him-her a Doctors Emeritus and a pension that guarantees life in an upper middle class retirement village.

Sixth, we see that the great majority of humankind, which incidentally belongs to the have-nots, is almost totally ignored by the media. What the media presents of the have-nots are superficial glimpses, photographs of shanty towns, dirty faced children, stories of ill health, sexual abuse, all of which scenes and stories blend in with the tent camps of refugees from wars waged by the haves against the have-nots.

When DOOM prognosticators are viewed from the point of view of the majority of humankind, we begin to see that the story of he FALL of Adam and Eve is as much a False Flag as the story of King Oedipus . The reason God chased Adam and Eve (or did he actually chase Eve in the same sense that he chased Adam?) from the Garden of Eden has nothing to do with God’s anger or disappointment in his creation, but with a violent king or prince (standing in for God) who for economic reasons wanted the Garden (a wood in reality) for himself..

Once we look at the story of Adam and Eve from such a perspective, we see that Adam as well as Eve are happy to remain in the wood for ever. They like to work, but only in the sense of a subsistence economy. All additional work over and above subsistence may be viewed as taxation.) Yet in Western civilization, we have been raised to believe that God expelled Adam and Eve from the garden because they (or was it Adam who made God jealous?) overindulged in sex as some chimps (bonobos) are still .

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