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Eso’s Chronicles 255/ 41
Addend 15—Urban Tyranny & Incest
© Eso A.B.

In the country of my birth, Latvia, the Sun, Saule, is still of the feminine gender. This enables me to think of Saule as the smiling face of my mother.

However, when the Jewish ‘mohel’, through the trauma of circumcision and his mouth as a presumptuous cure replaced the womb with the ‘word’ (aka ‘law’), the feminine was replaced by the male, and turned every aging male into a sinner.

As the male ages (and who does not?), life being what it is, he, logically, looks for a way to escape death. An old married man with children finds the potential of immortality in his children, because they are, in a sense, an extension of himself; while the old single man, feeling death creeping up on him, escapes it through a ‘wet dream’ in which he has sex with his mother. I was quite surprised, when not long ago, I was visited by just such a dream. While a full erection these days without the aid of a pill is nigh impossible, the dream had no difficulties providing me with one, as my Other drove itself into my mother full force and gave itself full vent. My mother, now many years dead, made me neither welcome nor made objection, but appears did, as mothers are wont, her motherly duty.

Of course, I felt as guilty as Adam and Eve felt, when they, having become desentianized by the words of priests and other lawmakers, discovered themselves no longer dressed by the halo of the Sun, but naked and about to be bit by an atheist serpent taking on the role of the law and moralist.

In an age where the mindset of humanism makes an Atheist as common as once was a Theist, the immortality of the Mind becomes a Revolutionary theory of the utmost daring, mind you, not of young minds, but old men.

The famous play of Oedipus Rex, tells the story of how a young man, trying to escape a curse that told him that he would marry his mother and slay his father, came to marry his mother (it was at the mother’s contriving—as I have retold the story in “Oedipus Rex Rewritten” ( My latest version of the famous plot has Oedipus meet his mother when both are old and physical sexuality between them has become impossible on a conscious level for reasons of physiology and psyche, where it may picture such a relationship as obscene.

Still, the play must go on!

How does it go on?

It goes on by being re-re-written. This time, I call the play “Adam Adamonovich & Ra-Zhenchina”. I will have the play follow the rough outline of my already re-written OedipusRex, except that Queen Iocaste is now a grandmother to Antigone’s children and her name is Ra-ganna (pronounced Ra-zhanna, meaning fruitfull, bountiful), while the grandchild in question is called Ra-Zhenchina. Ra-Zhenchina, who is a twelve thirteen year old girl.

The play begins (is introduced) with a story teller. He or she tells the curse of the Old Witch, who visits Adam at his aunt’s residence in Corinth. Meirope and Ra-zhanna her sister, both in their early lives served as whores at the Corinthian Sun Temple. While Ra-Zhanna marries King Adam of Thebes, Meirope marries King Polybus of Corinth.

Adam: sixty years ago when I came of age
Corinth was to initiate me as its full citizen,
a witch, a Ra-Zhanna, a daughter of the Sun, visited me,

Saying she came from Thebes with an important message.

We sat under an old oak,
its branches heavy with acorns.
She laid upon the grass a white linen sheet
and we waited for a finch to alight on a branch.
When it did, the witch hit the branch so hard,
the acorns fell out of their cups.

She read the lay of the seeds and predicted
that I would kill my father
and a fearing death

I would lie with my mother.

The prophecy scared me,

but the witch comforted.

Everything will be all right, she said,
if I leave Corinth,
destroyed the child-eating Sphinx,

the winged toad in the wood,
burn its temple, blind its priest,

cut down the sacred grove,
and accepted the throne in
from its grateful people.

I would then be honored as an urban man.

But it did not happen as one may think.
I did not flee Corinth.

Instead, I sought out the truth,
this was plain and simple enough:
I had earned the curse, because
my mother, Ra-Zhanna, Queen of Thebes,
had refused to offer me as a sacrifice
to the Gods of Thebes, but
hid me away with her sister,
who had married King Polybus of Corinth,
where such sacrifices had been discontinued.

When I learnt about all this,
I returned to Thebes on my own and
spoke with my father, Adam Cadmonovich,
and offered myself as a sacrifice,
for which the Gods as proscribed by old rituals,
promised to repay me with four times descendants

Chorus: What did you do?
How did it go?

Adam: It went as according to the book.
For a whole year I wandered the streets of Thebes
and played flutes and maidens fluttered their handkerchiefs
or hands fluffed with goose down
from every city alley,
and when I saw one desirable and went to her,
she covered me with kisses and pulled me off
to dig the cloth or feathers under the sod
of her maize garden.

It was a the Thebans say a “razhens gads”
(a year of plenty).

And when the next to the last, the twelfth moon, came,
the King, my father, sent me four
of the most beautiful maidens of Thebes
for me to have my way with.
The maidens would pull me off until
one last time, they would pull from me also my heart.

The King also presented me with an ounce of cocaine
That I could lay on the maidens’ cunts if they did not scream
the way it pleasured me.

Chorus: Ai! Ai! Ai!
How did it go?

Adam: There was screaming loud enough
for all of Thebes to enjoy!
There was enough coke left
For me to ascent the steps of Temple Major
without fear.

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