Sunday, January 4, 2015

EC 469 Hiermalgamy
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Hiermalgamy Cont. (and Same Sex Marriage)

Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to government through the act of taxation or any other violent joining or divorce.

While the general belief is that ‘Hieros Gamos’ originates with mythology and ancient marriage rites (among Gods, Gods or Sons of Gods with Daughters of the Sun, or Goddesses and men, not excluding prearranged marriages among children of any combination of divine or mortal origin), implicit in Holy Marriage is an understanding that the ‘marriage’ is divinely sanctioned or it is so understood to be by the society that has a practice it calls by that name. Necessarily, such a society is in agreement about the meaning of this ritual among its own, because it is small enough to make such an agreement.

Incidentally, today small communities are under direct attack by high and low government officials committed to the so-called New World Order (NWO) that envisages the community as an disorganized mass of people. Note: the disorganization is caused at the very highest levels of government.

Holy marriages, not uncommon in ages before same-sex marriages aggressively dismissed them (CIA support of community regressive NGOs is well known), are today considered as opposed to govRmnts, which have superseded procreation—though not sex—with artificial insemination. NOW GovRmnts necessarily encourage relentless change and flux, because these circumstances help the dead center to dominate and rule.

Homosexual marriages were not included in holy ceremonies in the days of yore, because the common folk presumed that every school boy knew that masturbation is a homosexual act and as such constitutes a Hieros Gamos or sacreligious act with one’s self, a man’s right hand with his sexual member, or in so far as one’s sexual organ exhibits a will of its own, it results in a marriage of one’s hand with a Divine Zombie, who is brought to life in a brief act of divinely inspired fantasy.

Interestingly, same sex marriages have no historical grounds in religion as such, but their raison de etre today is simply to marry the same sex partners to government, so that the former may receive the advantages once bestowed to those married by a Hieros Gamos ritual.

Following the compromise of the religious clergy by the secular government with bribes of tax money, the clergy became indistinguishable from any govRmnt bureaucracy. It is no accident that the last of the ‘real’ representatives of God: John Basil, Jesus, Buddha, and all such who could sustain themselves in a non-tax economy went extinct with the arrival of taxation.

Nothing that I write here will make sense to anyone who has never questioned the presumption that religious institutions today are not separate of governments. This is because wherever one looks, religious commentary cloaks itself in official garb, and so-called fundamentalist churches are into politics not to cultivate a spiritually live planet, but to try increse their secular power.

Americans are proud of their Tea Party rebels who dumped tea into the Boston harbor, but quite literally no  one in the current Tea Party movement has asked how it came to be that the present centralized monster government of the U.S., is a creation of the People’s taxes. While the taxes may be legitimate under present legislation, no one knows whence the original authority to collect them. It appears to exist on the basis of mass hypnosis. As I tell in the previous blog, the first taxes were the bloody jackets torn off the backs of living animals by city dwellers.

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