Friday, June 28, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles 186/ 8
Postscript: Mono No Aware
© Eso A.B.

If the ancients knew of a time when the Sun was in danger of not rising, but the post-moderns cannot think of the knowledge any other than ‘ridiculous’, the post-moderns are ridiculous by the fact that in their time the Sun set before sunset and that the shadowless dusk they walk in is the light within the hologram of eternity: they are neither post-moderns or ridiculous, but simply the living dead.

There may be others, but for me the dream mirrored in Ingmar Bergman’s movie “The Seventh Seal” is a fitting recreations of this strange and unusual hologram; strange, because a hologram is space without time, a space where time is replaced by sound, where words once spoken as in a dream are no longer remembered. Eternity replaces itself by becoming a mother, a child, and a King dying to present them with the illusion that things make sense.

The sons of the four Suns—Moctezuma, Pentheus, Basil, and Clever John visited in the preceding blogs—are only a few of the stars that play on the moonlit stage at the Extinct Caldera Theatre.

Some of the performances are comedies, like the one starring the Kenyan actor Obama in Washington, D.C. A farce adds what is called Mono no Aware or what the Germans call Weltschmertz. Surely, mother, child, and King need be on the stage and in the audience. The latter are to watch how mother and child are eternal, and how the King dies. A mix of tragedy and farce makes for half a step toward immortality. Though humankind never reaches it, the phenomenon gives it succor (a la: Mono no aware!).

But watch what happens when the King is played by Clowns—and Cameron, Dombrovskis, Hollande, Merkel, Obama and Putin, et al are among them. While claiming authority that arises from ‘lawful’ elections, where votes are said to have been cast by ‘real’, passported, and numbered voters, actual authority rests on the ability of governments to visit violence from within the realms of the virtual out into the real. Thus, ‘war crimes’ are not perceived as ‘real’, because they originate with such who live by ‘virtual’ reality. It is like the tiny hole in a brown hazel nut, which when cracked open may still contain something of the hazelnut, but tastes like wormwood if put to the bite.

So, while on grounds of habit and ‘common sense’ the triumph of the virtual over the real appears to make sense, in actual life it lacks real authority. Though the absence of authority may not bother some, the majority do not trust its absence to cause the Sun to rise in the morning.

The ‘real’ human inhabitants of this planet appear to be among the increasingly certain dead as the leaders of the ‘democratic’ order pursue their fantasy of ‘human rights’ within the shell of what once was a community. In fact, except for government sponsored aberrant communities of warriors for whom reality is realized when women are raped or paid for in a whore house, humans may be no more.

Therefore, if resurrection is not part of the story that Basil (perhaps also known as Prester John ) told his people, then perhaps rebirth or transmigration is. The latter may explain why it may coexist with the hologram as a timeless space—because ‘time’ is taken up by the present.

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