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Eso’s Chronicles 177
How War Began (1)
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The religious nonsense propagated by the Vatican and allied religious organizations was initially concocted in Paris by an agency that served a goal similar to the one that the NSA  and CIA serve in Washington and Brussels today.

Of course, the name of the proto-Vatican agency, originating most likely in an office in the Court of Charlemagne, is long lost (deliberately erased), transferred to peripheral areas to attract less attention, and become Potemkin village-like facades overgrown with several layers of moss. The topic of how to transform mere ‘surveillance’ (spying) to ‘heretical’ and counterproductive ‘activism’ is well illustrated in the stepping stones that led to the tinkering with spirituality (the fiasco of modern ‘art’), to 9/11, and to the recent ‘Boston Marathon Massacre’. What is yet missing, but what we may expect to appear shortly, is a CIA financed armed neo-Christian revival. The Christian mercenaries fighting in Syria have been but a prelude, a sort of trial run.

As we learned in the previous blog (176), the argument the Vatican uses in defending God, ‘religion’ and “life”, came by way of its mouthpiece, re: Cardinal Ravasi. Ravasi claims that "Religion celebrates life, but here [in the figurine of St. Death] you have death." Ravasi’s statement acts as an opening salvo in the Vatican’s call for a ‘New Evangelization’ campaign , which will be financed, just as the Polish Pope , was financed by you know who.

The first and foremost rebuttal to Ravasi is that his ‘religion’ of life, has nothing to do with God, who is a creation of the community, the ‘One Big Roof’ or 'Big Other' the community needs to stay bonded in brother-sisterhood. The ‘life’ that Ravasi describes as the initiator of his religion, has nothing to do with Ravasi’s or any one of our ‘lives’, which are all singularities that came into the world with the birth of each one of us.” The phenomenon of ‘Life’ is well enough explained by the physicist Erwin Schroedinger

It is interesting that the Vatican’s emphasis on ‘life’ and not the community. This coincides perfectly with the interests of the novus ordo seculorum headquartered in Washington.

Since this blogger has been advocating the displacement of the ‘Vatican story’ of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, with the story of JesusTheBogomil in Byzantium (Tsargrad or Constantinople), the future promises us an interesting literary tussle between the West and East.

The challenge of the East to the West may begin with the East pointing out that the ‘Vatican story’ or version of the New Testament is a False Flag, a story rewritten by the Vatican from a Christianity [Cross + Road] of much earlier days than the Vatican allows. I discuss the two different versions of the story in my Jesusthebogomil.blogspot.

As for the Vatican (re)evangelization campaign:

If we study old creation myths, most of them mention a Creator God or Goddess, Who sacrifices Him or Herself to realize or make real His-Her creation. The theology contained in old myths has little to do with ‘saving’ individuals, but everything to do with regenerating the community. [The NSA and CIA are of course interested in weakening such a community in favor of rule by Washington.]

Let us take an old Aztec myth. Incidentally, the Aztecs were well known for making human sacrifices, which inspired great fear and terror in the witnesses. I take my quotes from a book by David Carrasco, “City of Sacrifice”, Beacon Press, pgs. 73-87. The Aztecs had a special word: “…regeneration was called teomiqui, to die divinely or ‘dying like a god dies.” In other words, we may interpret from this that at the beginning of time the old Gods of the region later conquered by the Aztecs, sacrificed themselves. There is no mention that the old Gods of the Toltec nations of earlier generations made human sacrifices. Human sacrifice was a later invention of the Aztec conquerors.

The Aztec conquerors did not feel secure in their conquest of the old indigenous Toltec tribes round about today’s Mexico City, but ruled over them with great violence. The Aztecs are said to have originated from a wandering people from the north, who went West (they held the South to be on their left) and then turned south . As the invaders settled into a more sedentary way of life, they began to ritualize their violence.

Accustomed to getting their way by killing their opponents, but having come to a land where such violence was not common practice (see above: regeneration,  teomiqui, self-sacrifice), the Aztecs gave the old tradition their own violent interpretation: they substituted the self-sacrifice of former Gods-rulers with human sacrifice. To have humans to sacrifice (finding no volunteers among their own community), they waged war on their neighbors to capture prisoners, who were then brought back to Tenochtitlán , where they were sacrifice on top of Templo Mayor, the great temple at the heart of the Azted capital city.

The ritualization of violence by the Aztecs was a development that paralleled the rebuilding of the shrine to the Aztec God Huitzilopochtli by the Aztec king Moctezuma . The reconstructed shrine was then rededicated as the Templo Mayor. However, not all of the conquered people were happy to collaborate with the Moctezuma in the rebuilding of the temple of a God, who claimed to have killed all of the four hundred previous Gods.

Writes Carrasco: “… the independent community of Chalco refused to participate, and was declared in rebellion of the Aztecs. A ferocious war was launched and eventually the Chalcans were defeated. Their captured warriors were brought to the Templo Mayor and, along with other prisoners of war, sacrificed at its rededication. This pattern of celebrating the expansion of the Great Temple with warfare and the sacrifice of enemy warriors was followed by subsequent Aztec kings who increased the sacrificial festival as a means of controlling resistance and peripheral territories.”

On one occasion as many as 2300 warriors were sacrificed at Temple Mayor. It is unlikely that this pretentious ‘sacrifice’, so similar to the pretentious (hubristic) killing of hundreds of thousands, even millions of people in our day by those who would globalize human culture on our common planet under their aegis is anything but a manifestation of spiritual failure and an attempt to institutionalize a hollow God.

The self-sacrifice of the original Gods and rulers of the Toltec people is best illustrated by the story of how Nanauatzin (the Pimply Populist) threw himself into a fiery pit to encourage and ensure the birth of the “Fifth Sun”.

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