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Eso’s Chronicles 285 / 11   
The ‘Knellen’ of EU Nations
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During the winter a year ago, a distant neighbour lost ten beehives. He said it was due to the cold (there was lots of snow, but not all that cold as I remember), his daughter told me that he did not have enough money to buy sugar to feed them, but another acquaintance told me that he had probably drawn down too much honey. The acquaintance said that her own father, who had kept bees, never took honey from them after the month of August. I was told that bees need a certain amount of honey they have gathered for themselves--to stay healthy and survive. Since I knew the man as poor and with an alcohol problem, I blamed his demoralization for the tragic end of the bees.

In the previous blog, I also told how young Latvian women from at least one region stand on the highways to the nation’s capital ‘hitching’ rides. Over the past ten years, I have picked up five such women myself, two of them no longer young. I played dumb in all cases, which certainly was not fair to the women. The most interesting response was from two who travelled together to ‘a party’, then asked to be let out half way to Riga. Another woman in her late forties told me how difficult life was and that she was ‘almost’ ready to prostitute herself. Yet another drew her forefinger across my thigh, but when I failed to respond, asked to be let out, and as she was getting out of the car asked what I thought of prostitution. I did not have time to respond, and she probably did not wish to hear my long explanation. Still, I was shocked to hear that the situation for countryside people has got so bad, that almost ALL young women from certain regions feed themselves and their children, even keep their husbands supplied with alcohol, by prostituting themselves.

Nevertheless, I feel sorrier for the bees robbed of their gold AND let die.

I feel yet sorrier for my community, which a century ago lost tens of thousands of young men to gain sovereignty, then once sovereign, was punished for trying to get on its feet by doing what everyone else was doing. Lenin said that what they did was criminally wrong and needed to be undone by a ‘vanguard’ of revolutionaries that he brought together. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_Is_to_Be_Done%3F . As a result, many, even those Latvians who were among Lenin’s body guards, died in the gulags or were shot for being a potential source of resistance.

In spite of being mass murderers, Lenin’s ‘vanguard’ survived only to betray itself. Among the traitors are many of my countrymen, one of the turncoats even today urging us to begin manufacturing arms http://www.apollo.lv/zinas/lembergs-latvijai-butu-jasak-razot-ieroci/632839 .

Which brings up the worst of questions: Can human beings ever be trusted to abide by their answers?

To those who oppose Lenin’s notion of a ‘vanguard’ of revolutionaries, the 47 Ronin (if they are ever able to come together on behalf of their community) should prove him wrong. In effect, if self-sacrificial death can break the fixation on death by one’s own hand as a forbidden act (because it then becomes permissible to ask the leadership to suffer consequences for its acts), government should experience significant improvement. However, the billionaires and millionaires remain in power by advertising all things autoerotic, and our species appears as drawn to it as a dog to a cat if brought together at a young age.

In other words, society needs to give greater attention to the consequences of training its young not just reading, writing, and arithmetic, but habits that bring about a community that fits in with nature better than our urban nightmare does. Just as young stallions made into geldings will patiently pull the plow, so human society (esp. the A personality) gelded in time will leave the wood remain, instead of turning it into an urban desert.

The advantages of a biocentered society are best illustrated by the beehive. A hive stands as an example not only for a community, but for many communities living next to each other without conflict.

The Queen of the hive receives unquestioned allegiance from her daughters, who will sacrifice their lives to keep their mother unharmed. However, this comes at a price: the hive expels its drones when the fall comes. In spring it breeds new drones (relatively few) for future mating purposes. The drone comes from the egg of a ‘laying worker bee’; her egg is unfertilized. All other bees are from the fertilized eggs of the queen and are born females. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drone_(bee)

In human society, in the distant past, anthropologists report that the Queen preceded the King as well. However, practical matters of regeneration, i.e., live birth instead of eggs, presented obstacles to the Queen becoming a permanent fixture. This caused nature to put the reproductive priority on the human male, but at the price of confusing Father with Mother. This change forces human beings to learn which sex has priority from experience, because apparently the mind retains the imprint of the Mother being its Creatrix.

Human beings to this day do not accept this change, because it suggests that while the male is necessarily the Father and King, biologically the male is unnecessary except as a seed bank. This was recognized in earlier ages, when human males strove to overcome their sexuality by castrating themselves or even cutting off the entire ‘works’. This practice did not survive, because it encouraged the princes, the natural competitors of the King, to replace the King with urbanized ‘democracy’, within which they declared themselves necessary in as great a numbers as the females. To make another analogy with the bee hive, a city could well be the equivalent of the mind meme that causes the drones of many hives to congregate in a ‘drone congregation area’ (read link), which, when visited by a female, lets her determine her worth, but leaves the majority of the males ‘wet’ their pants. In the city the ‘drama’ of choosing the King gets replayed as a sterile ‘pairing off’ ritual.

Unfortunately, anthropologists, caught up in the prejudicial conviction of gender equality, pay no attention to the tilt of the mind phenomenon and remain perversely sexist. Not surprisingly, society continues to favour thieving Princes and their pseudo ‘democracy’ over the King and Queen.

But maybe the evolution of thieving civilizations is destined to encounter road checks by ‘surprise’ road controls. For example:

What if the current tendency of governments to classify its citizens as ‘homo sacer’ (naked life)(as the NSA’s spying on everyone’s privacy proves) is turned around by the citizenry against the State, because depriving a citizen of privacy can in no way be seen as bringing him-her of ‘naked life’ the ‘good life’, which is the sole justification for the existence of the State? What if it is the State that comes to be seen as ‘naked life’?  Does not the ‘body guard’ under the protection of which the State is constantly under prove that, indeed, it is the State which (come the autumn of the seasons) fears itself discovered by the working bees to be the true ‘homo sacer’—in no way touchable as a sacrifice, but subject to the curse, as I suggest, of the ’47 Drones’?

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