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Eso’s Chronicles 243/ 29
Addendum 5—Ecce Kiev, Ukraine?
© Eso A.B.

When the stock market bubble of 1929 corrected itself, it fell 48%. I have heard say that when the present QE caused bubble corrects itself, it will fall by 40%. I believe that it is too optimistic an estimate by far. So, to set the reader up to be receptive to my ideas, I suggest the reader take 32 minutes and view the following clip with Grant Williams, dubbed an investment expert. . Though Mr. Grant’s perspective meshes with mine, I believe that in spite of his ‘realistic’ assessment of the present investment climate, he is far too optimistic; which means that I expect the economic climate in the world to deteriorate by some 80%. This of course means that our future will not look anything like what most of us know as the past in our lifetimes and that many of us, in fact, have no future to look forward to.

As I have been pointing out through many blogs, the foundations of the coming disaster were first constructed by the ‘liberalist’ princes about a thousand and a little more years ago, originating with the Viking robber barons, who—came fall and winter time—left their abodes in harsh northern Europe en masse to go Viking (wading) south—down the Volga, the Dniepr, the Don, Danube, and other Europeans rivers flowing south. As these Goths went south, they not only plundered, but took captive many sacred kings and held their life for a ransom. In time, the ransom evolved into a system of taxation, which held up the human population for ransom to whoever did the tax ordering and collecting.

If—as I theorize and suggest—the time before the Vikings was what Western anthropologists call the ‘dream time’ of the East and the West , a name first used for the space-time of the Australian aborigines, this ‘dream time’ (perhaps also ‘sweet sleep time’) was interrupted with a spear point thrust to the sleepers’ throats and, in case we moved and protested, actually thrust into our ribcage.

By today the descendants of this dream time have discovered and built by traveling down a highway known as Colonial Times another ‘dream time’ called America; and youths of Eastern Europe, including the Ukraine, riot for more of it in great numbers with a great number of politicians supporting them. The demonstrators in Kiev, Ukraine increasingly look like Black Friday consumer rioters at a Walmart in the U.S.

The rioters who are rioting today in the Ukraine and elsewhere, are--whether they know it or not--rioting in support of the violent tactics of the Vikings, re: violence to remove the peace, calm, and in-the-wood environment for that of the consumer product trashed deserts of modern cities and surrender the future of our planet for the que sera sera of an opium pipe dream.

For a brief look at the history of the city: it began as a temple in the wood: Sometimes other buildings began to accrue around the church, perhaps of people seeking the protection of the gods on whose behalf the temples-churches were built, perhaps as convenient meeting places for men and monks about to defend their homeland. In the images of the abandoned Russian churches at the link above, we clearly see that their builders perceived them as existing in dream time. Indeed, the dream time (without being acknowledged as such) continues to exist at the very center of today’s Moscow as part of the Kremlin complex: Pokrovsky or St. Basil’s Cathedral's_Cathedral .

Unfortunately, it did not take long before ambitious princes perceived the tactical advantages of a centralized place, re temple, fortified temple, castle, walled city, until today the city, having deforested its surround, is protected by the fact that it is a humongous entity of stone, bricks, concrete, and glass. As Paul Virillio says: “…the city has replaced the nation;”* moreover, the city is not only killing the nation (Riga in Latvia—despite its shrinking population--is a good example) and devouring our biological planet.

Now the progression from temple in the wood to a megalopolis may not make any sense, except when we realize that its momentum comes from its violence and ability to force the biological countryside (including people residing in it) to its will. If we take the American spy agency NSA as an example, the city today has progressed to the point that it can extend nodes of itself into even the wood or field , and use these ‘hidden’ nodes to invade the last abode of the wood and the wild: the subjective mind of human beings and cause its elimination by subjecting it to terror by exposure that is as  powerful, aka deadly as the eye of the Holy Trinity.

*Paul Virillio/ Sylvere Lotringer, “Pure War 25 Years Later” (p211).

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