Sunday, July 31, 2016

at the Head
of My Bed

This story grapples with the same theme that I have been grappling for a long time—the devolution of humankind. While earlier blogs have centered on the deliberately mis-written history that has been forced on us by centralizing liberal ideologies, the following story will look for ways by way of which humankind may return to the Neanderthal man, who—for all their denial—is their ancestor.

by © Ludis Cuckold (2016)

EC 559
Mirror Mirror at the Head of My Bed
By © Ludis Cuckold
A Fairy Tale Mistold

Most of us have heard of the story of Snowwhite and the Queen, who wanted to kill her, because the mirror told that it was Snowwhite, not she, who was the most beautiful of them all.

But the mirror who spoke to the Queen was not at the Head of Her bed as the title of this book has it, but in the foyer of the castle in the wood of King Eros who wished to have sex only with such women as he found attractive and who exited him.

When the Evil Queen heard what the mirror had to say, she panicked, ran back into her bedroom, jumped into her bed, and put her feet where her head should have been. In her haste, she did not notice that her morning coat had flipped to one side and that her behind lay bare.

It was not long before the mirror at the head of her bed spoke up: “It is not your behind that I want to see! I want to see your face.”

The Queen turned around, faced the mirror, and asked: “Am I really getting old?”

“Not if you make me faces,” answered the mirror at the head of Julieta's bed.

“What kind of face?”

“The most ugly and passionate you can think of,” said the mirror, “the kind you make for the King when he sits on your behind.”

“But that kind of face makes the king go nuts,” answered the Queen.

“And don’t you go nuts as well?” wondered the mirror.

“Indeed! But only for the one who does me. You only tell me,” replied the Queen.

“That may be so. But it is I who makes both of you nuts,” laughed the mirror and stuck out its tongue and drooled horribly.

This is where the fairy tale must be explained by another kind of story. In short, the fairy tale teller must put on the frock of a teacher and become a little anthropological.

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