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Eso’s Chronicles 245/ 31
Addendum 6—A Jackass Revolution
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No, I am not writing of the Ukrainian ‘Revolution’*.  Though more than a hundred thousand pretended to be ‘revolutionaries’, all fall on their face, because their anger is mere frustration and caprice that would not go away of its own accord. I am turning my attention in this blog to the ‘Greens’ or Greenpeace specifically. The answer to the failure of the latter is because they do not take their enemy seriously, who, as Pogo says: “Is us!”; re: Greenpeace is its own greatest enemy—because it refuses to recognize itself in the mirror.

What should Greenpeae see when the mirror is shoved in its face? I venture to suggest that it is not the color green, or trees, or wood, but ‘the most beautiful of them all’: the consumerin (with apologies to German), a society as it is at the present and which cannot be parted from its other significant, because Greenpeace is too much part of it. To make my point clearer, I will again quote Paul Virillio and his friend Sylvere Lotringer. Lotringer states (p253):

“There is at lest one sure thing: that politics now passes through nuclear power.” Virillio responds: “Yes. Through the military, in other words nuclear power, because the military is nuclear power. There is no civilian nuclear power. It’s obvious.

I reply that it is not obvious at all when it comes to saving the wood. To save the wood, the enemy is not nuclear power, but the motor powered chain saw (I hear it even as I write this, as poor people of the countryside must resort to it to survive. What is obvious is that to stop the chainsaw one may have to sacrifice one’s arm or fingers, and maybe sit a decade or more in jail, not to mention be memorialized  by name on a Vietnam style monument in every capital city of the world. The last ought to be a contribution of those who currently put up the bail money in order not to turn the Greenpeace ‘heroes’ into martyrs.

If we bother to remember that chainsaws are made by the ‘workers’ on whose behalf the Bolsheviks fought the Russian Revolution, it might occur to us that the chainsaw is an invention and product of an urban mindset. Also, to stop producing of chainsaws and forbid their sale does not stop the utilization of trees, but results in its replacement by the two-man crosscut saw https://www.google.com/#q=two+man+saw+image , significant reduction in unemployment, and health improvement for a large segment of the population.

There are many critical pathways for Greenpeace to consider, and here is one:

     1.    Green is a Revolution waiting to happen, but is led by people who largely identify with an urban life style, and, therefore, will not let it happen;

2.    An identification with an urban lifestyle leads to a presumption that it is the leading lifestyle for all times, which necessarily leads to a repression of a rural or woods based lifestyle;

3.    An urban lifestyle fails in imagination, which failure leads it to identify the middle class with civil society;

4.    Which identification leaves the rest of society to join the “Potato Eaters” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Potato_Eaters as portrayed by a well-known painting by Van Gogh;

5.    ‘The potato eaters’ are then further reduced in relative importance and become the non- or undeveloped class of our species, a kind of white worm because it is never sees daylight;

6.    While the middle class or ‘civil society’ increasingly identifies with the military elite, it avoids military service except it joins the officer class by way of military academies, which makes it, on the theoretical level, immune to death;

7.    Which class leads ‘Civilization’ into the dead-end of endo-colonization or colonization of one’s own people and causing them to under develop;

8.    Which under developed are then reduced en masse to a dictated to ‘minority’, somewhat along the lines of an ant or termite colony, but with pheromones replaced by pharmaceutical drugs and the ear of a spy in ever cell phone;

9.    This guarantees that everyone forgets that Civil Society has already been exterminated along with the oral culture of the countryside and wood.

In his “Pure War 25 Years Later”, Paul Virillio makes a crushing statement (p104): “Before [the age of deterrence—auth.] civilian society was bled dry by war, now it’s crushed to death by peace.” Most of my fellow countrymen (Latvians) would identify with the first part of the sentence, but do not have enough experience with ‘westernized’ peace and democracy to agree with the latter part. In fact, they do not at present time agree with the latter part at all—and neither do the Russians or the Ukrainians. They identify consumerism with effortless scavenging and, coming as they are from an exploited minority, are readily identify with de facto thieves.

But here is a twist that can make the statement instantly acceptable to anyone living in a country where the majority has not yet joined the urban class or is being forcefully removed to it as the Chinese urbanites are reported to want to do with the inhabitants of their countryside: Civilian society is bled dry by urbanism, and now is crushed to death by the overbearing power of an urbanized ‘democratic’ dictatorship.

Imagine that all along the crisis that we live in and with is not the cause of war (though war plays a significant role in it), but is a consequence of the drive to urbanize, which is one with the dream to become a prince or princess. This in the name of ‘techne’ + ‘science’ or technoscience, and of courses those few who cannot live without presenting themselves to others as their superiors.

The last, of course, pull the purse strings of even the most dedicated opposition, which obliges them by changing the subject from ‘preservation of the wood’ to ‘climate change’: http://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/97377 (Play this clip in your Computer's media player) . Just a few minutes of listening to Greenpeace spokespersons like Kumi Naidoo, the group’s international chief, proves that the organization is lurching from one issue to another [climate change-fossil fuels-global warming-CO2 emissions, but not leaving the planet greener or limiting urban sprawl] and after many years of wobbling on its axis failing to discover that at the root of its failure is the failure to stick to the subject of the death of the biosphere. It submits to the urban based corporations at any price; and attacks the weaker culprits rather than the stronger as in the case of choosing Russia for the ‘heroes’ on the Arctic Sunrise as their object of attack.

When in a difficult situation, as in the case of the arrest of its thirty (30) activists http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/features/From-peaceful-action-to-dramatic-seizure-a-timeline-of-events-since-the-Arctic-Sunrise-took-action-September-18-CET/, Greenpeace commits huge sums (3.6 million euro on bail) for legal fees to ensure that the Russians release their pseudo soldiers, rather than allow them (having received from them agreement) to be martyred in the name of a do or die issue (which Greenpeace claims its cause). In short, Greenpeace is playing games and jerking the public off with fairytales that tell that what it does results in ‘real’ orgasms and babies.

I would put up to Greenpeace a mirror with the image of Ludwig Wiebo, re: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/the_saboteurs_20131201. What do you say to this man, green ‘heroes’?

The tactics of Greenpeace activists is in sharp contrast to the suicide soldiers aka terrorists standing up to the Crusaders come to globalize the world in the name of the Pop ‘civilization’ of the West of which Greenpeace is part. While the word ‘terrorist’ has about the same meaning as ‘sin’ and NSA can find one guilty of it as readily as a priest can find a heretic, the real trouble is that Greenpeace is an organization writing (as the late Norman Mailer did) “Advertisements for Myself” while pretending to be some kind of heavy weight champion.

*An intelligent interview at RT http://rt.com/op-edge/continuing-protests-in-ukraine-706/ regarding the events in the Ukraine:

RT: Yanukovich said there are plans for further discussion of the shelf deal with EU. Has he caved in to the protesters then?
ST[Srdja Trifkovic]: No, he has not caved because he’s been saying all along that the road to European integration is not over and negotiations will continue. He is simply unhappy with the fact that at this moment of the time the EU didn’t offer a sufficient economic and financial inducement for Ukraine to take this path because the cost of Ukraine adjusting itself to European rules and regulations would be enormous and the benefits would become visible only 10 years down the road. And God only knows if the EU will even exist in 10 years hence.

This blogger willvouch for the correctn ess of ST's response, as Latvians are barely surviving EU's geopolitics in the Baltics.

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