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Eso’s Chronicles 150
Unprecedented Phenomenon:
Dead Men Who Breathe (9)
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My Crocodile
One of the myths being propagated by neoliberal capitalist ilk is that ‘quantitative easing’ (QE), printing money and passing it to banks, will restart the economy. A no less pretentious opinion is being pushed by the public media by presenting society as being as hedonistic today as it was in 2008, when the zenith of capitalist plunder reached the zone of zero gravitation, and could for a short period do the ‘six impossible things before breakfast’ as the White Queen claimed she did in Alice in Wonderland.

Unfortunately for the White Queen, she turned into a sheep with spectacles and went on grazing as if she knew nothing. The White Queen as a sheep with glasses reminded herself to me, when I recently read that Yoko Ono had tweeted the photograph of blood spattered eye glasses of her husband of forty-four years ago, John Lennon . No doubt, the blood on the glasses of the White Queen is the blood of innocence no less innocent today than yesterday, except that the Queen is proving to be Yoko Ono caught up in an obscene orgy of naïveté getting its comeuppance. David Bowie at least questions: “Where are we now?” , and nostalgically discovers himself with his companion in a garage in Berlin (or is it Birmingham?), which he judged to be among the better moments of his life. On the other hand, Yoko Ono is right up there with Madonna fighting for “Pussy Rights”, fucking the ‘essentially dead’ of the rest of the ‘living’ world with a program of passionate intensity.
The recent financial destruction by the European Central Bank (ECB) of the Cypriot government sends echoes around the world. People are slowly waking up from their long dream about Money and discovering that they have no government but banks, and that the latter can take Money from their wallets anytime they can concoct a ‘good’ reason, and the government gives the ‘go ahead’ to the motorcycle police to escort the bank president’s motorcade.
As I wrote in the previous blog (149) “…governments have become ‘symbol deficient’….” and exist in a ‘void’. Governments are now effectively become interim institutions, useful to produce laws, and when necessary, to support the banks and their shareholders’ ability to make more Money—if necessary by waging war. As far as the rest of human kind is concerned—on behalf of who governments were once said to have come into existence—“They are essentially dead men who just happen to breathe…” as Lt. Col. Barry Wingard, a US military attorney who advocates for Guantanamo detainees, recently said .

While this is not openly admitted as applying to the rest of humankind, the actions (and inactions) of governments give ample evidence that though the people are dead, they are still breathing. As Glenn Greenwald, a familiar name among bloggers, now a columnist for the Guardian, writes: :

The polices adopted by the Obama administration just over the last couple of years leave no doubt that they are accelerating, not winding down, the war apparatus that has been relentlessly strengthened over the last decade. In the name of the War on Terror, the current president has diluted decades-old Miranda warnings; codified a new scheme of indefinite detention on US soil; plotted to relocate Guantanamo to Illinois; increased secrecy, repression and release-restrictions at the camp; minted a new theory of presidential assassination powers even for US citizens; renewed the Bush/Cheney warrantless eavesdropping framework for another five years, as well as the Patriot Act, without a single reform; and just signed into law all new restrictions on the release of indefinitely held detainees.

Two points emerge from the above: 1) ‘indefinite war on terror’ creates force majeure conditions, defines the present as a continuous line of ‘exceptional conditions’, and imposes martial law ;  2) it destroys the community by divorcing it from the living, to the degree that respect for ‘unwritten’ laws that were embedded in inherited discipline and traditions that made communities ‘symbol efficient’ have evaporated.

As this link  tells it: UPDATE: It appears the 'deal' to default/restructure the banks has been designed to bypass the need for parliamentary votes, since it is theoretically not a tax.” Be sure to listen to the web cast embedded in the link and note the ‘cool’ manner government is transferred from government to banks, and how banks are to become governments and former government is to become a militant policing institution serving banks.

As the speakers in the link repeat over and over again, not only are governments kept from interceding on behalf of the people they were to represent, but ‘problem’ banks of the old order are to be “run down over time.” Apparently, it is believed, that this will leave a clear playing field for the banks and enable them to start using the tools that governments have written into law for some time, even as preparing their police and military as per Glenn Greenwald’s comments (above).

If the boards of the banks are indeed to become de jure governments of the world, and the population of the world is not to be the people who are living on planet Earth de facto, and the citizens of the banks are graded as to their privileges by the size of their banking accounts, the importance of the events now taking place are a series of False Flag events of no lesser significance than auto de fe-ing Basil The Bogomil (coinciding with the installment of Jesus Christ), the plunder of Constantinople, and the many slow motion tsunamis set into motion since the deaths of both Hitler and Stalin failed to leave behind them a people (and leaders) inspired by the symbolic efficiency of their leadership.

Apparently the transition to a ‘globalized’ culture cannot be achieved without eliminating all or most of the current governments in office and substituting them with Money and bankers-ushers as priesthood.

No doubt, what is happening is a disaster of momentous proportions. Few people, even among the experts, understand it. The clear winners are, of course, the oligarchs who hold billions in currency. They are the new Princes—even with fiat money at risk. The new barons and boyars are the multi millionaires driving in carriages known as Sport Lexus . The rest of humankind is either going to be bottled up in cities or sent to turn the remainder of our planet’s woods into shrubbery and tend in zoos animals sent into exile thereby.

Death is unleashed and comes with a scythe the size of the horizon. As usual, the hope in such cases is the seed of the dandelion that relies on the graces of the wind and chance landings to make its fortune.

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