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Eso’s Chronicles 175 
Saint Death (VI)
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The bonding mechanism of the community is not violence as we are taught to believe (by ‘hard nosed’ realism), but self-sacrifice and awe induced by other methods than violence. However, the desire to give, which is part of the desire to sacrifice for the good of another, is ‘theologically’, sabotaged from the word go by numerous political organizations of which the ‘religion’ of the West is one.

Our civilization suffers from at least a thousand years of propaganda supportive of military and violent intrusions into the gift giving process, by which every human attempts to transfer onto another something of his or her substance or being. Once upon a time, this mysterious substance was called ‘soul’, until the soul was unsubstantiated by capitalist realism, which made a ‘gift’ matter only if it was Money borrowed from a bank for one’s personal needs.

Though primal violence is based in hunger and survival—as when a lion chases, catches, and seizes a zebra by its throat; post-primal violence is based on a doctrine of premeditated attack on an unsuspecting ‘other’. While the tactics of projecting post-primal violence are many, exemplary examples of it in our time are the secretive campaign of the neo-Christian Church (Catholic, Lutheran, etc.) against native religious practices, Hitler’s campaign against peaceful and unsuspecting Jews, and the attacks by American drones guided by technicians of limited education and intelligence and attacking ‘out of the blue’ any native people (or ‘home country’ people) going about their business in their countryside locations. The American government has. moreover, learned to make its attacks not on the basis of ‘intelligent information’, but makes its decisions to kill on written instructions and ‘need to show’ results by showing a ‘body count’.

The root of the problem of post-primal (re modern) violence is the assertion of ‘capitalist religion’ that violence, occurs ‘first’ when the desire to give arises within the individual’s secret self. This is why one of the basic tenets of religion “…when you give to the needy [through the agency of public technology], do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing (Mat. 6:3),” is subverted by recording the source of the gift (you) on some advertiser’s list and hence the ‘left hand’ violating your privacy through so-called ‘spam’ for the rest of your life. Minor as such a transgression may seem to some, it nevertheless is a violation of you every time ‘you’ receive an unwanted communication and you react violently and dump the unsolicited material in the waste basket. We ought to remember that the word ‘spam’ stands for fatty compressed and conserved sandwich meat.

In any event, your desire to keep your ‘home community’ durable and healthy by not buying into ‘spam’, is interpreted by official (actual) capitalist religion as a traitorous, therefore violent, act against society.

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls suicide one of the major public health problems, a leading cause of death (between the ages of 15-44), even as it moralizes and calls all suicides (even obvious self-sacrifices) “self-directed violence” In other words, when you junk the ads from Wal-Mart, you are committing an act of subversion against the society you are born to.

At this time, one of the most visible “self-directed violence” events presented to the psyche of the American public is the U.S. government provoked hunger strike at Quantanamo Bay, Cuba . The hunger strike is waged against the U.S. government by the majority of what many consider illegally detained prisoners. The UN human rights office has condemned force-feeding those on the hunger strike and calls it ‘torture’ and a breach of international law.

The allegedly authoritative opinions distributed by WHO constitute a major intrusion into the private life of the individual by a ‘health’ and pseudo-religious organization serving a seemingly benign government and elite (capitalist) interests, which are unproven and untested by time, but are sufficiently powerful to intrude, overwhelm and block independent thought processes which may include contrary opinions. Though one may welcome the aid of WHO on occasions of dire bodily distress, its intrusion into the mental process of society constitutes an unwarranted intrusion of political ideology.

There are numerous up-front ‘to the contrary’ objections to WHO’s message:

1)    The public health problem is not the individual’s decision to take (gift) his-her own life, but is to be sought in the (often intolerable) nature of modern society itself;
2)    The act of taking one’s life does not involve violence if the act can be accomplished without pain and without having to bear the burden of such judgments as issued by WHO;
3)    Every suicide is an act that has cause and, therefore, …
4)    Every suicide may be considered a self-sacrifice for a cause;
5)    The public is diverted by government propaganda (supported by WHO) from giving due attention to the fact that the major cause of violence is government action in war;
6)    An act that causes one to take one’s life is not an act against life, but an act that confirms the community’s objection to the kind of society that violence prone governments have created;
7)    An act of self-sacrifice is not an act against one’s life, but an act on behalf of the spiritual health of one’s society;
8)    That opinions of WHO are grounded in secular and quasi-religious opinions promoted by capitalist ideology;
9)    Capitalism is grounded in neo-Christianity, which was created by means of a False Flag operation against the people of the wood when they resisted capitalist instigated destruction of their home.

To return to Slavoy Zizek’s opinions (for similar opinions see blog 174) about the durability of capitalism and futility in opposing it: “Today, we can easily imagine the extinction of the human race, but it is impossible to imagine a radical change of the social system—even if life on earth disappears, capitalism will somehow remain intact.”*

Much as I respect Zizek’s contribution in loosening the sclerosis of thought that has developed with regard to 20th century political events, the frozen history continues moving forward on the basis of momentum, just as television ads continues to advertise luxury goods though many lose their homes and are forced to move and live on the streets.

*Slavoy Žižek, “The Universal Exception”, Continuum, p 149.

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