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Eso’s Chronicles 287 / 13  
The ‘Knellen’ of EU Nations
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One of the better essays as to why the E.U. will fail as a federation and as a federated ‘empire’ is by Julius Evola (1898-1974) , an Italian writer, in his book “Men Among The Ruins”. The essay, one of the book’s last, is titled “Form and Presuppositions of a United Europe”.

Evola differentiates between three Europes: 1) ‘Nation Europa’; 2) ‘European Fatherland’; and 3) ‘European Empire’.

‘Nation Europa’ is rejected by Evola, because “The concept of the nation can never be applied to an organic supernational type of unity….”

‘Europe of Fatherlands’ is rejected because it is “…a mere federation of European nations….”

However, when he comes to ‘European Empire’, Evola sees the potential of  “…partial organic units…” that “…gravitate around a unum quod non est pars…” (‘a one that is not a part’ to use Dante’s expression )—namely, a principle of unity, authority, and sovereignty of a different nature from that which is proper to each particular State….”

The readers who have read my preceding twelve essays of this series will, I think, agree that my notion of the ‘nation’ is not a fascist one, and that the ‘one that is not a part’, too, fits with the notion of the King, whom I replace with the ’47 Drones’, who I borrow from the Japanese story of the ’47 Ronin’.

Evola and I are also in agreement about the need of Europe to exit the United Nations and become emancipated from the U.S. to which it is tied by way of NATO. My reasons for exiting the UN and NATO are slightly different from Evola’s, but not that different that we would not agree as to the reasons that could move it and justify the move toward becoming the Empire of Europe.

My objection to the United Nations centre on its Security Council , which I concur with Evola, is illegitimate, promiscuous, and hypocritical because its members are chosen not by lottery, but on the ability of violence to rule by dictat (veto).

NATO is, of course, nothing more than the self-perpetuation of an alliance that has seen the end of its reasons for being (block the expansion of the SSR), though it is striving hard to create new ones, i.e., the globalization of our planet under the aegis of the U.S. and its NATO alliance members. Its latest violent intrusion is in the Ukraine, where it is attempting to separate that ‘partial organic nation’ from its connection to one of the few erstwhile opponents to Western imperialism, Russia.

What is interesting about the situation in Ukraine is that it is supported by the NATO countries of Europe, my country of birth, Latvia including . At this time I am opposed to the ‘revolution’ because it appears to be orchestrated by hysterical romantics. One of the leaders in the violent demonstrations in Kiev is the “Batkivschina” (Fatherland) party, precisely the kind of nationalist organization that reeks of fascism of   that is not motivated and has no guiding light in any transcendent authority, except in its own deadly histrionics.
Twenty-three years ago (1991) Latvia went through a similarly emotion wrought ‘awakening’ from the controls of the Soviet Union. Once its ‘singing revolution’ demanding ‘sovereignty’ was given its day, the country was soon surrendered by its emerging government to an “economic shock” regime controlled by the U.S. and NATO, and the ‘good will’ of the European Central Bank (ECB). Just a month ago, the government ‘freely’ (it refused to hold a referendum) chose to abandon its own currency and accept the untested euro, thus, definitively submitting itself to the ‘EU Empire’ run by a hypocritical ‘democracy’ if there ever was one. Meanwhile, it is rumoured that Latvia has lost 50% (about 900,000 out of about 2.2 mil.) of its population due to outmigration caused by a deliberately collapsed economy by Harvard Business school experts.

[The government admits to losing 300,000 of its population to outmigration, but never held a believable census of its population, certainly not any time recently. The eastern region of the country, Latgale, is generally spoken of as being “empty”. Riga, the capital city alone has lost about 300,000, going from over 800,000 to 500,000. The majority of the people appear to have gone to England, the very country that the Vice President of the EU commission, Viviane Reding, is now slamming for opposing an influx of economic refugees (see blog 275). Well, talking about an ‘elite’ leadership (the establishment of Western Europe) ‘knelling’ ‘historical’ Europe!].

None of the above is to say that Ukraine should not try to go its own way, except not by the way of joining the Federation of the EU. Territorially speaking, Ukraine is a huge country. It also consists of more than two regions who like those in Spain (Basque and Catalonia) would eventually go the way of their own Kingdom, which makes Ukraine an interesting test case for, both, my and Evola’s understanding of what a ‘nation’ is about and what makes it work as a largely autarchic community.

If Ukraine chooses to join the E.U., the way other East European countries decided to join Europe, I am sure that we will soon be listening to such podcasts from it, as the following one from BBC on the Homeless of Hungary .

Based on my experience in Latvia (I returned to live in Latvia after spending the greater half of my life in the U.S.), my bet is that if the Western regions of Ukraine split off and join the EU ‘democracy’, but the Eastern Region form a kingdom governed by the charisma of the 47 Drones, Western Ukraine will soon ask to rejoin the East.

P.S. To those who say that the ‘’47 Drones’ will never happen ought to consider what will happen when the pensioners the world over are hit with a ‘reset’ of our currency values. The following link, though in Dutch (with subtitles) is enlightening .
P.P.S. One of the themes in these blogs is the usurpation by Federal State power of small sovereignties. The following link argues that the states of the U.S., too, originally had military power that has been usurped by Washington

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