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Eso’s Chronicles 254/ 40
Addend 14—Urban Tyranny: P1&P2
© Eso A.B.
Leaders of society or at least such who presume themselves the right to be such without being elected to any such office have been changing biocentered humans into virtual ‘somethings’ for many centuries. In the previous blog, I mentioned how the Jewish ‘mohel’, the circumciser, with a name that rather obviously derives from the name for ‘mother’, through the act of circumcision replaces the boy’s place of origin (his mother’s womb) with that of the ‘word’ or mouth that stands for law that to this day makes a Jewish wife her husband’s property .
As I reread some of the books that have been standing on my shelves for many years, coincidence reconnected me with Paul Virilio’s thin book called “A Landscape of Events” and the observation, to paraphrase, that ‘android’ beings are not a new invention, when he states that the word ‘man’ according to Michael Foucault is:
“only a recent invention, a figure not yet two centuries old….”, who (Virilio): “…through the infallible mechanisms of applied science, … would take place of God, thus completing the religious parody of the Incarnation.”
This Incarnation, now a product of a ‘humanist’ brain, has—little by little—been destroying our planet’s environment, even as it propounds itself good and generous and on occasion even as ‘green’.
What I have been saying is, without any of the baggage that comes with being a Professor or even an ‘expert’, but simply on the basis of believing that I can think, that this process began a lot further back than two hundred years, but has its roots in the time when some men began to think of themselves as more equal than others. I trace these ‘men’ back to the Vikings, who as herders (?avenks) of reindeer had driven their herds into a cul-de-sac of Scandinavia, and came winter viked (check epistemology) south from the north by the shortest route: by boat across the Baltic Sea (it sometimes froze over, sometimes did not) to the main continent, then drifted by boat or raft to the Black Sea and made the lands on the way and there their objects of plunder.
If until that time most of humankind lived in the wood or such natural surroundings as Nature offered (caves, plains, lake and river shores and deltas) and most did not move more than five or ten miles from their homes, their sedentary style of life made them also sentient, that is, they identified with the trees and mountains and rivers which grew or were located close to their homes. If at that time there were any cities, say Bizantium, then it was a city in a ‘dream scape’. This dream scape was projected in what today we know as the fairy tale.
If—as I wrote in the previous blog—princes up to that time had their way with the maidens of their subjects, and sex did not yet necessarily mean contact of sexual organs (but for the prince), but the ‘hero’ was rewarded for his bravery in battle by having a pretty maid ‘pull him off’ into a handkerchief, the Vikings introduced violence and rape.
The Vikings also plundered the towns and cities as were at that time. By doing so, they also popularized the city as a place where to gain wealth on the cheap. Thus, began many centuries, a millennium and more, of replacement of the countryside (wood and dale) with the city, and the introduction of an urban life style.
And when the descendants of the Vikings were finally kicked out of the area of the Black Sea, and found their way back to where they had come from (more or less) the northwest of Europe, it was not long before they contrived a way to fight their way back to the environment that was more friendly to human habitation than the north.
What they did was, they changed the sentient  ‘religion’ of the people of the countryside (the wood and dale) into a ‘religion’ where taxation of the populace by the more equals was considered the norm. This is the time when ‘religious wars’ began and continue until our own time as ‘economic wars’. Of course, at the beginning of the wars, the economic reasons were hid (as they are today) behind audacious lies: my God is more just than your God and like (I am more democratic than you). Human beings dressed by the halo of the Sun were replaced by naked Adam and Eve who were ashamed of being sentient. The laws, made by the ‘more equal’ favored the ‘more equal’. Sometimes the fury of the sentient brought on ‘Revolutions’ that were bloody in the extreme (see Robespiere, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.) and was doubly victimized by the ‘more equals’.
The fight of the ‘Vikings’ to get back ‘south’ continues, except that the ‘south’ (as yet unconquered) has expanded in a geopolitical sense. Because the West (aka Vikings) has competitors, the West has made a great effort to exclude the competitors from the territory it considers as its own. Today the West is generally though of as the U.S., plus Europe (NATO) as against not only the Middle East, but also Russia and China. The Vikings have exhausted our planet through many forms of ‘desertification’: deforestation, pollution, irradiation, overpopulation, undereducation, militarization, and on and on.
In any case, to get back to were I began: the renaming of things: sentient humans are now become urban humans, the two sexes have become unisexed, and the mayor of Vilnius (a city in the European East ‘liberated’ by the West) is suggesting that the names of ‘mother’ and ‘father’ be replaced by Parent One and Parent Two . And, no doubt, more wonders made up by the urbanites are to come.

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