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Eso’s Chronicles 251/ 37
Addend 11—Kleptocrat Democracies
© Eso A.B.

I have never been comfortable with the term ‘democracy’ as it is used today, let alone with the assertion that it began in Athens of classical Greece, which probably never was except as the ‘dream-land’ of the princely dictators of the West. For the life of me, I cannot imagine a ‘democracy’ beginning in a city, every one of which has a slaughterhouse for animals and several ‘special’ houses for ‘special’ people. Thus, to be sure, this ‘democracy’ does not include animal rights or allow human communities to develop as biocentric political democracies. Instead, we have a ‘humanist’ institution, though that term did not arise until some centuries later during the so-called Age of Enlightenment.

It happens that I feel more comfortable with ‘democracy’ as an institution when we human beings still lived in the wood and there was no priesthood which could insist (it needs an enforcer) that there is only one God and that religion is an institution for disembodied monotheists (for whom circumcision is their 2nd birth). They say, that Judaism is founded on “monotheism” and—wouldn’t you know it—the institution of law that assures that there is no other God before Thee but One; Who detaches one from one’s mother’s breast by the meme gene brought to us as an unforgettable dream through circumcision*.

So, this is how we came to the uniquely modern One institution known as ‘democratic’ dictatorship, the unelected European government known as the Parliament of the European Union sitting in Strasburg and a U.S. Congress detached from the American people by AIPAC . While these ‘kleptocracies’ of ‘democracy’ claim to be among the largest democratic institutions of the world (read the link), in fact, they are such only by presuming for themselves the right to declare themselves such when out of reach of a direct vote by the people. In other words, the EU Parliament, the U.S. government, and the Israeli Zionist led government consist of political delegates elected by parties rather than by the people from a Populist midst.

Let us see how this ‘democracy’ came to be. In an interesting but outdated book called “The Cathars”, author Malcolm Lambert, writes in the first paragraph of the Introduction:

“The rise and fall of the Cathar heresy from the twelfth to the early fourteenth century was a major event in Western European history. The reaction which Catharism provoked led directly to the Albigensian Crusade, to the ending of the possibility of a trans-Pyrenean Occitanian state and the effective incorporation of the South under a dynamic French monarchy. Catharism rose just as other heresies did in the twelfth century….”

What is out of date about this assertion is that what happened between the 12th and 14th centuries in Western Europe (not only in Occitania) was the destruction not of heresy, but early Christianity which preceded Catholic (Globalizing) Christianity. What happened in those centuries was the murder of an earlier European democratic civilization, which was still largely domiciled in the wood.

This civilization of the wood, where human dwellings were but small cleared lots that included beside the dwelling a garden and an orchard,  held our planet as a Commons. It was the civilization of Abel, who was slain (12th - 14th centuries) by Cain. Incidentally Abel is a name derived from the name for ‘apple tree’ (apple=abol=Abel=abolish), and we should not be surprised that one of Anton Chekov’s most famous plays is called the The Cherry Orchard, the cherry being a twin of the apple tree in the garden of and in the wood . The ‘dynamic French’, too, were—before they turned French==known as Franks, who before that were known as Vikings, who about that time were kicked out of what today is Romania and resettled in the northwest of Europe to begin a tirelessly violent effort to deliver our planet of dawn or, if you will, the East**.

What we have today is little more than a repetition of that awful past, except that what is happening today is a lot more awful than it was a millennium ago and not-violent nature is beginning to fight back because it has been destroyed by turning the wood into the deserts of the city.

The West is a graveyard, and it blames the murder of Cain on Abel. Do you need proof that the city is a synonym for violence and that it has run out of graveyard space and needs to vacate the homeless from caves? and, soon, subway tunnels?

*An essential element of the rite of circumcision is the presence of a ‘mohel’ (originally meaning mother), who licks the blood off the wound. The ‘dream image’ meme or ‘knowledge’ ensures that the child will for ever after subliminally visualize the mouth as the birthplace, thus giving the word or law preeminence over the womb.
**It is possible that the Aztecs, forebears of Mexico, originated from out of the refugees from Occitania; and their famous ‘sunrise’ ritual reflects a reassertion of the catastrophe taking place in Europe .


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