Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Great Grandson of God and City Monsterzs
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

It has  come to be that the atheist-controlled community of government has become the fake Godhead over the community of Nature. Likewise, government has made itself to become the People.

America The Hysterical

Sometimes for seemingy inexplicable reason children in some schools experience spells of hysteria: suddenly all or most students start laughing, screaming, or having fainting spells. Often this is explained as a result of some satanic force, and exorcists or parapsychlogists are called to expel the evil spirits. In fact, the cause of such hysterical occasions may be the result of hidden stress experienced by children rebelling against school discipline or hidden violence in the community.

Such hysteria has seized the Democratic Party in the United States and is making its way through the arteries of all segments of American society. It is making its way to the lost heart of America (wherever it may be hiding). The immediate cause of the hysteria is over the loss of a presumed presidential victory by Hillary Clinton to the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

America’s hysteria expresses itself in many ways. The most frequent cause given is “the Russians”, with who Donald Trump, the Republican victor and now U.S. president, is said to have collaborated “against America”. There is no evidence of such a collaboration, and much of the American public has a laugh at the expense of the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, President Trumps victory was so unexpected by the establishment that much of the American main stream media is playing along and is passing the hysteria along to as many sectors of American society as it can. Most of the hysteria is picked up by left leaning students and politicians.

The developing hysteria is impressive in its scope, and the following is my take on it.

First, one should note, that the Democratic Party in the United States has long ago morphed into a ‘leftist’ or socialist party. Alas, there is no Joe McCarthy around to frighten the party with accusations of collaborationism with the Communists. The morphing of the Democratic Party into a Socialist Party is attributable to the Frankfurt School, the teaching of which is generally referred to as Cultural Marxism. Instead of Communism per se, cultural Marxism is communism gone over—thanks to its predominance in city environments—to an urbanist environment where it has become Virtual Reality.

The cross-over from Reality to Virtual Reality is, indeed, a drama that leads to the denaument of three hundred years or so of the Industrial Era. Virtual Reality arrived almost unnoticed, at least not noticed to the degree as to raise alarm among the majority of cityzens. No doubt, the story of the Ludites is another story (see ‘ludies’ and ‘Ludites’, EC 594), but the Ludies were of the minority left behind by those in government hypnotized by the fool’s gold of wealth promised to all by the English media. Even today the alarm comes not direct, but through the phenomenon of hysteria.

An analysis of the repression of Reality and its reconstitution into Virtual Reality will, no doubt, take many books and many centuries digesting. All this author can do is to note the most obvious direct expressions that accompanies America’s collapse: students screaming, the politicians and press acting as up tight clowns, and listing some of the facts behind America’s (and the World’s) economic collapse.

As pointed out in the Foreword to “The Grandather of God”, the play “Oedipus Rex”, allegedly written by a Greek named Sophocles more than two millenia ago, takes for its theme the turning of sacred cities of the people of Nature into secular cities. A similar theme is repeated in the biblical story of “Sodom and Gomorrah” (Book of Genesis). While the story of the latter dwells on the subjects of vice and homosexuality, the theme of the former was incest. In short, there was an early perception that cities that have another than sacred function are sources of perversion.

Needless to say, most academic scholars, while acknowledging the perception of cities as nests of corruption, claim not to understand why this should have been so in the distant past. Some simply put the blame on another word  (inhospitability) or risk scholarship become simplistic and blame it on sewers.

It is likelythat scholars know well enough that simplistic explanations will not stand, and, therefore, try to excuse Virtual Reality centres (cities) by diverting the public’s attention by engaging in labyrinthine explanations that escape direct explanations. Those who are curious will find complex verbal maneuvres,such as “[this book] is a [study of] hermeneutic phenomenology of transgenderism”. True, hermeneutics may be the appropriate word. Nevertheless, the question remains: is it ‘hermeneutics’ according to people living close to nature or according to people of the city who leave us plastic filled oceans? The following interview illustrates a typical new world order absurdity for anyone who has inherited and speaks a language not yet despoiled by Catholics, globalists, elitists, or transgenderist pseudo intelectuals.*

*it is worth noting that the willfully imposed (church) Latin language (no, Greek did not fall into ‘disuse’, but was deliberately discarded), was not of Ancient Christianity. Catholic Christianity, originating from a subculture of lords and ladies, did all it could to eliminate the former by violent denial (burning of old records) and overwriting.

One may presume that a male or female who has no problems identifying with his or her gender and comes from a country that speaks a heterogenderist language, will not enter into an argument with a person of transgenderist ideology, but ask: Why should a person living in a Virtual (city) Reality destined to collapse sooner than later have the right to destroy the cultural heritage of a person who lives in a society that continues to identify with Reality that comes of Nature? Surely, the Reality of Nature is not as vulnerable as presumptuous (?) Virtual Reality worshipers insists it is.

The seeming superiority of our violent Technological Age fails to be persuasive. It is, therefore, not surprising that our governments try to maintain themselves by military means. Yet military ‘solutions’ come with great risk and are hugely destructive. This is why at this time North Korea is proving the U.S. to be a bombastic power that ultimately proves itself to be unsurse of itself, and why it may be moving the nations of our planet toward a Civil War rather than WW3.

This is where the author returns to the subject of hysteria as not only a sign of an inner and hidden social disturbance, but the initiator of socital civil war that at this very time is degenerating into a military war. In effect, it is worth remembering that socital war first emerged as a human rights movement, one that has degenerated into a movement of -isms, re: women’s rights = feminism; black rights = reverse racism; religious rights = predominance of secularism; freedom of speech = hermeneutics or the right of virtual reality to appropriate and attempt to destroy natural reality and turn federalism and political correctness into not only geographical, but verbal imperialism.

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