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Eso’s Chronicles 252/ 38
Addend 12—McCain’s Crusade
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“The West is a graveyard, and it blames the murder of Cain on Abel (see blog 251).”
Wouldn’t you know that Senator McCain, more likely thinking of himself as a prince or cardinal of the U.S., has found his way to the Ukraine and, no sooner done than also said (quote):
“’We believe that the future of Ukraine lies in Europe. We’ve met with government officials and with members of the opposition,” McCain told reporters. “I look forward to visiting the square tomorrow and I am proud of what the people of Ukraine are doing, so they can restore democracy to their country.’

During the meeting with opposition leaders - former boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko, former economy minister Arseny Yatsenyuk and far right nationalist Oleh Tyahnybog - McCain was asked for more than just moral support from the US – referring to the possible introduction of sanctions, Unian news agency reported.
Let us give the ‘more than just moral support’ request by the Ukranian right wing more than a passing thought. When we introduce sanctions, in political parlance this means ‘economic sanctions’, such as, for example, the U.S. introduced against Iran  in 1981 after the Iranians took revenge over the overthrow in 1953 of the government of Mosadegh by capturing 52 Americans and holding them captive for 444 days
Nevertheless, ‘economic sanctions’ is a two way street, because while it throws the first spear against one’s opponent, it thrusts the spare one into one’s own foot. In case the U.S. was to issue economic sanctions against the government of the Ukraine, it would as per The Economic Collapse Blog site (via ZH), an unestablishment economic advice site on the internet, argue: , that the spear is a barbed nail driven through the foot into an oak wood floor.
Since this blogger makes no bones about being an anti-urbanite, who—in the name of full employment--would prefer to see horses and horse drawn wagons instead of cars on the road, and instead of chainsaws see the reintroduction of the two-man crosscut saw , and fully believes that the present U.S. government is preparing a bash at the local funeral home the likes of which has never been seen [a perception that The Economic Collapse Blog (above) is likely to agree with], I would suggest that Senator McCain has pickled his brain, so that it does not work either on behalf of America as a nation or the interests of Europe, but represents a corporate ‘democracy’ of princes who have replaced (modernized) Catholicism with Globalism.
The “good news” is not ‘resurrected life’ and a fish for everyone in the community, but urban Amsterdam, ‘same sex marriage’ and human rights over community rights , where billionaires and millionaires are more equal than others. One expression of the latter is a belatedly popular word in the American English dictionary: affluenza . It does not mean as one psychologist has it “junk science”, but junk religion all too frequently subscribed to by psychologists, who pass it to their children and presume to cure their patients by prescribing them drugs.
Senator McCain’s mission to the Ukraine literally turns the map upside down in more senses than one. Deriving from the word ‘kraj’ , which is commonly interpreted to mean border, edge, but also ravine (as in Latvian krauja, a steep bank, also krava, a large pile of goods), Ukraina may derive from the sobriquet ‘uk’, perhaps meaning ‘up’ from the times when maps were drawn with the south drawn in the direction of what is drawn as the north today. This tradition of map drawing changed when the marauding Vikings, who viked south were chased back north. Later as the consonant ‘L’ became pronounced as ‘R’, re: Amsteldam, became Amsterdam; Liga became Riga; and Ukland or Uklaine became Ukraine.  The dawn of civilization in the East (remember the story about the three wise men?), too, was transferred to the West, which fact brought us the Crusades of the early Middle Ages. The Crusades, having ended in failure, are having a government instigated ‘revival’, and bring us the ‘good news’ of a ‘revolutionary’ ‘Arab spring’ by way of the CIA from America.
Incidentally, when the ‘spring’ came to Latvia, my home country, it was not a former boxer who met with the Americans, but former basketball players. It was their pickled brains that cost small Latvia 300,000 and more economic emigrants, due to a catastrophic collapse of the economy, still collapsing twenty-two years later. And it is the West that keeps telling us that it’s screwed up religion and history was and must continue to be ours also—on the ‘long shot’ that a lie will pay off.

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