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Eso’s Chronicles 283 / 9
The ‘Knellen’ of EU Nations
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The Charisma of Kings

Though many readers will agree with those who insist that a ‘nation’ is not a natural conglomeration of individuals, but wholly artificial, with which perspective I agree to some degree, though I lean toward accepting the nation as a fait accompli (of whatever forces were at work: ethnic, happenstance, war) and permanent—unless the nation itself or someone within it, wishes to go their own way and is adamant about it [Spain (Basques), England (Scots), etc. for example].

While in my own country, Latvia, a failed post-Soviet formerly sovereign State, the notion of a King is laughed off and ridiculed by just about everyone, the State’s failure to maintain a viable and strong-willed nation can be located in the ruling elite’s inability to imagine that the Super- or Federated States could possibly have been wrong or that consumerism is little more than the fairy-tale of the magically self-setting table become a reality for a period of time that cannot last.

The likelihood that the artificial community, the nation, is necessarily a closed circle socially and an autarky economically, and that to survive, the community must be willing to sacrifice in ways unimaginable to a violence prone federated mega-State, appears at this time an idea under chloroform.

Even so, we all are used to living in one house, one apartment, one room, or one shack on a more or less permanent basis, and we adapt to the circumstances and take them into account. We do not allow just any stranger onto our premises, let alone invite him or her to stay the night unless there are some extra-ordinarily compelling circumstances.

To ask anyone to stay on what we consider our private and privileged premises—as Ms Vivian Reding of the European Commission insists we do (whether Englishmen or Latvians)(see Intro blog 275)—happens only if we as a nation and a community have long been broken up by the likes of Ms Reding or her predecessors, who used tools (money, violence, and law) not accessible to us to defend ourselves with.

What the EC is doing is viking (wading up or down river) violently into the midst of Europe’s national communities and breaking them up by forcing them by the authority of federalism to lose jurisdiction of what used to be sovereign territory. At present only England appears to be resisting.

For the nations of the European Union the gradual loss of sovereignty through stealthy action by the Centre is a relatively new thing, but inserting immigrants in former independent nations was a widely spread practice throughout the Soviet Union, remains a practice in the current Russian Federation, is true in China, and has just about extinguished the authority of American States.

Unfortunately, once sovereign authority is surrendered, it is impossible to get it back by juridicial methods (it has not yet happened) . New methods need to be devised and implimented.

One of the methods is to insist on the autocratic economic model. The following is an article on ‘Autarky’ that I find interesting , even though the writer writes about it in the context of a federated (U.S.) State. He also cannot imagine life without economic ‘progress’ and is clearly not prepared to make his ‘art’ or culture become the medium of exchange, and he rather be dead and urbanized than self-sufficient in all things.

The following link is a pretty good illustration of what happens when the Vikings fail to learn to survive in the environment they come to as their final destination: It is clear that they DON’T and make for a capitalist system that step by step leads from on war to another. Many Latvians of elite pretentions, and used to being federalized in the Soviet Union, now eagerly try to persuade all and sundry how wonderful it is going to be when we are part of Federalized Europe (FE). They have managed to get Latvia included by choking off (knelling) any prolonged debates or critiques of what losing sovereignty means and, unlike England, run to the bosom of EC’s Ms Reding for mother’s milk.

As the Basques have learned ‘democratic’ procedures will not get one out of the clutches of even a minor federation such as Spain, anymore than Lombardy will get out of the clutches of bunga bunga Rome, or Scotland rid itself of the dusty English Crown.

Either the economic and financial crisis currently stalking planet Earth ends in a thorough collapse of society the globe over, or society finally perceives that globalized identity through personality inversion (and perpetually expanding ‘human rights’) cannot sustain society unless manna from heaven fallas an everyday event. What is needed is the King.

Obviously, in the beginning there is not going to be an actual King, but the community has to begin to mutate into a monarchist party that argues for the end of groupie States not by violence (as Moslem terrorists), but by refusing to commit suicide as it is currently forced to do through out of control community break-downs: alcoholism, drug overdose, obesity, helplessness, homelessness, and desperate (eyes closed) suicide. None of which has any positive results as far as ridding society of Bilderbergers and like human wonders is concerned.

I am not speaking in the accustomed language of revenge or violence that one resorts to when up against a perceived enemy. I have long written about the missing of self-sacrificial acts in modern day life and how this has destroyed the life of community except as a left-over of past times. The primary fault for this surely lies with the political leadership that has waged wars without repercussions on its own self. There is no way this can be turned around except by voluntary actions of individuals or, preferably, groups of individuals. With regard to the latter, the Japanese story of the “47 Ronin” or Samurai explains it best—of course without the sacrifice of Kira Yoshinaka , who we will leave be master of ceremonies, which is all our governments are capable of doing. Somehow, they need to be isolated in their own Vatican, where they can talk human rights, practice gender equality, have endless supplies of manna, and bunga bunga all day long without the presence of a lurid media spoiling the fun.

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