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EC 481 Hiermalgamated History
Change the World! Think It Through! Do not Vote! Remember:
What if they declared war and no one came? Don’t go.
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The Tragedy of the West 2

Hieros Gamos means Holy Marriage, and ‘hiermalgamy’ means a forced or unholy marriage by secular authorities of people to governments through the act of taxation or other violent and unnatural join-tings or divorces.

While following WW1 America was certain that it was superior to Europe in power, Europe was not persuaded until the defeat of Germany’s Hitler. In this sense, Hitler was the last European thinking in terms of those who thought of ‘making Europe’ by European brains alone. Following Hitler’s defeat—though his death by falling on his sword, so to speak, was meant to leave Europe proud—the discovery of the violence of the Wehrmacht against civilian populations and atrocities in the concentration camps forced Europeans to beat a retreat without explaining its cowardly morals.

Since almost everyone living in Europe had some direct experience of the war, the extreme reaches of human violence left Europeans dubious about their (or anyone’s) ability to lead our civilization forward. Not so the Americans, who believed themselves to be exceptional.

President Truman, a simpleton by some accounts (listen to last link in blog 480), dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan and took the first step to pivot the U.S. to the East by going to war with North Korea. Though the Korean War was a failure for the U.S., the truce (still not signed into a Peace Treaty), left open a window for a False Flag war at some unspecified date in the future with China, which legalistic charade later resulted in an attack on Vietnam by way of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident , and a number of brutal and posed adventures in Latin America, then the Middle and Far East.

The present venture of the U.S. in Ukraine is pressed on the shoulders of several million neutered (in mind) Europeans tethered to NATO. The neutering of the European intellect is, incidentally, best illustrated by the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) success in destroying Europe’s primacy as a centre of the arts and bringing it to the U.S., where the intellectual content of art was gradually reduced to the level of Pop art. No wonder that a flatulent intellect like Andy Warhol has not only the largest museum dedicated to one artist, but is held to be a genius not only in America, but in Europe as well.

As Paul Virilio citing Surrealism says: “It was the last creative reaction against consumerism”*. I would replace the word ‘consumerism’ with ‘Americanism’: …the last creative reaction against American exeptionalism.

This leaves the possibility that Surrealism has a chance to come to life again; that is to say, for Americans to rise off the floor before the count of ten to miraculously floor their pretentious government.

Such a miracle would, in some manner, mirror the arrival the Spanish artist Francisco Goya, who single handedly made irrelevant the art of painting mired in reflecting the life-style of European royalty, and gave it a dimension that included art as part of the development of the self-awareness of a civilization and Mind. A notable achievement among the latter is Pablo Picasso’s famous ‘Guernica that served as background of the Assembly Hall of the UN in New York, and which to the everlasting shame of the UN was removed at the bidding of the U.S. government in 2003. The most notable European painter in the Goya tradition of recent vintage was Irish-born British artist Francis Bacon. In America no notable commentary on the effect of its politics has emerged, leaving American art best described as ralativization of fractal relativity by further abstraction through egocentric presentism. When all is said and done, this is but another way for a herd of exceptionalized and desensitized sheeple to conceptionalize ‘globalization’.

*Paul Virlio, “Pure War”, The MIT Press, p 215.

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