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EC 480 Hiermalgamated History
Change the World! Think It Through! Do not Vote! Remember:
What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
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The Tragedy of the West 1

Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.

As one historian explains it: “It is not incorrect to see apocalyptism at the mother of Christian theology….”*

He does not, however, explain why the sudden appearance of ‘apocalyptism’.

Following the Charlie Hebdo Western State organized  False Flag terror attack, to incite the European populace to venture on another Crusade against the East, the leaders of the terrorists, aka heads of Western GovRmnts and the Davos crowd, posed for a collective photograph said to show them leading a protest march of 3 million Frenchmen against terror. This is before the public learns of the police killing a ’terrorist’ whose hands are tied.

George Soros is portrayed as a sponsor of leftist organizations. Yet, as the above clip tells, Soros sponsors both the right and the left. Who knows to what end?

Soros apparently wants to leave his mark on the world on a global scale to last several thousand years. How? Apparently by helping force humankind to come under One Central GovRmnt (OCG), which to his mind will bring the Catholic Peace, which was promised the West by the Frankish authors of the New Testament. The vehicle to the ends of that peace is the U.S. GovRmnt and NATO, the latter which subjects the EU to U.S. control.

The great task of bringing the people of the world under one heel was done by the Vikings—perhaps inadvertently—by discovering the ways and power of taxation, and how it can enrich them without them needing to reveal themselves as thieves, who they were and their numerous descendants remain. An additional contribution that makes the ludi accept taxation (they certainly did not like the idea and had their King die in opposing it) as God’s law (a God they invented) was done by the Catholic Inquisition and innumerable lies by leaders their brains short-circuited by promises of wealth by taking over the properties of the people of Johns.

The likes of Soros, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and many more, too, had their brains short-circuit. Indeed, this was done with the advent of Enlightenment, Reason, and the Industrial Age. One of the troubles of the latter has been that ‘reasoning’ can be as deep or shallow as one wishes. For the most part shallow reasoning has prevailed, because easy wealth buys an easy orgasm, because poor women are a component of the masses of poor ludi, and they will act the role of whores consequent as simple a thing as need. For the idealists of the left, an orgasm comes more readily as a result of power, and this is what caused Stalin to cheat on his wife (who stupidly shot herself, not Stalin) to sleep with a junior officer’s wife.

The tragedy of the modern ‘left’ found its identity in the post-Industrial Age, when ‘men of intelligence’ no longer knew the life of the countryside except from a distance, perhaps as visitors to some lord’s or baron’s country estate, where they never milked a cow, but rode horses delivered to them from the stable by livery men, and went hunting wild pigs for the taste of the liver. It remains beyond them to imagine that true Left and democracy is determined by Nature that does not change its life-style. Would that American farmers not bound to factory style farming  had enough life left in them to revert America to the time of the 1860s, when the most common engines were the locomotive that ran on rails and the locomotive that shook the sieves of the threshing machine .

Nevertheless, the Middle Ages are about to return.  

*Ernst K√§serman, “The Beginnings of Christian Theology”, quoted by Bernard McGinn, in a collection of essays on “Apocalypse Theory”, ed. By Malcolm Bull.

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