Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Eso’s Chronicles 280 / 6
The ‘Knellen’ of EU Nations
© Eso A.B.
All comments appearing within brackets [ ] are editorial in origin.
As the rule of law increased and along with it its imagined benefits, it became an increasingly desired object for control. The early times of self-made rules of the wood were forgotten as the wood disappeared (was cut down) and was replaced by urban sprawl from which no one, once in it, may escape.
Unlike the wood, an urban environment is all artifice, which as it increases in wealth and complexity becomes the object of increasing praise of those responsible for creating it—whether it is sustainable or not. The complex urban environment becomes an error even poets have difficulties to perceive, as W. B. Yeats in his poem ‘Sailing To Byzandium’ failed to see and praised: “Once out of nature I shall never take/ My bodily form from any natural thing,/ But such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make/ Of hammered gold and gold enamelling….”
What Yeats in effect describes is the U.S. Supreme Court: a legal body so enamored of itself as the lord of America’s urban desert that it no longer recognizes the subjective side of human beings as, both, a vital and brutal life force inspired to resist official artifice, but compels it to send to jail such a number of Americans that America has become the largest prison house our planet has ever known. America may not have gulags, but it has the largest prison system in the ‘democratic’ world, and many of the incarcerated are there because of ‘qualified immunity’ that federal and state employees may invoke to “…shield[s] government officials [and their subjective minds and actions] from liability for the violation of an [forest] individual's federal constitutional rights.
Even if one may be inclined to justify ‘qualified immunity’ because those employed by the State are forced to work in an environment in which their subjective mind no longer functions or copes with the situations  normally, the State is never asked to explain why it has allowed such conditions to come into being.
Yes, we all have heard it: “We cannot stop human nature.”
In our times, when the condition of the world has been so obviously driven with its forehead into a ‘no exit’ sign and human beings find themselves challenged beyond their capacity to deal with or resolve the difficulties, the State increasingly falls back on its ‘power’ to compel conformity and/or find a solution among which a kill by the police or a war with other States is not excluded, but is provoked, even if through proxies. The following, pointed out by columnist Patrick Buchanan, is a case in point:
[  Today the Senate is about to vote Israel a virtual blank check – for war on Iran. Reads Senate bill S.1881: If Israel is ‘compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran’s nuclear weapons program,’ the United States ‘should stand with Israel and provide … diplomatic, military and economic support to the Government of Israel in the defense of its territory, people and existence.’ … this bill virtually hands over the decision on war to Bibi Netanyahu who is on record saying: ‘This is 1938. Iran is Germany.’”]
Let us hope that the bill does not pass.
In the case of America, difficulties for human society to deal with were foreseen many years ago as part of America’s capitalist economic system, which unfailingly drives the society to compete with its own and others until a bloody conflict resolves the resulting knot— as Alexander the Great is said to have let his sword solve his own problems.
In so far as European leaders agree with America that the problems of the future were beyond their ability to solve and, thus, joined America in forming secret armies of NATO , the leadership of the European Union is no less guilty of recapturing Europe for capitalism and compel its people to solve the problems with blood disguised behind a military mask of ‘qualified immunity’.
At least one subjective mind concludes that the collective leadership of the Super states, in this case the EU (not only) is suffering a brain seizure similar to the type it was seized by in World War I, twenty years later by World War II, and appears to have yet another one fifty years later by tying the sovereign liberties of Europeans into yet another bureaucratic knot and applying as glue plenty of tricks of law. At this time, the best trick appears to be a promise of ‘human rights’, glazed over by a thick layer of  ‘consumer products’, over those of ‘community rights’ that have stood their ground for thousands of years.
Is this really necessary? Is there not a way out?

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