Saturday, July 23, 2016

 EC 557
A Happenstance Witness and The Holy Ghost:
By © Ludis Cuckold
8 Why Circumcision?

When I first heard of circumcision, it was associated with Jewish males, which is what prompted me to think of the scarring of penises as a way for Jewish men to identify themselves when at Roman public baths. When I began to read books of anthropology, I learned of its use among archaic tribes as an initiation of young boys into manhood.

Truth be said, none of the reasons for circumcision convinced me of its legitimacy. Only after I recently wrote a blog (The Sorrows of Young Werther) that argued that Latvijan women used to knit woolen mittens (the Liv women knit woolen socks) for their dowry, because these were used as a primitive birth-control device to ‘pull off’ a man before he got to demanding vaginal intercourse, did I begin to wonder whether my argument was quite right.

One thing that bothered me about my reasoning was that wool against naked skin is not a pleasant feeling, especially not when the skin may happen to be that of genetalia. I comforted myself by arguing that Latvijan damilies were not known to practice circumcision, and therefore the wool of a mitten never came in contact with anyone’s glans penis. Indeed, a mitten—depending on one’s social status—could come with an invertable linen or silk lining. Also, a mitten may be knit with both ends open and, thus, be like a muff, which, moreover, is a slang name for the vulva.

Be that as it may, a natural ‘muff’ is a man’s own foreskin, which protects the glans from abrasions.  When the foreskin is removed and the glans is exposed and comes in harms way, it must forego sexual methods that may expose it to abrasions, and seek sexual contacts in ways it finds less threatening. With the foreskin removed, masturbation becomes unpleasant (I have heard from Jewish friends that they have used raw liver, butter, Vaseline, and soap to make pleasuring one’s self more pleasant.) However, the most interesting fact is that the removal of the foreskin encourages the glans to seek warmth of the vagina, rather than engage the clitoris with an external approach or be caressed by a palm.

Circumcision, thus, is a device that encourages the sexul act to be limited to vaginal sex, which increases the likelihood of pregnancy, increases the population of the tribe, and creates a civilization that thinks nothing over a holocaust of abortions. Since intercourse by 'missionary position' during pregnancy is not advisable, the circumcised male is forced to seek 'unfaithful' means of sexual satisfaction (possibly by engaging a prostitute), which—one would imagine—increases his sense of guilt over being born a sexual being.

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