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Slow Death
Populist Latvijans

A definition of ‘communism’ begins from the premise that it ‘is the state of human being from the time human beings began until now.

By © E. A. Benjamins, 2017

The Amazingly Slow Death of Populist Latvijans
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

1 The Return of Communism*

*Communism is not as Encyclopedia Britannica has it, “...a political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production...”. Such an outdated definition comes of the American and British capitalist order of things. A definition of ‘communism’ begins from the premise that it is ‘the state of human being from the time human beings began until now.

The United States believes that it is the victor of what is called the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union, a state that believed it would result in a communist civilization (based on Marx’s concept of it as based on ‘workers’ needs), collapsed in 1991.

Though this author is from the environment of a capitalist state and the city, and is a victim of the Soviet State [(eight of his extended family were sent to the gulags, of who two (father and maternal grandfather) were executed, and another two died of disease and hunger (a cousin and godmother), and mother, siblings, and himself were abandoned to fate], he (in light of what followed the collapse), nevertheless, regrets the demise of the Soviets. As shocking as it may be for the neo-liberalist camp to hear, there are a number of justifications for such a perspective.

First is that the capitalist system had so corrupted the author’s extended family circle that some of its members (godmother and her heirs) determined to survive WW2 and its aftermath by denying material help to needy ‘other’ family members, thus, expressing preference for a form of cannibalism*. The second is that with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the pain of systems change to those who survived it, resulted in naught but futher pain and loss, when the renewed ‘free’ government turned out to be a promoter of a watered down form of ‘democracy’. The loss of the positive changes brought about by the Soviet system became a source of material and psychic nightmares commonly expressed among Latvijans by overconsumption of alcohol**. The third is that official history taught in school is but the cover that covers up the book writ by experience, and ever fails to reveal the undercurrents that contradict official history. The author’s blogs (including this book) represent his nosing about the realm of official lies taught by school books.

*Canibalism or eating of human flesh is a capitalist bugaboo that fosters revulsion against a natural tendency of Life to offer itself as sacrifice to its successor generations. Such ‘cannibalism’ is most clearly noticeable in springtime, when small birds rush out of the bush and trees and fly across a country road to protect their nests and fleglings from our monster Toyotas and BMWs driving by. One can also see it, when grandparents deny themselves in order to help their children raise their grandchildren.

**Alcoholism is a ‘silent’ and self-destructive form of protest against the rule of a ‘free’ government. The ‘free’ American government used alcohol to kill the spirit of the native American Indians. The ‘free’ Latvian government uses it to kill the spirit of the Latvian community it taxes and lives off.

The author’s thesis about the death and rebirth of Communism starts from an exclamation made by those who experience a catastrophy in which many people are killed. The pain of the event and loss is so great that many survivors are often heard exclaim: “I wish that I had died in their stead!” The author, too, has on occasion exclaimed this. It is out of such exclamations that is born the conviction that the original form of government was that of the Sacred King: He who must die in order to persuade the community to forgive large and small slights and hold the peace among its own.

Nevertheless, when the opportunity came, the Sacred King was overthrown by the executive king. As a consequence there began a thousand years of a would-be Reich’ of capitalism. Capitalism destroys Nature (by substituting herders with hunters), the order of God, and substituted for it the rule of factories, cities, and ‘reason’. The substitution could be accomplished only through repression and extensive use of violence over countryside and all that is of Nature. The motto of Capitalism is not ‘Love one another!’, which is the motto of the people/loi living in wood and field, but ‘The cruelest survive!’ The “ ceremony of innocence” is faked without regrets.

Though Capitalism (and privatization) has been the dominant social force for over a thousand years, unbeknownst to Capitalism, it was undermined by the people of Nature (in spite of their seeming weakness)—the creatures the Elites of the capitalist system do not love, even if (as a matter of political correctness) they no longer despise them. Thus began a thousand years of Civil War between the loi and a cancerous offshoot known as ‘Government of and by Elites’. For over a thousand years the Elites have been winning the war. The winning tactic of the Elites was simple: they encouraged the unloved loi to over breed by oversexing them with cheap pornographic publications or personal example, by encouraging licentiousness, even as they increased the pleasure in sexual license by declaring it sinful and a moral transgression. In effect, moral transgression like alcoholism became a form of self-destructie resistance against Capitalist oppression. With their armories filled with swords and gunpowder the Elites then discredited gift giving, over-taxed the surplus population it had raised, and forced the loi to take flight from the countryside and seek refuge in the city—as if this were to their benefit.

After a thousand years of ever increasing taxation, taxes have depleted Nature to such an extent that Nature has begun to fight back: it refuses to give of itself anymore by having no more to give. Elite plans to build a Reich of perpetual Virtual Reality have begun to flash crash. Prophecies of saints (self-sacrificial kings once) are coming true: the realm of Nature is reasserting itself. The populations of cities, cancerous growths encouraged by capitalist surpluses, have no less egalitarianist expectations than the loi of the wood and field once had. This phenomenon (the presumption that communism in nature and the city results in a similar man-creature) is a feature of human nature that under certain conditions turns city dwellers into anarhists. Such anarchists are a paradox to Elitist expectations. When the Elites can no longer sustain cities, the cities (intellectually bankrupt in that they do not realize and cannot imagine what ails them) are turning against them. Neither piles of gold nor nuclear bomb proof bunkers will keep the Elites or their system safe. Capitalism, even when secured with a ton of gold and a computer filled to the ceiling with bitcoins or etheriums will not save.

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