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Eso’s Chronicles 241/ 27
Addendum 4—Ecce Russia  II!
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For anyone looking for Predictions for 2014, I recommend the following insightful observations
So, yes, how do we wage a war without committing suicide? As Paul Virilio points out in his book “Pure War 25 Years Later”, the current drive to centralize governments encourages not only ‘nondevelopment’ of a civil society (perceived by less perspicacious observers as a decline of the middle class) on a global scale, but ends with the elimination of ‘man’ (and woman), and human beings as we are accustomed to know them; we are ‘the suicide State’. We meet the  ‘leftovers’ or what can be aptly described as ‘feral men’, who may or may not live in high-rise apartment blocks in the city, but who in the event of an extended or permanent power loss, will not only leave their excrement in the hallways , but their rotting bodies as well.
Readers who have read my previous blog know that I believe the cause for this liberalist drive must be sought in the time-continuum of the descendants of the Vikings (the waders—perhaps ‘drifters’--down rivers), who by gutting early history—perhaps because when we lived in the wood there was the fairy tale, but no history—and replaced it with a story of their own that leads humankind by a ring in its nose.
This is one of the reasons why I believe that President Putin of Russia is more of a Russian city punk than a Russian in the traditional sense, one with his boots in Russian soil and wood. I rather see him as flying on the carpet that hangs on the wall of a city apartment. This is not to say that at the same time, I do not consider him a leader of significant talent. Nevertheless, when war is being pressed on Russia by, both, the U.S. and NATO military, and when war has to be fought against these powers and that war must be won, and when the only way to win the war is by righting history, then I would go with President Putin only if he has the perception and will to take on the intellectual challenge the war demands.
One of the tragedies of the East-West or Communist-Capitalist Cold War conflict was that no historian seriously exposed the longue durée cultural orientation that underlay Stalin’s merciless holy war against all Russians who were in any way contaminated by Western ideas of liberalism and capitalism. Perhaps historians were and remain such milquetoasts, because they were too much under the pressure of the State during the Communist era (and compromised all too much to the Catholic era). Still, it was an Eastern Christian sense of communism, which grounded Stalin as a killer and found him psychological support in the early Christianity of the Slav natives, which did not suffer because Stalin was a Georgian and that the Russian Orthodox Church of the time had long substituted John Basil with Jesus Christ as the God-Man of our planet. Distasteful as it may be for some, Stalin’s authority comes from the longue durée black oak that lay submerged by Western Christianity’s imposition of history as a false flag event meant to smother the perception of earlier times about the nature of humankind.
We should not doubt that the theology of Western Christianity (which was imbued with liberalist ideas on their own behalf by Gothic Princes) had long been internalized by ‘civil society’ as we see from numerous examples of that ‘civil’ society (having adopted the ideology of the princes) exterminating ‘early man’ wherever colonists went. The community grounded on militarism vs community grounded in The Great Spirit makes itself felt from the conquistadores in Mexico , to U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment in South Dakota , to the British East India Company , to the conference in Lithuania today ,
I suspect that neither Lenin nor Stalin knew that they drew support from the Russian people, because these held a resentment of a longue durée nature. I suspect that President Putin is as unschooled in the history of his nation as the people of the West are in theirs, and as the EU prefers it to remain. As a Latvian, I am quite sure, that few Latvians suspect that their spiritual history, too, goes back to early Eastern Christianity rather than ‘pagan’ peasants. Evidences for this are many: the ubiquitous presence of the Sun in their folksongs and the Sun at the basis of the Cathar cross; the very name ‘pagan’ is a corruption of ‘pa-Yan’ (John nobody); ķecer/ clown (Cathar); pastar bērns (orphan) for Cathar monk, from early ‘pastarene’, a synonym for Cathar. There is also a connection with a unique way of choir singing in Lanquedoc, southern France, and a similar style (now lost) in northeast Lithuanian/ southwest Latvian regions.
In any event, if we assume that this early cultural history was deliberately repressed by the Gothic-Catholic theology that served Princes and still serves Bankster Capitalists in the EU, we can begin to understand the repressed fury that found its outlet in Stalin’s bloodbaths. Though such bloodbaths are, rightly, deplorable, there are plenty of reasons why the furies that justify it may soon be on the loose again.
Why is any of this important? Let us return to the question of history. If we write a fictitious story (biography) of history in red, because color red is most obvious, dramatic, and attention getting, but write the story of real events by dipping our pen in milk, then the first will be visible from some distance, while the latter will be visible only when the sheet of paper is exposed to the heat of a flame and the milk turns brown. In short, the real version of history is likely to be bypassed until the story written in red (possibly blood) leads us into situations that threaten society with extinction.
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