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Eso’s Chronicles 281 / 7
1001 Sovereigns vs The State
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin. Governments have wedded their citizens to the idea that there is no government without a government as a State.
I suppose that this is because governments believe that the State—as Aristotle said in his ‘Politics’—guarantees that “the poor shall be in no greater subjection than the rich”. Which raises the question: Just how are the rich being ‘subjected’? Yes, there is the French actor Depardieu, who fled France for Russia because the French State, a State if there ever was a State, put taxes for those who make a million from 41% to 75%, but then upon Depardeu’s despairing flight the State promised to work the tax lower.
But let us go over this again.
Should not all human beings be as equal in an urban environment as they were when they lived together in the wood? It is no doubt true that some families had greater animal herds than others, but then the environment within which all live had a richness about it that the city cannot come anywhere near. This is one of the reasons why I conclude that Aristotle, though a man claimed by Athens, still had one of his legs in the wood and field, because if not, and he was but a city man, he would have said: “the poor shall live in no less welcoming environment than the rich”.
[No, not sleeping as a homeless man or woman in a doorway.]
The disparity lies in the fact that the urban environment is human-made from scratch, whereas Nature is a cooperative effort by unseen forces working for millions of years.
However, if human societies began in the wood and their ‘government’ was an ever invisible King who may have had a court, but no bureaucracy, then the government today is riding on the back of what it took away from the King and has never justified it except as the most cynical of power grabs.
We saw such cynical power grabs in the acts from the Vikings (who, incidentally, were famishingly poor) and the barons or bully boys (who beside their city mistress, liked to humiliate country boys by demanding the right of the first night with their brides) and who put a sword to King John’s neck to make him sign the Magna Charta. We see a repeat act in the U.S. government threatening war against Iran in Senate bill S.1881 (see blog 280 for details), even as the government has bankrupted not only itself, but also the people it claims to govern. The over a trillion dollars annual budget is, of course, a Pentagon and war budget, which war (also by NATO?) will put fire to it as it sends a request for the next trillion.
This writer would like to bet that if all the ‘separatists’ in the headline link  and map are given the opportunity to freely secede from their present governments (after they had a congress that discusses the various proposals of how to implement a stateless government), most of them will likely go for it.
Following the secession of the above (over 50 communities ), it is likely that there will follow secessions on all continents of the globe, and many of the Super States: China, Russia, the U.S., and others.
None of governments have served their people well, but have treated them as de facto citizen-slaves. The story coming from the governments is that they are among the best leaders of the world.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
There will be, of course, those who claim that actual separation will result in chaos, but what greater chaos could there be today than that already created by the Super states? It is not a chaos created by any King, by any dictator, or by any small state. It is chaos created by the presumptuous descendants of past barons, princes, and kings who governed and continue so sans self-sacrifice .
As Nigel Farage so correctly states, the nations of Europe do not wish a United States of Europe, but a Europe of sovereign nations. It is perhaps time that these sovereigns (also ‘free’, ‘Z’, nations of Europe (ZNOE) should meet at a congress of their own, and put up against the EU, the ZNOE. It is likely to be a challenging congress, because the BIG argument on behalf of the EU is that it will avert among disorderly European Nations future wars. One would think that it is possible to work out a world map that consists of many hundreds more new nations that manage to live in peace, deconstruct weapons factories and weapons of mass destruction,==even if it were to take one exceptional State located on a far away island that would garrison a ‘foreign legion’ were their interference ever necessary.

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