Thursday, July 7, 2016

EC 551
A Happenstance Witness and The Holy Ghost:
By © Ludis Cuckold
2 Abusing God, Crying Terror

The return of God (the notion that He-She is Being rather than non-Being) brings fear to His-Her deniers-abusers. After a hiatus of centuries, Being again proves His-Her everlastingness by perceiving death without fear.

For most Westerners it comes as a disagreeable surprise that those who are ‘returning’ (bringing about) the notion of God as still being alive are Islamists. The surprise is due to a deeply instilled fear that members of Islam are believers in and practitioners of violence.

The propagators of the notion that Islam is a violent religion are Christians or, more precisely, Western Catholic/ Globalist Christians, and Muslim quislings (such as Salman Rushdie, who wrote The Satanic Verses). There is a long history to the notion of Islam as a violent faith. This history is largely unknown, because it is hid with as much determination as the violence initiated by the corrupt‘Christian’ elite that has enthroned itself upon the West for many centuries.

This is one reason why this author has attempted to rewrite history by writing the foregoing 550 blogs and more. It is all too evident that while the chronology of history as concocted by Western academic historians follow linear tracks with all ties in seemingly perfect order, it makes little sense as an explanation of human experience. No doubt, my reconstruction has covered many a gap with the ‘plaster of guess’. Hopefully, historians (if the retards of today have any descendants) will fill in the pot holes and redeem themselves.

One of the disconnects of history is the story Christians tell about the origins of Islam, which historians of our Roman era [which begins in Avignon after the Vikings are expelled from Rome (Constantinople) and temporarily make ‘Aveyon’ their headquarters] claim to occur in the 7th century. The truth is that Islam arose at the same time or nearly the same time time* as Eastern Christianity, but because it may have seemed of secondary importance (just as Judaism), it escaped the repression (re the Great Schism of 1054). The West imposed such repression at a latter date by means of the holocaust of the German Reich in the 20th century, and ‘democratic exceptionalism’ of the U.S. in the 21st century. Actually, the Christians of the East, the Muslims, and the Jews stem from the same shamanistic Christianity [such as the Waldensians (9-20+) may represent] that prevailed before the arrival of the Vikings** from northern Europe. Another indication that Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Muslims are of same geographic origin is that tney form the major groups of people in Russia.

*Many of the so-called conquests of Islam will turn out to be but reconquests of former Byzantine Christian territories seized by the Vikings as they fled West from uprisings against them in the East. **Vikings likely originate from herders who lived round about the Black Sea, who drove their herds north during the summer months. When trapped in the north by a natural catastrophe (possibly successive Storrega tsunamis ), the herders of animals turned into killers of their herds, which gave rise to the notion that ‘prehistoric’ man made his-her living as “hunters-gatherers”. The disastrous consequences of conclusions made by citified historians and anthropologists (born to virtual reality they reversed the order of things and made natural reality into a virtual reality) is reflected in the story (“The White Ship”) by Kirghiz writer Chingiz Aitmatov.

As we know, the theology, written into the ‘New’ Testament, of Western or Catholic Christsianity has prevailed until our day, and whines of its innocenses in the catastrophe its ideology has brought humankind, and—typical of the bizarre Western sense of humor— puts the blame of violence on ‘violent’ Islam.


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