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EC 479 Hiermalgamated History
Change the World! Think It Through! Do not Vote! Remember:
What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
© Eso A. B.
The Russian Tragedy 3

Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.

The violent behavior of humans, learned in the days of the early Byzantine Empire, and prolonged by the ‘Enlightenment’ (it became a myth in its own right) and Industrial Revolution to our day, has created a ruling caste (a sort of govRmnt) with tendencies to believe that either violence or power over resources and money will enable it to solve the problem much in the same way as violence and the imposition of taxation made their class to emerge, gain control, and become what it is today.

The Viking ‘genes’, cooked in a fort/city environment into a ruthless, competitive, bubbly stew became an inheritance of the Federal GovRmnt of the U.S., and made their presence felt in the Civil War of the 1860s that had little to do with the liberation of black slaves, but the expansion of centralized power controlled by certain elites of the business class. Today that business class has expended and wasted America’s wealth. Time has come for ‘hell to pay’. What else can a militarized police bring?—if not attempt to maintain control when the GovRmnt of capitalism has lost its legitimacy and the President of the country is undereducated in geopolitics and culture?

Unfortunately, the defeat of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the alignment of the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate in Moscow with secular government and with catholicized-globalized Christianity leave Christians as neutered in the East as they are neutered in the West. Say what you will: Jesus befriends tax collectors and, thus, “they [the ludi, ludites, naludi, Leute, ludviki, ludvikas, lyaudis, the people--EAB] are amazed” when he says (Mark 12:17): “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.” I suspect John the Precursor, too, would have been amazed.

This is why the story of Jesus is an invention of the Franks (perhaps from around the 8th or 9th centuries), written in the Benelux after they had been chased out of the Black Sea area by local herders or as a true history would read: failing a coup led by John Basil, his followers, the Bogomils*, lovers of God (and Truth), in fear of an apocalypse, staged a rebellion. Today the rebels have been written out of history books, and zombies sleep in their beds.

The name of the real Jesus was John, whose name even the Franks did not dare to forget and leave unmentioned, though they entangle him in a sexual affair (with one Salome) as is the custom by the powers that be even today, re the dismissal (in disgrace) of General Petreus over an alleged extra marital affair, behind which dismissal we get a glimpse of an alleged coup attempt by the military-industrial complex against President Obama.

Indeed, the name of the King of the herders was John Basil (meaning King), and He was King of herders (not shepherds) of reindeer. His death by being thrown into a pit of fire is vividly described by Anna Comnena, ('The Alexiad', Book V), daughter of Byzantine Emperor Alexis I. Though Anna is not telling, John-Jesus may have been decapitated, burnt, crucified (whatever) for an attempted coup (with Bogomil support) against Emperor Alexis I for imposing on them the bloody yasak which had them tear the skin off the backs of their beloved animals.

While violent treatment of a people is known to translate on numerous occasions into behavior that is its mirror image [take the Russians, Hebrews (Never Again!), Swiss, now Latvians, Lithuanians (kick the Russians out), etc.], such a turn is not a healing process, but one that perpetuates aggressive and violent communities. Indeed it is a process that rejects the gentle human being of the past for an aggressive beast traveling the stars or circling the Earth.

*Bogomils—possibly Scythians, may have been according to the late Lithuanian archeologist Marija Gimbutiene one of the Baltic tribes in the Black Sea area. The word ‘scyth’ may derive from a component-appendix to Baltic names (today common only to  Lithuanian), as in  President of Lithuania Dalia GrybauskaitÄ— , re component-appendix –skaitÄ—, from which other tribes may have begun to call them Skaitians. The rebels against the Viking oppressors may also have been called Saracens, which also translates to a Baltic word: salashnyas (best translated as ‘a grab bag of human detritus’). The latter was arrived at when the consonant L began to lose favor and was replaced by the consonant R, re: saracens. The consonant C (sometimes metamorphosing into a K) here obviously is pronounced S = salasenyi. Thus, the attribution of Saracen to a Muslim or Orientals is an obvious misdirection of information; unless—the damage done to the communities living near the Black Sea and in Byzantium by the Vikings was so severe, that some of them (the Balts) later moved west and northwest, and some (the Muslims, all an offshoot of Eastern Christianity) went south and southeast, while the Slavs traveled north and captured the trading routes of the Vikings on their way. While the Muslims have retained the core of their dissent, the Balts have become submerged by Catholicism; while the Russians et al  have attempted to changed the core of their history and align it with that of the West, retaining the violent core characteristic of the Vikings.

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