Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Great Grandson of God and City Monsterzs
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

It has  come to be that the atheist-controlled community of government has become the fake Godhead over the community of Nature. Likewise, government has made itself to become the People.

Endnote 1:
Civil War In A Failed Civilization

The rumors of war have been making their rounds in Europe ever since the Crusaders were chased out of the Middle East (formerly the lands about the Black Sea) and settled in the country side of so-called Land of Bene Rex (the Good King, perhaps King Holger the Dane, mentioned in the legend of King Arthur)*. Today the Europeans know this land as Benelux, Land of the King of Luxury, aka King Leopold II, the bloody king of Belgium, and his forebears. By an ironic twist of fate, Brussels, Handchop Leopold’s birthplace, is the capital of the Empire of nascent European Union.

*This author is (as indicated by the Foreword of this bookblog) a disbeliever of European history as concocted by academic historians. Because history is memory, and memory is the ever mutating wave of quantum mechanics, this author has no problem dismissing the fact violating fantasy of academicians by way of creating a counterwave.

The rumors of Armageddon—popularized by The Book of Revelations or the Apocalypse of John (the Herder)—appear to be coming to a close. A clandestine and anonymous group of internet hackers, known as Anonymous, has issued a video in which it announces that NASA, the space agency of the U.S., is about to reveal the discovery of extraterrestrial life. To explain the announcement, one must presume that Anonymous has hacked into the files of NASA and discovered its plans.

As if to confirm that the announcement is based on the discovery of a secret, a group of English neopagans*, celebrated the recent summer solstice at Stonehenge by snapping pictures of a would be UFO.

*The word ‘pagan’ does not originate in Latin, as Latin, Romance and Anglo-Saxon linguists and historians claim, but in Baltic languages, which belong to the Indo-European language group, whih derives from ancient Sanscrit. The word consists of two parts: the prefix PA + its object, re: GAN. PA+GAN. The prefix serves as an indicator that the word following it is to be softened and perhaps diminished of its full meaning. The letter G is a consonant that may change to the sound of letter Y(J), therefore, GAN may also be pronounced YAN. Yan or Ian is a name (Jānis, John, Ivan, Johann, Huan, etc.) that originates in the ancient European word for ‘herder’. Thus, the literal meaning of ‘pagan’ is ‘little herder’ or ‘belittled herder’, the real meaning determined by the inflection used by the person who pronounces the word/name. The word was invented by the neoChristians (Catholics) in order to diminish the status of the commoners or people of the wood and field, who made their living (before the introduction of grains) as herders of livestock. The diminishment of the commoners or Ludis in favor of the elites or Royals (or rovers) was likely facilitated by the flooding of the landmass that used to join mainland Europe to England.

A number of internet sites have been imagining the arrival of alien invaders on planet Earth for some time. The first such fantasy was staged by Orson Welles in 1938 . Subsequently, others (1, 2) among which one Steven Hawking, a scientist popularized by the media, is urging humankind to flee planet Earth. Not least, the U.S. government is preparing false flag scenarios (such as the manned moon landing in 1969 of Apollo 11) it hopes may save its fake elites.

Whether Anonymous knows what it is talking about is yet a matter for emergence. Will what emerges pass the Reality test? We shall see. Even fantasy becomes real sometimes. When time is seen as an illusion, space becomes fractal: the universe turns into One endless series of pictures while time is represented by the viewer and is seen through his-her eyes. Only Kirti Mukha*, the face of the serpent, knows who the twins are and how the Civil War of the Worlds ends.

*Kirti Mukha, aka the Face of Glory, represents the Sacred Serpent that ate itself until it came to its face. At that point, unable to devour itself any further, it turned into two warriors, who by killing each other also killed Kirti Mukha. Note the defacement of the relief and the two charioteers in the relief facing and attacking each other.

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