Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Great Grandson of God and City Monsterzs
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

It has  come to be that the atheist-controlled community of government has become the fake Godhead over the community of Nature. Likewise, government has made itself to become the People.

Endnote 2:
The Future As Pareidolia
Of Deliberately Forgotten Facts

Sometimes facts exist before we know them. For example, some facts are not yet, but are certain in their coming and, thus, exist in the future. They appear there because of prophecy. Some ‘crazy’ person claims that he-she has had a vision inspired by God (no doubt), and, therefore, he-she knows that in the future the world will come to an end. In short, the fact to come, though lacking in detail, is called ‘The End of Times’, which is generally taken to mean the end of the world.

One way to argue on behalf of prophecy is to change our view of the traditional academic view of history. History told by most academics is seen as a matter of cause and effect. The fact of the battle of Stalingrad and the defeat and surrender of the Germans there is seen as the beginning of the defeat of Hitler’s German Reich, which allegedly ends with the suicide of Hitler in Berlin. At the same time, a) the word ‘suicide’ is obviously* not a word Hitler or those loyal to him would have chosen to describe his death; b) there is reason to believe that Hitler escaped Berlin and went by submarine to Argentina (scroll down and take note of interview capped “A Fourth Reich In The Sun?”), where he is said to have died in 1965 at the age of 76.

*Hitler’s Reich had a great interest in Norse mythology. The chief God of Norse mythology was Odin (or Godan), who died by sacrificing “myself to myself” on the tree of Yggdrasil. Odin holds similarities with the Catholic Jesus and Pre-Catholic John. Though the Catholic New Testament claims that John was decapitated, his real name sake (in this author’s view), John Basil the Bogomil, died by being thrown into a pit of fire at Constantinople. While Hitler failed to imitate Odin, his death—staged by what was still the Reich—surely intended it to be perceived as such.

The fact of Hitler’s death in Argentina is unknown to the general public. Indeed, academic scholars deny such a possibility as strenuously as they deny that the history we are taught in schools is fakery turned into make-believe. Post-war German (and Austrian) politicians continue to censure and repress public discussions about Hitler and the Reich to keep the fake history supported by their governments intact. American and Russian governments for reasons of their own (most likely to hide secret prewar discussions, agreements and future plans) remain silent as to why they let Hitler go free. The memoir that Hitler wrote while in hiding is not known to exist, and, of course, goes unpublished. No doubt, if there is no such book (and the manuscript if discovered would be burnt even today), it is taken, rightly or wrongly, as proof that Hitler never escaped from Berlin. If this were the case, a fake history remains intact, the establishment of academic historians still rules, and evidence to the contrary is called but another conspiracy theory.

A full disclosure of the future of Stalingrad [just as the future of the 4th Crusade (1204) with its goal to destroy Jerusalem cum Constantinople] remains in the works. Therefore, any number of revelations of the future are imaginable:
For exsmple, Russia may chose to sacrifice the Kurds in favor of Turkey, if Turkey returns Constantinople to the Greeks
(who may sacrifice southern Cyprus), who may sign up as member of the Russian economic federation if Russia returns it its former territory (seized by the Ottomans in 1453). Such a complex deal would not only save Greece from the missfortunes of bankrupcy and from being federalized into the European Union by means of NATO arms, but give Russia new harbors and a direct access to the Meditteranean Sea. The trustees of Hitler’s memoirs (unlikely in Argentina anymore), seeing fake history become a revealed truth may decide to seek a publisher.

Be that as it may, involuntary pareidolia and prophecy is alive and well, and we are its witnesses.

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