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Eso’s Chronicles 284 / 10
The ‘Knellen’ of EU Nations
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Deaded in Megalopolis

No word is as overplayed and overused today as ‘creativity’. There is but one reason for it: the violence and lack of creativity within the urban sprawl, aka megalopolis .

One of the earliest critics of urbanism was Lewis Mumford . In his book, “The City in History” (1961), Mumford, born at the end of th 19th century, was not yet so brainwashed by banker-led and urbanist bred capitalism that he did not perceive that the capitalist ‘white ship’ was being blown by the ill winds of advertising for the gates at the edge of the Seas, under a sign that read “Beware Megalopolis—A Dead End Labyrinth”.

Our modern Theseus has no golden thread to borrow from Ariadne to escape the trap . All evidence in our modern times proves that once in the labyrinth, there is no way out, because advertising is so accurately attuned to our autoerotic needs that no heterosexual love or need of community can prevail as long as there is money that can buy it in the shape of an artifice. We all know that frustrated housewives of wealthy husbands go shopping to lower stress.

Yet, as I wrote at the end of my previous blog, there is such a thing as autoerotic death with the community acting the lover. In ancient times, before the institution of marriage was forced on us, it was women who acted the role of the community, and the King never lacked their attention or love. With the modern State and media continuing to pay lip service to the institution of marriage, ‘democratic’ sexuality, aka sex between consenting adults, coexists with the paradox of ‘marriage’ and prevention of the emergence of a spontaneous kingship or priesthood through vicious condemnation of paedophilia—though the stress provoked is clearly autoerotic on the part of media subject to the superego of the law.

The ‘dead end’ of our times is synonymous with the kind of ‘closed circle’ that does not know the circle as either kirtimukha or Mobius circle . In short,what I am trying to say, is that the plain or ‘materialist’ circle is for idiots. It does not provide for transmigration of thought become character as the links—entrance to temple and mobius strips==show.

Our contemporary civilization is stuck in a perpetual groove that it cannot get itself out of short of a catastrophe. At this time, a catastrophe is in progress as the Finance Bubble shows , even as ‘proud atheists’ build themselves monuments. The problem is that atheists may be able to multiply 2x2, but do not know what 2 squared is. Which is to say, that belief has nothing to do with God or Gods, but is knowledge that thought fills the universe and that whatever the reality that one has transmigrated to may be, it is too demanding of our attention to escape except through prayer.

This leads me to think that the ongoing catastrophe will continue and our commitment to ‘democracy’ will disintegrate right along with it. We are, so to speak, being tenderized.

Men who work in the wood destroying our Latvian woods tell people who I know that whole regions of young women (such as remain and have not left the country) go to ‘work’ to the capital or roads leading to it as whores. One such, who rents an apartment from someone I know and fell in arrears, paid back the rent multiplied by one and a half. She explained that because her husband had fallen sick, she had gone looking for work and had found a good ‘job’. I am told that the going price for one who knows what she is doing is about fifty Euros an hour. Latvia joined the Euro twenty days ago, and got praised by Van Rompuy and Barosso who came for a visit to tell how smoothly our political jerk offs did their ‘job’. Our young women are getting rich, what with equal rights and singular character, but their children are born screwed by absentee mothers and never know it, while young men grin obscenely and bear it.

As someone once famously asked: What is to be done?

While presently unimaginable and beyond our community’s ken, I advocate that the ’47 Ronin’ among the elderly become a permanent phenomenon. After all, only humans with a lifetime of experience have the ability to replace the ‘what is’ with ‘what was’. Were it to be so, though it would bypass becoming a political party, except for an ‘exceptional time’ when one recognizes one’s self by killing one’s self as “homo sacer” , it could little by little  discredit and chip away at ‘democracy’ as artifice and return to a democracy of the wood, where human beings are delimited to a Guantanamo prison renamed Washington and Brussels, where they re-elect the King, who as in former times, is a fairy-tale.
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