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EC 425/ God’s War
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Angst 2

One of the symptoms of Angst is the ‘sheeple’, either adult population or students. That is to say that the learning provided students through books has been written by scholars who have bought into the false history governments peddle to anyone who will listen.  In the previous blog, I pointed out my concerns over the student led protests in the Chinese city of Hong Kong . A look at the photographs of the demonstrators confirms that they represent a human species known as consumers of which ‘sheeple’ is a synonym.

Belatedly, some of the organizers of the student campaign for more ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ are taking note that freedom, encouraged by consumerism, unleashes a desire for instant gratification. Such gratification, proves itself to be about as violent as the three hundred Plus years since 1648 which legalized Peace by deterrence.

We should know that peace through ‘deterrence’ means violence without 1. a declaration of war; and 2. ‘sovereigns’ which are major military powers need not declare war to engage in violence. Violence by undeclared war  leaves ‘sovereign’ governments (including small ones) to ‘float’ free from their roots and wage war against their own citizens (North Korea, for example) by declaring them ‘terrorists’ by government fiat (from Latin: ‘let it be’).

Most of the readers should be able to imagine the anxiety of Chinese government officials as they discuss the stupidity of the policies of  post-Mao ideologues and whether student ‘freedom fighters’ ought to be shot Tiananmen style, or should the madness of a consumer generation be quarantined (by blocking off of streets), declaring the protesters infected by the ebola virus, and letting death come as a result of natural causes such as starvation and thirst.

The current projections of Western Angst in Hong Kong, Kiev, and other places, is the result of the Westphalia Peace Treaty which denied religion and God a direct say in checking social behavior. By subjecting life to  ‘materialization’ as it were, a solely secular orientation destroyed Nature, both, as a teacher of limitations and a zone for naked life to retreat to from attacks by a reality become entirely virtual and subject to corporate CEO’s fancying themselves (such as the U.S. Vice President Dick Chainey) leaders of humankind.

We are living in a time when humankind has received the ‘bill of lading’ for the behavior (cargo and soul) of governments with no one with authority to checkmate them. We are just getting around to noting what ‘freedom’ sans spiritual conflict leads to. It is not only that it has caused the extinction of God and Nature , but that it is engaged in the elimination of life itself. True, the executioners of life are suggesting they can replace real life creatures with ‘cyborgs’ . It is worth noting, that ‘cyborgs’ were first named more than a half a century ago, at which time they had already emerged as ghosts from the morgues to which life as the living dead is removed, and were recognized as cyborgs, zombies, the half dead, the living dead, etc.

No wonder that the Antichrist, once held (by orthodox theologians) to be the greatest of abominations, has begun to make appearances in the figure of the De-vel, which is a rename given Himself by none other than God. To those who are puzzled by such an inversion of God’s Self, imagine a rich man who has suffered bankrupcy, but is too old to hope to recover his material fortune. Under the circumstances, the rich old man has only one option left to him: He must play the lottery.

As we know, orthodox religions sneer at the lottery for a number of reasons, of which immorality is neither the last or least. But… if there is no other way to come into money. and, say, your name is Lenin. Well, you play the lottery. 

If Lenin’s number never wins, the winner is the orthodox Russian tsar; while if the lottery wins Lenin a prize of 90 million euros in the Euro Lottery, Lenin is in a position to put most of his political and economic theories into practice. The support that Lenin received from the disenfranchised Ludi living in the Russian Empire of the tsars, attests to the fact that  a majority of the 99% Ludi margianalized by the Tsar, were in support of trouble makers. In effect, God had chosen to become his mirror image, the  De-vel.

So, who is to say that the De-vel is not God and that He does not love God even if the Ukrainian fascists topple one of the largest statues of Lenin in Ukraine ?

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