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EC 478 Hiermalgamated History
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The Russian Tragedy 2

Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.

The story of history as I am putting it together is not because I am a historian, but because the history that we are told by historians is enacted by order of a centralized government jealous for more power and a desire to have only its version of the story known. The centralized powers of the U.S.A., Russia, China, and EU have accepted a put-together history that fits their interests, but imprisons the people they govern into negahistory.

There is little the public knows of what really happened a thousand years ago in Europe (when it was not yet called Europe). One reason is that the chronology of ‘what happened when’ is completely unreliable, having arbitrarily and self-servingly been created by a historian (Skaliger) in pay of the Catholic Church. Knowing this enables me (and anyone else) to arrange the events in a different sequence, which tells us a very different story from the one that prevails in schools. Once we know that the chronology of history is unreliable, we also know that the episodes in that chronology are out of sequence and arranged by the ‘Zionist’ method—the tip of the pyramid  determines.

The history that emerges out of the govRmnt vacuumed sphere differs in amazing ways not only from what thousands of historians tell us, but perceives a human being who does not conform to the being presented to us by our ‘science’.

As I wrote in Blog 476, nature created a being that is “trusting by genetic fiat”. The sinful creature appeared when humans created by nature were removed from Nature and were compelled to live in cities, where they were recreated with egos differing from the egos of humans who lived in nature. If Nature creates beings who know they can trust it and, therefore, be trusting, cities and their suburbs, with their prison-like apartments and houses, create beings who distrust each other.

The creation of ‘sinful man’ is due to the violent compulsions of an elite who emerged either from a major natural catastrophe or an exceptional collusion of violent men, who were able to discover ways to perpetuate themselves as a violent phenomenon.

While I have no sure way of explaining the metamorphosis of a gentle natured human into one with a violent nature, in-uterus autism which is the result of pre-eclampsia, which is the result of a misplaced placenta within the body of a mother, which is associated with high protein count in the mother’s urine, which is associated with stress—may offer an answer. A high probability of rape for a woman is a likely cause of an abnormal concentration of autistic babies due to misplaced placentas. In certain geographical areas (such a river shores), such babies may grow up with pronounced pathological tendencies. If such babies when grown form communities, they may create a stressed community for themselves. If stress in such a community is reinforced in a young person’s teen years, it creates a personality that (given state control over defensive weapons) causes it to react passively (and sometimes adoringly) to a violent authority figure—as the Americans and Russians, both, do—to Bush, Jr. and Putin. This is due to the fact that the underlying longue durée communal personality can now only romanticize about its once independent nature in the wood or field.

The Russian tragedy emerges from the stress thrust on a people originating in a significantly gentler culture in earlier times. For the Russians, such a culture is reflected in their language.* Perhaps this is reflected in the Russian diety Zimnik, Father Frost, who came with the so-called Little Ice Age. While scientists today date the LIA to the 14th century at the earliest, one cannot presume this to be the last word on the matter. It may have occurred at earlier times, for example the 8th-9th centuries, when—so it appears—there begin to occur radical negative changes in the nature of human behavior. This is the approximate time to which chronologists may attach reliable and actual historical events. Does it mark the time when women begin to suffer pre-eclampsia? If an earlier dating for extreme cold is not possible, then ‘historical events’ are even more recent than a thousand years ago—the former a presumption of Anatoly Fomenko which I have adopted as my working hypothesis.

In earlier blogs, I suggest the catastrophe to have begun with the Vikings, who descended from the north to south via the large European rivers: the Rhine, Danube (Donava), Dniepr, Volga, and many smaller ones such as the Latvian Daugava. In so far as the origin of the word for Viking derives from the feminine vik, “meaning ‘creek, inlet, small bay’”, and may refer to female genitalia, and since the consonant D may at one time have been pronounced as a Y, then Donava = Yauna-vika, and Daugava, translate into ‘young woman’ or ‘virgin’. In short, driven by a severe climate, the Vikings went on a rapine. In time rapine became generalized violence and was imitated by the violated. The Rusian elite became expert at it. There is an anecdotal story that one day my maternal grandmother left her son Sasha scream without coming to comfort him. When asked why she did this by her mother in-law, a Latvian peasant woman, she replied: ”I am tempering-training him to better cope with life.” Many Russian nobles used to train their children in this manner”.

*I associate a gentle culture with the endearing word imbedded in a language: Russian, Latvian, and many others; it comes from a realm dominated by women and Sun worshop. The beastial ‘fuck’ and rapist’s ‘mother fucker’ comes natural to English, to Russians the ‘beastial’ is first reflected in ‘shit’, the preoccupation of the well known ‘Pushkin jokes’ [I know Pushkin you shit somewhere. I can smell it. Pushkin: lift the palm out of the pot, you’ll see.], then acquires the drunk rapist gang banger ‘yoptvai match’—jump your mother.

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