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Eso’s Chronicles 232/ 3
The Krsuk salient 03
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What a title horriblis! It spells ‘Kursk’ backward. I beg the reader’s forgiveness; it is meant to show just how screwed up things have become. Latvia, like it or not, represents the enemy on the salient’s left flank.

While the Latvian government hopes that in the event of WW3 NATO will send its armed forces to defend it on its northern flank, most everyone in Latvia knows that a Russian attack is not imminent except for deliberate provocation of anxiety by the Latvian government, a descendant of the Soviet communist apparatchiks, whose majority fear being short-circuited and having to suffer the consequences of their surrender of the Latvian nation to the combined interests of Western powers—all the while blaming the Russians.

In spite of such propaganda tactics working on its own population, it is likely that the Western powers, with Germany in the lead, know of the economic abyss and difference of identification that prevails between the Latvian government and its people. If cooperation with the Russians may not be in the interest of the NATO cabal as a whole, it is not in the interest of the Germans (though it may be in the interest of the Scandinavians and the Latvian government may be counting on it) to join any military type NATO interference in the Baltics. As far as the interests of Germany are concerned, it need not fear that Russia is anxious to engage it in another bloody conflict, when between the Germans and Russians there exists a tradition, despite the nightmare of Hitler, of economic cooperation many hundred years old.

The real threat to peace today is a consequence of U.S. President Harry S. Truman’s support of Israel in the Middle East against the interest of the Arabs, the people indigenous to the Middle East. The threat comes not from the people of Israel as such, but is the result of nearly a half a century of expansionism and repression of Arab interests by a Zionist government, which has been attempting to establish itself in the image of an eternal government of the Israeli people. Some success of its internal policies are attributable to the fact that through Zionism Israel provides direct religious support for capitalism as an everlasting economic order.

In short, a major source of the tensions in the world today arises from the government of Israel; and it is the Middle East or the right flank of the Krsuk salient of the Zionists (rather than eager Latvian. Ukrainian, and Georgian former communist apparatchiks) that threatens world peace.

Even as world leaders are meeting in Geneva to try to forge a nuclear treaty between Iran and the rest of the world , the Israeli leader Netanyahu said (see link) that he "utterly rejected" such a deal with Iran, and that his country would not be obliged to abide by it. Defense analysts have speculated the Israelis may take military action to disrupt Iran's program.

In short, seeing their long-term goals dismantled by a treaty of peace, the Zionist government and its allies are likely to seek a casus belli to once again set it back on track.

If by some miracle, however, no casus belli is triggered, the change would be no less dramatic than an earthquake measuring nine on the Richter scale. Many years of negative precedents would begin to be overturned; not least the gradual adaptation of Israel to a culture that must live within its means, and a refusal of the Israeli people to follow the aggressive Zionist government.

Unfortunately, the casus belli is likely on order and should be in the news relatively shortly.

When we think of all the potential for catastrophes, we realize that it is not only casus belli that is a threat, but that life on our planet is faced with a whole series of causa morti or gifts of death. Next to

1) Casus belli, the other deadly gifts are:

2) catastrophic radiation release at Fukushima that renders Japan uninhabitable for humans;

3) sends lethally irradiated human beings as refugees to all parts of our planet;

4) releases radiation poisoning over the entire Pacific ocean, which results in

5) the birth of grotesque life forms;

6) winters without heating or engine fuel, because the war is likely to destroy the infrastructure of modern society;

7) the stink of corpses emanating from all cities;

8)  not to mention soylent meat (the last capitalist enterprise) at low prices from assisted suicides by de facto legalization of narcotics;

9) instantly worthless money.

The conference on nuclear weapons with Iran stopped short of a deal. The next round is expected on November 20th. The following are links that lead the eye to the movement under the rug:

1] The Israeli leader Netanyahu said that he “utterly rejected” a deal with Iran , and that his country would not be obliged to abide by it. Defense analysts have speculated the Israelis may take military action to disrupt Iran's program.

2] An interesting verbatim Press Conference by Prince Saud al-Faisal and John Kerry:  

3] E Meinel at EMSNews as always provides an interesting background to Western orientation and interests:  

4] RT, as befits the current Russian stance, takes a laid back perspective:  

5] Whether a casus belli will occur before November 20, the date set for the next stage of the conference is anyone’s guess, but this observer has few doubts that work toward it proceeds at a feverish pace.

This series attempts to put the present events in the context of the Battle of Kursk (1943) in the Soviet Union, the loss of which by Hitler brought the Soviet Army into Latvia within a year. The preparations for that event went on for a long time. The events in the Middle East are brewing even longer. The pressure valves on the kettle are whistling loudly.

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