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Eso’s Chronicles 249/ 35
Addendum 10—3rd Post-WW4 Event
© Eso A.B.

While ‘deterrence’ (continuous arming) avoided WW3, it could not avoid a collapse of Western civilization due to a foreordained economic collapse, which is due to the costliness of maintaining the military.

While catastrophic collapses are not new, mass starvation, often lasting for years, is perhaps the event that resembles an economic collapse most closely. In hindsight, starvation appears survivable, because it leaves the cultural infrastructure more or less intact, while war and an economic (environmental) collapse may destroys it totally. Survivals due to starvation happened because starvations occurred when most of humankind still lived in wood or field, and cities were not over built and over populated. Economic collapse has caught humankind at a time when it has vacated the rural setting almost in toto and is living in cities and city suburbs, and has been brought up in the belief that urbanism represents a higher form of development than when humans lived on farms or countryside villages. Today the tragedy of Armageddon finds most urban dwellers firmly believing that consumerism is a Thousand Year Reich and the undereducated inhabitants of Kiev in the Ukraine, celebrate their ‘unshakeable’ belief in the rule of urban consumerism by calling for a ‘revoluciya’, and smashing a granite statue of Lenin, one of the first prophets to announce the coming of an economic apocalypse and taking himself seriously enough as an individual to do something about it.

While the West still does not believe that it is falling down, the early shocks are serious enough for the military to scurry and beat its chest. Since the President of Russia Mr. Putin is an heir of the westernized Tsar Peter the Great, he does likewise, though a better tactic would be to turn tractor factories into horse farms and shield Mother Russia with a cover of forests and its people living in a ‘primitive’ democracy instead of nuclear armed rockets which write ‘Primitive’ with a large P.

What makes the ongoing economic collapse so different from those that preceded it (a capitalist economy is said to resemble a wave pattern of high tides followed by low tides) is that most people have been taught to believe that the ‘pattern’ remains in effect, and that a recovery is bound to repeat itself http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/12/08/us-ukraine-idUSBRE9B60DH20131208 . Most analysts tend to forget that waves eventually reach shore, where they diminish, break down, and blend with the sand. The habituation of the public to expect the high and low pattern of capitalist economy to repeat itself ad infinitum has put fools in positions of leadership. The fools precipitating the catastrophe are not necessarily the ones in Ukraine, but are sitting at the board tables of the U.S. Federal Reserve and ECB of EU.

To return to the theme of a Nonaggression pact between the governments (states) of the East and the West (blogs 247 & 248), in the words of RT’s political analyst Nebojsa Malic: “President Vladimir Putin has said that attempts to tip or erode strategic balance in the world are continuing. “First and foremost, they are linked with the US plans on anti-ballistic defense, including those for Europe,”…. He also said that the possible setback of the 2014 NATO pullout from Afghanistan could destabilize Central Asia and provoke spillover into neighboring countries.http://rt.com/news/line/2013-12-10/#53123

Putin’s statement can be understood in at least two ways. One--that ‘destabilization’ will be minimal if the West pulls out of Afghanistan and Asia, because China will then take care of re-stabilization (and relieve Russia’s anxiety over its relationship with China); two—in the event of ‘destabilization’ there will be reason why China, Russia, and India, all three countries, may be forced to inject themselves into the situation, which would make U.S. participation a crowd and minimize its influence and eventually extrude it by that fact alone.

One reason why even the legislators of the U.S. have a hard time understanding what has taken place in the Middle East is because what is taking place is actually a cultural clash (or war or change). As per Nebojsa Malic: “This is a clash between people who believe in the perception of the west, such as Europe or the US, and the people who are trying to make their future based on… actual work, based on the necessity to feed their families and live their lives every day….There is a cultural struggle across the west as well…. on one side are the people who are trying to join this globalist transnational union of governments, where there will be no nationalism but where there will be a supra-nationalist bureaucracy regulating everything for the greater good of it all.. And then there are people who want their national states to run whichever way they decide, but they want the choice to remain theirs.http://rt.com/op-edge/ukraine-mass-rallies-script-003/

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