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Eso’s Chronicles 286 / 12  
The ‘Knellen’ of EU Nations
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It is not well known that the name ‘America’ derives from a Bristol, England merchant (Richard Amerike), that the design of the American flag derives from his coat or arms , and that the name of America was known in Bristol before 1500. As surprising as this may be, it fits in well with ‘America’ as a land not fully aware of itself.

I say “not fully aware”, not because the founding fathers of America were not serious about America, but because subsequent to the founding fathers (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, …), those who came after them, especially the northern industrialists who won the Civil War (which was waged on behalf of Capitalism , not for the sake of liberating black slaves) took the country lightly, acted superciliously, and had no hesitations about running it into the ground as we are witnessing it at this time.

The ‘slave issue’ played the same role in the Civil War (1861-1865) as the issue of ‘freedom’ plays in the current supercilious effort to globalize our planet on behalf of the descendants of that same Capitalism, which cares not a whit about ‘freedom’ or ‘life’, though it has increased its size by forming an alliance with the European Capitalists, which for diversionary purposes call themselves NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries.

As a resut, Capitalism has become more dangerous, at the same time as it is more vulnerable.

The dangers of Capitalism today are best seen in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea theatre of its operations. At the time of this writing, it is spreading its doctrine of ‘freedom from slavery’, now modified to ‘human rights first’ doctrine, to Syria and the Ukraine, and is preparing to begin a war against Iran.

The trouble with Capitalism is that it has proven a failure by the happenstance that puts control of the materialist philosophy into the hands of the rich. Nevertheless, Capitalism must now fight against enemies for whom industrialism is no novelty and who are better educated and mentally more disciplined than those forced to grow up in a society under capitalist dominion where the desire to consume is at a more intense level than is the ability of capitalists to dominate. To give it a technical explanation: Capitalism overextended itself, and now drains its accumulated wealth as water elevated to higher ground, given a start, siphons the water from the barrel of its own accord.

The centralized (federalized) government of the U.S. facilitated the siphoning process of its own power by overreacting to the 9/11 event, when it sought to make use of it to further the ends of some private individuals in government at the time. The attack against Afghanistan snow-balled (siphoned) into direct or indirect (proxy) attacks on Iraq, Libya, Syria, encouraged civil unrest in Egypt, the Ukraine, and there is no end in sight short of the barrel draining empty and the wind blowing it off its high perch.

One may argue that what the U.S. did was only logical, because the said countries sit, so to speak, above ground level (rather than be allowed to seek ground level), where they were put by the artifice of the colonial governments of England and France in an earlier day.

The United States however belatedly remembered that it is not a single nation, but a federation of over fifty States, which gave up their sovereignty for the alleged benefits of a Union. Unfortunately, the Union did not ‘work’ for the benefit of the potential of its nations, but for private corporate capital. All too often, State governments became springboards to ambitious governors who wished to become Presidents of the Federation.

Not surprisingly, once the Federal Government had destabilized the all too uncertain balance of Capitalist interests vs Community interests, and once it realized that it lacked unifying charisma, it began to arm the local police force as if it were to become an occupying army of the States .

One always wants to fantasize that peace will prevail and that destabilization will not reach tremors above 8 on the Richter scale.

Though America claims to have a ‘charismatic’ government as a result of being a freely elected ‘democracy’, it is no secret that this ‘democracy’ is an illusion held up by a media that gets paid to advertise the consumerist fairy-tale ad infinitum, even as it denies a charismatic King, his wood, and true democracy the right to life, but panders it to the likes of urban environment protection groups that never suffer a martyr.

To put it bluntly, the U.S. government goes without charisma even among its own. How can we expect it to impose its imperialism on Europe?

It is obvious that the present EU is the consequence of a militaristic coup imposed through the barrel of the gun by NATO, which is to say, the present vision of the EU as an empire of European nations or ‘fatherlands’, which may provide some of its present leaders the Presidency of an Empire and, inspire them with the initiative to fool their own people (as the above mentioned U.S. State governors use their office as a stepping stone to the Presidency of the U.S.) is a grossly inadequate bonding mechanism.

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