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Eso’s Chronicles 176
The Moneytheist Commons (VII)
© Eso A.B.

I am among those who believe that God is not a particle, but a wave. To apply the Heisenberg solution to the God problem, enables one to view God as both a wave and a particle, but to prove that He-She is one or both, one has to make the ‘quantum jump’ and jump over an awesome crevice . That is to say, one has to die to find out.

Because nature knows that this test is inevitable may be one of the reasons why it causes one to age. After all, only when one is old (enough) and has seen what life has to offer, physical exhaustion may make one even eager to see what comes next—even if it is no more than a look into the face of Emptiness .

The neo-Christian Church is vociferously opposed to such a perspective. In the following link, the president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture, Cardinal Ravasi, tells that worshipping Santa Muerte (blog 175) is a "degeneration of religion".... Cardinal Ravasi said the practice was "anti-religious". "Religion celebrates life, but here you have death," he said. "It's not religion just because it's dressed up like religion; it's a blasphemy against religion", the Cardinal continued.

Whose ‘religion’ is Ravasi talking about? His own, no doubt. He hits the nail on the head if at the back of his head, he allies his ‘religion’ with  capitalism, which is whence its chief support, ever since Charlemagne decided to remove the spiritual centre from the East and move it to the West, comes from.  Catholicism (and its offshoots), which stand for the exclusivity of human rights for the wealthy (originally the French Princes), which have ever since tried to fool the poor and uneducated that it is their ‘right’ also. The last is a peculiar assertion, given that historically the Vatican has but choreographed empty ceremonies. How did this ‘religion’ become the ruling ideology? “By incorporating a series of crucial motifs and aspirations of the oppressed,” says one philosopher”.* There is no shortage of those who are fooled.

The claim by Cardinal Ravasi that religion celebrates life is simply untrue. At least it was never true before Catholicism tried through yet another Cardinal, one named Peter to impose such a ‘truth cum lie’ on behalf of the wealthy on the poor . To understand the nature of this ‘truth’, we have to take another look at the ritual known as the Last Supper, in which the elders of a given community share in a sacred pie within which is hid a piece of the ‘body of the Gods’, a piece of coal. It was Jesus’ fate to draw this piece, whereby he became a Sacred King.

It was this archaic ritual that ensured (the Last Supper occurred before Jesus arrived in Jerusalem) that their community was ruled in the most ‘democratic’ way possible. Because no one is free of mistakes, knows this, and is prepared to pay for any trespass with one’s life, the community is ever forgiving. This commitment was the reason why the secular lords wished to seize and kill the Chosen One. They could stop the tradition only if they discovered who had drawn the sacred piece of coal before the people learned of it. This is why they arranged with Peter, who acted as the purser of the traveling court of the Sacred King, that he would pay Judas, one of the twelve who acted as Basil’s servants, thirty pieces of silver to kiss Jesus, and indicate through the kiss who had drawn the St. Death card. Foreknowledge gave the authorities time to fabricate a crime with which to blame Jesus. For example, the two ‘thieves’, later said to have been crucified on either side of the heretic ‘King’, were important ‘witnesses’ to the crime. This is what makes it likely that it was the thieves who were taken down from the cross early and recovered, not Jesus), whom they tortured and made beg for his life to escape the pain.

Before the arrival of neo-Christianity, religion used to manifest itself through a Festival celebrated by the whole COMMUNITY. Catholic Christianity succeeded in toppling the Festivals by imposing on people the meme of hubris through the dogma of individual immortality. In this way, the ruling clique succeeded in fracturing communal solidarity by kaleidoscoping into one the ritual of self-sacrifice and the ritual of public execution, and topping it with a promise of immortality. The meme of immortality has been in the ‘works’ for over two thousand years by our time, and has replaced the yeast that raised the dough of the old commons with a community bonded by no more than waterproofed paper Money.

Needless to say, the Bible has little to say about the community. “Bear one another's burdens, and… fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2) is about as close as it gets.

Yet there are few oligarchs who have given away their possessions or taken on another’s burdens. The reason is simple:  the ‘others’ are the poor, and the burdens of poverty are hard to bear. This is illustrated by the sharp drop in prices (halving them) for the services of immigrant prostitutes in London , while their opposite, the neo-native American presidential penis galore swears innocence before an audience he does not have to make eye contact with , then uses his notoriety to make money , hand over dick, so to speak. It’s a strange, strange world, Mr. Jack Klinton! Is it not?

A reader of my blogs has communicated to me that he believes that God has little to do with life, death, or community, but that the issue is rather one of monotheism vs polytheism. When I was introduced to this perspective, I was compelled to imagine God as a persona suffering from an incurable multi-personality disorder.

A God suffering from a multi-personality disorder makes sense if we remember that the Magna Charta (1209) was written on behalf of princes and barons in revolt against the authority of the King, aka the Monarch. To the extent that the office of King had abandoned all pretexts to be a self-sacrificial office on behalf of the community, the revolt of the princes was legitimate. However, it is no secret, that England’s princes were not ‘reformers’ of abandoned ancient traditions of government, but forerunners to neo-capitalist anarchism achieved at the price of turning Olympus into a bank for polymorphous currencies.

Money is a flexible tool of exchange: it can be gold, silver, or paper, and it can be broken down into small change, which can be inflated or deflated according to whoever is in charge of the money printing office. In our day, the individual in charge of U.S. Moneytheism is Cardinal Bernank. Moneytheism rhymes easily with monotheism, and blends centralized power into the structure of a pyramid without difficulties.

A Moneytheistic God stands for centralized government over which those who find themselves on the periphery have little to say. In our day, the only people who are consulted from the periphery is a group known [curiously, but tellingly, as the Bilderbergs, i.e., Picturemounts of Iconic wealthy individuals].

A similar problem with regard to actualizing democracy was faced by our forebears. They solved the problem by remodeling the peak of the gold leafed pyramid into an office that symbolized self-sacrifice. Thus, the sacred oath of the Sacred King was that he would give his life. His face thereafter was portrayed as shining in gold leaf.

Unfortunately, a copy of the disciple Peter, the purse carrier of the Sacred King’s sacred Court, is today embodied by someone known as Cardinal Bernank. Cardinal Bernank has passed the kiss on to President Obama, who (in imitation of Stalin’s reaction to the kiss received from Lenin) washes his hands and passes his sacred responsibilities on to a technocratic State bureaucracy.

This buck passing gives the President the ‘legal’ right—if I insist that money today is of paper, while he insists it is of gold—to fly up to my window with a drone helicopter and fire a rocket.

Uncritical surrender to Moneytheism encourages individualism to climb and reach previously unimaginable levels of incoherence—which is where urban society of today locates us. Though the opposition to the present structure of society may be great, there is no mention of this opposition in the Moneytheistic media which has been bought up by the oligarchy.

*Slavoy Zizek, “The Universal Exception”, Continuum, p. 153.


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