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Eso’s Chronicles 258/ Act 3
Addend 18—Adam Adammovich
Act 3
© Eso A.B.

Adam: Ra-zhannychka, go ask your mothers,
if the priest Tiresias is among those
who have come for me?
Tell your mothers to lay away the knives,
and ask the high priest to come and
speak with me by himself.
Ra-zhannychka: Yes, father,
I know him, I saw him.
He comes dressed with a ‘thing’ four feet long.
Adam: Ra-zhannychka, that is unusual,
Is it not?
Ra-zhannychka: Yes, father,
he’s already told,
he’s come to see you without yours.
Adam: That is curious. Why?
Has someone told him what ails me?
Ra-zhannychka, be so good,
Bring me my three-foot long one,
It hangs on the peg behind the door,
and bring your handkerchief.
And tell your mothers to prepare
us a lethal dose of cocaine.
And, Ra-zhannychka,
Something else ….
Ra-zhannychka: Yes, father.
Adam: Ra-zhannychka,
I want you to do as I ask,
and when you are done,
steal yourself away and run
to your grandmothers and hide among them.
Do not come back to this house,
until you bear us a son.
He will be of you, your mothers, and me,
whoever the father be.
Chorus: (aside) My son, he, like me
must have four wives
and a girl like you, Razhannyk, to carry on the fight
in the event that he like we lose it.
Now, go! And bring with you your handkerchief!
(Ra-zhannychka exits…)
Story Teller: Well, I have said it before: there works within us a greater intelligence, a genee with a memory that is more enduring than our own. The French were the first to take notice of it and called it longue duree . Perhaps this is because the French were called, at an earlier time, Franks; and the Franks came from an area now known as Romania. The Franks changed their name, because they could not bear the thought of their defeat at the hands of the Turkic tribes. Yet the Franks within them continued to live on, and their memories did not die as quickly as we now presume.
When the Franks were near defeat a second time,this time by the English (that was only six hundred years ago), and their would-be king (dauphin) was not king because of timidity and lack of conviction, there came from the midst of the Franks one Joan of Arc , also called the Maid or Pucelle, the last which may mean boy-girl. This name has its own longue duree history: puika means boy in Estonian (of a Uralic language group ), and puishele (boy-girl) may be the equivalent of ‘pucelle’. How this came to be, I do not know. In any event, the role of Joan is like that of Ismene. Ismene was the only survivor of the court of Oedipus the King, who (no one said a word about it) did not have the nerve to slaughter enough Turks to keep Byzantium for Byzantines, but succumbed to the attacks of the Tartars as the Turks were then known. Ismene was the only one to survive, but disappeared from the stage of history as if she never was.
Perhaps it was meant to be, so that today, she may reincarnate herself as Ra-zhannychka. Having lived her young life in incest with her mothers and father, she grew up as a boy-girl. Like the Earth-Mother of the Aztecs, Coatlicue, Lady of the Serpents Skirt, who lived on Snake Mountain, and swept the floor of her temple until a feather drifted into her lap bearing the Sun’s own seed, Ra-zhannychka was sent after her father’s three foot Other-self, which men of the day—they wore no pants—hung from their belts and carried between their legs, to community events. Of course, I have made this up, but it fits the story.
Incidentally, one does not have to be an anthropologist to think or speak about ancient myths.
(Ra-zhannychka reenters…)
Ra-zhannychka:  Everything is alright, father.
Mothers are entertaining our guests.
Dressed in socks to their thighs
And gloves to their armpits,
they are all running naked through our field of nettles.
If you listen, you can hear them scream
(She laughs:)
Here’s your thing.
and my handkerchief.
Adam: Thanks, Ra-zhannyk.
Now turn your back while I get dressed.
(Ra-zhannychka turns her back to her father, while Adam puts the ‘thing’ between his legs, straps on the belt, and hooks the ‘thing’ to it. He does so in full view of the audience. When done, he takes the handkerchief and places it over the head of the penis. The lights on stage dim slowly.)
Adam: Ra-zhannychka , When I am done,
do not forget to put the kerchief into your zhanka.

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