Thursday, October 2, 2014

EC 426/ God’s War
© Eso A.B.

Angst 3

The design for the future promoted by commercial interests of our time, despite continued projection of that design by way of slick technological images, and despite the projections of humankind as obsessed with consumption (and seeing America become a country of ‘fat’ people as a result), is, at last, being dashed against the shoals of reality.

The damage done to the mind through images and words projected by advertisers of the boutique industry, which gained popularity during the second half of the 20th century, is gradually replaced by a more realistic word and image via the internet where auctions and ‘close out sales’ are popular and prevail. One of the values of watching the climb down of ‘progress’ and ‘high expectations’ to reality is that it offers a realistic view of Angst returning from a trip to the china shop, which is what the era of Industrial Revolution was all about.

Some of the ‘objects’ in the china shop are ‘stupid’ celebrities, who are so enamored with ‘making it’ that they either take nudies of themselves or let paparazzi do it, then when such fotos go public scream (being morally rectitudinal) that a crime has been perpetrated against their human rights. A spokespersons of no less ‘stupid’ Pirate Party sees fit to inverse what actually happened and defend stupid broads:  "[Günther Oettinger , the EU Commissioner] placed the moral blame for this crime squarely on the victims rather than the perpetrators," condemns one Pirate Party spokesperson. Does not the defender of stupidity not know that no program on the internet provides foolproof protection from prying eyes? Indeed, such protection is provided only by the wood if the Pirates had not cut it down to make masts for their ships and then go marauding around our planet to steal the wealth of the the common people.

This writer sees no ‘crime’ when a spade is called a spade. And if a return to sanity is a ‘crime’, then may God turn into the De-vil.

While Angst among the city-zenry in the West is working its effects pozitively, the 1990s collapse of the Soviet Union slowed down the process in the East. This is why the cityzens of post-Communist states, which were long exposed to unrealistic dreams, came to believe that ‘rape the earth’ mercantilism  was on the whole beneficial, copied inverted reality and became converts to fascism on a global scale.

We are witness to such fascism spreading in the Far East. As one Jack Ma, a Chinese oligarch and  founder of Alibaba recently put it: “If you’re poor at 35, you deserve it” , because you have no ‘ambition’. The ‘ugly American’ virus has infected any number of Chinese sheeple and there is no shortage of either Russian, Chinese, American, or European fascists who believe that going global will hide their criminal undertakings.

One reason why what is going on may be described as “God’s War” is that virtual reality created by the West over a period of a thousand years has destroyed a multi dimensional ‘natural’ humanity and has replaced it with a humanity of a restricted intelligence. Not surprisingly these virtually naked near dead believe that when sitting on the toilet they are engaged in an act of growing roots.

To return to the theme of earlier blogs: the world around us today is the result of the Establishment supporting the 11th Commandement, which has been rewritten from “Thou shall not tax” to “Tax is God’s creation” and governments fully support such a smart God. While successfully repressed for a very long time, the impossibility of sustaining a world built on the dreams by leaders out of touch with reality and a real God, the edifice comes, at last, crashing down. The elitist leadership knows this by instinct if not conscious recognition. The 9/11 fiasco, abetted in by the leadership, tells of the extent of Angst among those responsible for building our unsustainable ‘civilization’. There must be some believable way to bring it down, no? It is no news that governments need actors, i.e., false witnesses to verify faked events . We will be witnessing a miracle when the fake fails.

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