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Should Putin Attend Davos? 1

If we accept the idea that violence has its beginnings in a catastrophe, which pushed the human animal (used to easily access to bananas and cassava roots) into an adverse climate where cold and hunger are the rule rather than exception, history should tell that notwithstanding free and easy bananas conscious murder is God’s will.

The current anthropological description of our ancestors as “hunters and gatherers” serves to mislead us into serving political and financial elite ever proficient at death dealing devices and mind confounding lies.

The most disturbing lie is about our history. It was invented by the globalists (originally going under the name ‘catholics’) by way of the New Testament, Mark 3:10, New International Version, and from Jesus himself: And the gospel must first be preached to all nations.” Did John and Jesus both teach that government by taxation is the 1st and 11th Commandment? Or did Jesus replace John to shut him up?

The nearest who speak the Gospel Truth today are those who will be attending the upcoming World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland on January 21. What is interesting about this group is that among the attendees will be many of those who a week before attended the anti-terrorist demonstration in Paris.

While there is no proof that the terrorist act against ‘Charlie’ was solicited by the secret services of the West, whoever planned the attack could not have been unaware of the meeting at Davos, which—advertised as a World Economic Forum—for the most part gathers leaders of the West, who, led by the U.S., are engaged in an economic war against Russia.

It has been assumed (as if it goes without further say), that the West possesses the Truth of History. This is a false assumption, because the only ‘Truth’ the West has is a political mythology derived from the fantasies of its leaders. The existence of this unique Western History is confirmed by those who initiated this fantasy (Scaliger  and Petavius in the 16th century), who as the Russian mathematician-historian Anatoly Fomenko informs us: adhered to the concept that “…a certain centre of world domination had existed ever since the earliest days of human history—the capital of the Emperor.”*

Of course, ‘the Emperor’ is a Western invention coaxed by torture from the ancient concept of sovereign King, which concept the Emperor then profaned by turning from a keeper of Peace into a warrior-killer. Because the public of the West knows (at least intuits) that the leadership of the West has thoroughly profaned itself, those leaders are now attempting to stick that reputation onto the Russians.

Though some past Russian rulers share in the shame, President Putin does not share in the reputation of a war monger, the title of which goes to the GovRmnt of U.S.

Western ‘Truth’ is doing its best to besmirch Russia’s  reputation by the likes of Pussy Riot. Because there are enough Russians billionaires in the ‘democratic’ world, it is not for lack of money that Putin cannot be removed from office as the Ukrainian Yanukovich was. Putin is also among the last who can order a reexamination of the Truth as it was known in the East before the Great Schism between the East and the West (both which have long lost track of all of their false flag operations), so that the ailments of Russia do not mislead as they misled Lenin.

Were attempts to remove Putin to succeed, it is likely the West (expecting Russia to become demoralized) will attack. If there is a ‘victory’, it will be used to balkanize Russia and let death seal the past as if it never was.

*Anatory Fomenko, “History: Fiction or Science”, v.4, p 646).

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