Wednesday, July 27, 2016

EC 558
A Happenstance Witness and The Holy Ghost:
By © Ludis Cuckold
9 A Palm’s Pet

While I have little idea of what most people (men or women) think a prostitute does with a man who comes visiting her, I believe that most of us think that she engages him in vaginal sex. This is clearly what Brigitte Bardot, who plays a hussy in her first film “And God Created Woman” (1956), offers the young man in the warehouse in the first few minutes of the movie.

But there may be another side to it, even if the media never tires of telling its audience a one sided story; to wit, a young and rebellious girl meets a pimp at a bus station, persuades her to come to his apartment, where he rapes her, then has her fall in love with him, and then gets her to lay any man he brings to her, and therewith makes a living off her. It is not long, before the girl (having contracted the Stockholm syndrome) goes and solicits strangers on the street on her own. Of course, we believe that the strangers the girl sleeps with all have vaginal sex with her. But then, we are not there to witness the act, unless the witness is none other than the pimp himself who is the voyeur, who sits in an adjacent room with a knife or pistol in his hand, and permits his hussy to do no more than ‘pull off’ the man in her palm.

Yet a third story may be that the girl has no pimp, but learns at an early age that men will give her candy or money if she has ‘sex’ with them. She quickly learns that ‘sex’ means that the man has an orgasm, whereafter he becomes like a scalped Samson and she Delila (Judges 16). The empowered Delila (rhymes with Lolita) goes into the world and solicits men to have sex with her on her own initiative. But she is clever, experienced, and skilled enough to ‘foreplay’ and pleasure the man until he goes off before his penis ever enters her vagina. Since the orgasms of men tend to be singular in nature, he is unlikely to detain the hussy for another try.

As for the hussy, well, there may come a time when she tires of giving men thingified fucks, and goes looking for a man to fall in love with. The sex with her lover is, however, of the kind we see in the movie with Brigitte Bardot. Wanting the man to stay with her, she gives him what he (like myself) has been taught to expect sex to be, and submits to him by taking the ‘missionary’ position—whether standing up, sitting, or lying down.  

The tragedies brought on by the ‘missionary’ position are endless in their variations. Most of the emotional tragedies are borne by women because vaginal sex sooner or later gets them pregnant and they bear children, who carry the tragedy further into the world. One such second generation tragedienne was the famous French singer Edith Piaf, who was familiar with the lowlife of Paris, and likely died of the consequences of the experience.   

My encounter with sex as a ‘pulling off’ experience occurred when I met Daisy (I write of the relationship at length in a number of earlier blogs) after she had borne her third child (possibly by her younger than she English-Latvian pimp) and came to me for help. Even as I had a suck of her mother’s milk, she endeavored to pull me off, and the experience caused me to see her with emotion and fall in love with her. But when, subsequently, I tried to persuade her to have a more permanent relationship, she not only refused, but introduced me to her ‘cousin’, a ruse which I refused to recognize for what it was—the ever so much younger cousin was none other than a lover and pimp in Latvia.

Only gradually and by writing a rather long series of confessionary blogs and thought pieces did it dawn on me that not only had I been ‘pulled off’, but ‘taken in’ as well. The final episode of my enlightenment happened after Daisy’s last visit.

When Daisy came to visit, she brought her youngest child with her, to (so I later surmised) prevent intimate contact between us, and to tell me that my time for starting a family was not only long past, but that I had sacrificed a ‘family’ to have my intellectual revenge—which is to doubt the history of our civilization as presented in current academic institutions—for naught. She informed me that she wished to be ‘free’, and that the Will in which I left my property to her would remove her and her children out of the entitlement class, which is why she had no wish to hold on to it.

For my part, I suspected that these statements were a consequence of a consultation with a third party—perhaps a prostitute friend, perhaps a second rate psychologist (Latvija has many such pseudo priests and priesteses), perhaps a fortune teller. Given that any such consultation—other than with one’s own self—brought our relationship a step closer to public exposure (other than revealed here through my blogs), I was shocked into perceiving that my interest in Daisy had become a grave danger to my inner fish. I was seized by fear that I would be discovered naked not only before God, but before Laughter. For that reason, I seconded Daisy’s wish to no longer have contact with me—unless of course I won the lottery and several million euros came my and her way, and we become dominants and had the last laugh—she no longer the submissive woman of the Story of O , and I all O as the o in God.

Finis (but as I am still alive, I am not excluding the possibility of a post postscript).

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