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Eso’s Chronicles 235/ 6
Feral Gov. 102
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The following quote perfectly defines what I mean by “Feral Government” http://esoschronicles, , a two word name that pretty well reveals our civilization and the state of communities within it. From a post at
“According to many, the hidden leverage embedded in the securitization pipeline is what catalyzed the 2008 near-death experience of the financial markets. All of this is well-known to most.
What however is certainly not known, because until a few days ago the concept did not technically exist, is what emerged deep from the bowels of the FSB's 2013 ‘Global Shadow Banking report’, and what is barely even defined anywhere in popular literature, which thus we have defined as the "unspoken, festering secret at the heart of shadow banking."
Presenting self-securitization.
What is ‘self-securitization’? Go ahead and Google it: there doesn't exist any technical definition of this heretofore unheard of phrase.”
If the 2008 event can be described as a “near-death experience” for the world economy without undue exaggeration, the experience today, at least for a small nation like Latvia, is elimination by death as fact.
The President of Latvia, interviewed by an early morning television show in Riga (15-11-13) spoke of Latvia as a country where death of nationhood was done, finished, and sealed by a small group of Latvian fascists (my description) having seized the Parliament (Saeima) in the interest of SELF-SECURITIZATION (busy-work in the shadows). Not a few present and past members of the Latvian government are on the millionaires list (also just released), where they intend to stay at the expense of, both, the indigenous and immigrant work force.
Here is what the President of Latvia had to say yesterday on an early morning television show (my translation):
“I am of the opinion that patriotism is the good work of every individual whose work benefits everyone else. The world is open today; practically, a third of the work force migrates. The world is global, enterprises are forced to invite workers from the entire world. This is nothing new or surprising.”
When asked what the President thought the role of the role of the Nation in the life of the individual, President Behrzinjsh responded: “The role of the nation is diminished…. Its place is taken over by the global economy. The State concerns itself with security, education, and health care. Everything else is open.”
Note that the Latvian President does not define a patriot as a Latvian, but as ‘everyone’ who has a job.
Unfortunately, the President’s description of the Latvian government’s concerns is also inaccurate. The Foreign Ministry of Latvia has not had one original idea come to its mind during the past twenty-one years of ‘renewed’ independence. Only yesterday the government issued a warning that Latvians in certain regions are likely to be inconvenienced by NATO boots, vehicles, and other engines of war. Higher education in Latvia has faced decades of neglect, literature except for translations and biographies is practically nonexistent, and when I took the son of an acquaintance to the hospital a few days ago, because of an injury was causing water to collect behind the eleven year old’s knee cap, the doctor said he rather postpone the drainage until an x-ray was taken. Alas, the x-ray line extends to August 2014, and the mother does not have Ls 13 (~ $26) to sign the boy up for a private line. When I heard this, I promised to cover the bill. The President with his Ls 5000 monthly pension will not do that.
While “self-securitization” by the Latvian government has been long suspected and this writer has long called it by its other rightful name: a closed ‘democratic’ (fascist?) circle; to this time no government official has so blatantly and cynically confessed to abandoning the nation to the hyenas (some Latvian delegates included) of Brussels as this President.
At this time, what with the 18th of November, the Independence Day of Latvia, a few days away, government propaganda is grinding out the bloody mush of once true patriots, even supporting the creation of a movie about Latvia’s Independence Battles during WW1 (Aleksandrs Grihns: ‘Dveseļu putenis’)
Hail, Latvia, full of Grace! Blessed art Thou among communities; and blessed be the tomb of Thy forebears and creators.

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