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Eso’s Chronicles 184/ 6
The First ‘Written’ Story
© Eso A.B.

‘Basil Ludieorum’, or ‘Basil Luduseorum’, or ‘game(s)’ was indeed but human sacrifice presented as theatre. That the words ‘ludi’ and ‘ludus’ should later appear written as ‘iudi’ or ‘iudus’ is easily explained by several pathways.

The first explanation clusters around the easy mispronunciation of words that may to some ears sound alike.

The second explanation is that once a mispronounced word is ‘fixed’ in writing, and the fixation is repeated over and over again, because certain interest groups may wish the fixation to become indelible.

Another explanation may arise over whom the words may be assigned to. Here perhaps the explanation is somewhat ‘Machiavellian’, but certain ‘Machiavellianisms’ are rather commonsensical.

For example, if one group wishes to exploit another group by force or lies or both, the politically most expedient way to do this is through a ‘middleman’. It is well known, that the Russian tsars oppressed other minorities under Russian rule by using a war-like people called Cossacks . Perhaps not so strangely, no one quite knows whence the Cossacks. Some say that they originated out of the Khazar Empire . Some say that the Khazar Empire is whence the origin of the Jewish people.

Does Iesu and the Jewish people have Cossack roots? The Jewish people are in denial So are Catholics, aka neo-Christians.

Nevertheless, the above link has, among other things, the following to say: “…the lesser king was called îšâ and the greater king Xazar xâqân”. The so-called lesser king or Īšā is easily imaginable as a name whence Iesu, even though Iesu’s original governing duties are likely those of a tax collector of fur pelts (hence the name refers to a military rank ishad (a Göktürk military rank) from the Evanks, a huge tribe of wandering nomads. It was elementary tax collecting that established the first permanent bureaucracies. Since Fomenko’s and Koestler’s opinions on the subject more or less coincide, the death of Iesu in the 12th century approximates the time that the Khazar Empire eperienced its demise, and—when for reasons not clearly understood—Īšā may have been imagined to be Xazar. Still, we may perceive through the ‘fog’ how the ‘Double Kingship’ continues to have its echoes to our own day: re the Pope as the spiritual leader of the West, and Ayatollah Khomeini as the spiritual or Supreme leader of Iran , not to mention hereditary royalty in some historically old kingdoms.

If as I wrote in the previous blog, Iesu Rex was once commonly referred to as ‘Iesu Basil’ and died in Constantinople and not Jerusalem as insisted on by neo-Christian authorities, the changes occurred not for some profound religious reasons, but due to changes on the political power structure. As we experience that power structure to this day, it is alleged to be ‘democratic’, while there is, in fact, little ‘democracy’ to be found in it. As in the English Magna Charta, the alleged democracy is for princes and not the commoners—even though it ‘sounds nice’ to apply democracy across the board. If economic abundance enabled the commoners to occasionally allow them the illusion that ‘democracy’ was real, across the board spying today by NSA on anyone it chooses, also represses (blackmails) anyone it chooses.

This dismissal of real history as ‘fringe’, ‘pseudo’, and inconsequential will continue until the ever growing princely system meets its apocalypse. While no one knows the day of its end, the havoc the system wreaks on humankind is universal . The Sun may well soon stop shining on the West . Extra ordinary measures will have to be initiated, including self-sacrifice by leaders, for human kind to survive. “There will be weeping and gnashing teeth.” Judging by the witless bravado and obviously low level of education strutted by the young of our day, their elders (responsible for upbringing of them) are as likely to perish as they are. “There will be weeping and gnashing teeth.

The future for such awesome consequences was initiated when humankind made its first steps from organic reality—to which belongs spoken language—to the virtual reality of written communication. Language changed in a fundamental manner. It took on different characteristics, and replaced direct communication with that of story telling. The fixation of lies in runes and hence into simplified script and print has created a civilization that does not know how to sustain itself without unsustainable violence, which is why it eventually must return to the wood by its own designs.

When Īšā of the Khazars, a government officiating over a nomad people, was humiliated by Emperor Alexis I, and his reindeers were slaughtered and stripped of their skins for back taxes, all Iesu was left with was one reindeer to ride into town with. [Not surprisingly, the populist mind has reinvented Jesus as Santa Claus arriving from the North Pole, this time not with pelts of other reindeers, but anything that Money can buy.] As we know, in later years the reindeer was changed to a donkey.

As for Īšā Basil, since it was his lot to be the sacrifice and Judas had confirmed this “…the Holy Synod, the chief monks, as well as the patriarch of that time (Nicolas) unanimously decided that he must be burnt. The emperor, who had interviewed the man at length on many occasions, cas his vote for the same verdict. He had recognized Basil’s perversity and knew that his attachment to the heresy was permanent. So a huge fire was kindled in the Hippodrome. An enormous trench had been dug and a mass of logs, every one a tall tree, had piled up to a mountainous height. Then the pyre was lit and a great multitude of people quietly collected on the floor of the arena and on the steps; everybody waited impatiently to see what would happen….” (Book fifteen).

By this time, in sympathy with Basil, the Sun, who had begun her rise over the eastern shore of the Bosphorus, gradually slowed, until by the 9th hour it stopped moving. A full moon moved across the face of the Sun and extinguished what daylight there was. The only remaining light was that of the fire pit.

“See! Emperor! Observe the Sun is no more,” cried Iesu. But the emperor only laughed and said: “Fool! It is nothing but an ecclipse.” The emperor then waved his arms and his gendarmes quickly seized Iesu and threw him into the fiery pit. All of the other Bogomils except two drew back, which is why these two also were burnt.

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