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Eso’s Chronicles 274 / 14
34—Deaded Historians
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.

All those who support globalization do not support nationalism, or community solidarity. The latter is a different animal. “Globalization” is of course the most recent name for the virus that was to become the bubonic plague of the post-America world order, also known as NWO or New World Order.

There are many theories of how the word came into being. Some claim that it was hatched by the Bilderberg group.  Yet others say that it was from the Free Masons, a group that began in Britain and preceeded the Bilderbergs by centuries and made significant contributions to the process of building empires. As the building of empires proved successful for some, others, too, jumped aboard and added to the hymn that  began with the words: “The bigger the better”, words—“…is more the better.”

But with that the Freemasons encountered troubles. The world was not big enough to hold all who wanted to be bigger, and this is where the next revolution began: the words ‘bigger’ and ‘more’ were exchanged for words such as: One World, The New World Order, The Free World, A Democratic World, and last, but not least, Globalization. At this point everyone knew that the Moove-ment toward Globalization began in Europe sometime long ago, and that it remains to this today closely associated with what the writer Hemingway once called the “haves”—people who always want to have more and bigger things.

The first ‘haves’ ever were of course princes or children of Kings, who had slain their father, who had been King, and who for that reason had it ALL, but never thought of it as a toy. One of the oldest European myths about Uranus tells that the Olympic Gods of the Greeks actually came into being after years of contesting for power with their father The same myth is reflected in the English story of how the English Barons won the Magna Harta (1215) from King John, who they did not kill, but tortured long and painfully (this part of the story has been deliberately lost) until the old King gave up his power for a retirement income . Notice the clubs in the hands of the barons (one in front of and another behind the King) and the unidentified mob of military men surrounding the tent. Proclaimed as a Great Document of Liberty, the Magna Harta, the document that King John signed, the document was not actually such. It did become such, for a little more than a century, following the rise of the Age of Enlightenment and after the Industrial Age had caused havoc eliminating all the independent weavers of the countryside and moved them to live in the city slums. At the time of signing, the Magna Harta was a document of any meaning only for the barons.

However, as I note through out my blogs, the rise of ‘democracy’ as a welcome political system may be viewed as such only while the situation of the lands (America, not Europe) was such that it was for anyone’s taking, and jobs were plenty and the pay good. When one was up against a dead-end on the east coast of America, one could steal a horse from a farmer and keep riding West until one came to California and found a creek at the bottom of which lay gold.

Today, with the environment polluted, the oceans irradiated from nuclear power stations spilling radiation, and desk top machines that will make anything but a brain one can trust, ‘democracy’ again serves only a few, some say no more than 0.01% of the total population.

This is why more and more people are looking for a history that explains in greater detail why what is falling into the sea are mostly hot air balloons? Why is it that the hot air has cooled so suddenly? Why with all that fiat money being pumped into the ‘system’, the system will not refloat? Why is it that we must again learn that wet money is not something a supermarket cashier will accept gladly, but will ask you for a card that you don’t have, because according to the government, you are but a subjective mind, a hubris, one full of yourself, and not objective as you ought to be, according to which you are but a deaded bling?

So what about history?

Why do we have to listen to the historians lie (like chickens that have their beaks pressed to the white line laid by government) that democracy began in ancient Athens, when it was in existence for many thousands of years before in the wood?

Why are we not told by historians that the first taxes were extorted from people who survived off grazing animals and the milk buffalo cows and mares gave?

Why are anthropologists not telling that humans were not hunters (but only root gatherers and herders) until the barons started levying them with pelt taxes, which forced our forebears to drive their beloved herds off steep cliffs en masse?

Why are historians not telling that there was no such thing as agriculture, until the barons figured out that they could collect from agriculturalists more in taxes than animal herders?

Why do we not hear that slavery did not exist when we lived in the wood, but began only with the arrival of ‘agriculture’?

Why are we not told that the polluters of the environment are urban centers built and developed by 0.01% of the population? Would not the Earth return to wood if we eliminate the deserts that are cities?

Why are we not told that our ‘primitive’ forebears had a better economic system than the Ponzi scheme set up under the Federal Reserve? 

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