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Eso’s Chronicles 248/ 34
Addendum 9—2nd Post-WW4 Event
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While the U.S. was reluctant to make a hop-skip-and-jump to WW4 in the Middle East because European nations know the importance of Russia as a trading partner, the picture is not as clear in the Pacific regions. Unlike the disputes between France and Germany and England, which have over the centuries settled their borders into an acceptable status quo, in the Far East China and Japan continue to face each other as antagonist.
Thus, the U.S., which claims that the Pacific region is important to it as a future trading partner, has just refused… recognize  the ‘no fly zone’ recently declared by China, which zone includes a few pinhead sized islands:
Amid growing tensions in the region, the U.S. Vice President Biden let the world know during a stop in Seoul, South Korea that the US rejects China’s self-declared right to control airspace above the Diaoyu islands — a small section of the sea off Taiwan’s northern coast which has recently attracted international tension due to a row that’s erupted between regional powers. Instead, the U.S. fearing the discovery of ultimate insignificance of Japan when compared to China, but seeing itself as a major supporter and benefactor of the relationship, decided for reasons of greater influence in the region to side with Japan.

…. (quoted from link above) when Biden exited a marathon meeting with President Xi Jinping in the capital after he reportedly appeared solemn’ and ‘weary-sounding,’ and refrained from commenting explicitly on the airspace dispute.
Once in Seoul, however, the vice president became vocal about the issue and rejected China’s claims while warning ‘The possibility of miscalculation, a mistake, is real.’”
Speaking at Yonsei University, Biden said, according to Reuters, "I was absolutely clear on behalf of my president: We do not recognize the zone. It will have no effect on American operations. None. Zero.”
So, how does one make ‘none’ and ‘zero’ happen? Apparently by ‘demonstrating’ that the Chinese challenge does not exist and sending two B-52 bombers over air space which the Chinese, in a challenge to Japan, have declared as their own.
One may argue whether the Chinese were wise to issue such a challenge. However, one reason for challenging the status quo in the Pacific is the economic deterioration in the region, especially Japan. So-called Abenomics is planning to pump into the Japanese economy 290 trillion yen + by the end of 2014 , which is not only a direct threat to China, but, if you will, war by other means. Since the memory of events in Nanking has not been forgotten by the Chinese, they have little doubt that Japan is capable of making poverty as painful a tool as a samurai sword with a blade that cuts by no more than touch.
The secret Chinese Nonaggression Pact with the U.S. may be that it will not dump on the open market its huge holding of U.S. debt , which would turn the U.S. dollar into paper mulch. If so, this means that Abenomics is likely to turn into a Japanese form of seppuku (already having a head-start in Fukushima ).
Anyway one looks at the situation, the ‘exceptional’ status that the U.S. acquired following its victories in WW2, and which status it turned into ‘deterrence’ of WW3, which deterrence was a form of war of its own. With WW3 delayed ad infinitum, due to its unpalatability to the government elite (it meant that unlike in earlier wars, it, too, would be killed), WW4 may occur not as an explosion, but an implosion.
As the poet T.S. Eliot wrote: “This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang but a whimper.”
As I have argued throughout my blogs, the catastrophe that has befallen man is the city and its destruction of the community. The city has destroyed the values of a community even though to its own self it appears that it is gentler than the rough ways of the countryside or the wood. As it has turned out, this perception is based on urban leadership cancelling pain and death (as much as possible), which has resulted in an accumulation of unresolved problems, a deterrence of revolt and war, and the weakening of a community’s moral fiber unto where all that there is left of it is a wimper that calls for a “revoluciya”.

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