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Eso’s Chronicles 237/ 23
Dreams De-Aestheticized
© Eso A.B.
When one spies on dreams, dreams are being invaded. In the Western World spying on dreams began with the French Catholic Church insisting that the people of the wood, among whom they built their obscene donjons gazing over the treetops . Looking over the top also means an implicit desire to see what is happening below the treetops. This is where the so-called Confession and Confession of Sins came in, and why the secret police in the disguise of the Catholic priesthood was necessary. Later came Sigmund Freud and dream interpretation; and later yet behavioral psychology, which aimed to control human beings through drugs and creation of culture under the control of a Central Authority. American led Military-Bankster Culture is the result.

While drugs are ever more extensively used, the ‘reading’ of the subconscious mind is being replaced by an ever greater analysis of what part of our brain has what function, which function then comes under the control of tiny electrodes inserted into the brain whence by a ‘tele-’ apparatus come signals from some government facility, for example the NSA , i.e., National Security Agency, an agency without constraints when it comes to exercising  control over the population. A new God has arrived to terrorize humankind.

Be that as it may, this is the opposite to what humans perceived was necessary to form a community at the beginning of ‘civilized’ time.

As discussed in previous blogs, in dream-time, we imagined that in mythical space-time there was a castle in which resided a mythical King (sometimes also called ‘god’), who at the end of his rule died by self-sacrifice. Self-sacrificial death was understood by all the dreamers who lived in the woods as atonement by a never seen or met communal authority as a divine sign sent to beg pardon for the misfortunes that humankind living under the guidance of its own dream-space and time experienced.

One of the short-comings of government by self-sacrificial death is that it demands its leader to be an individual of great will and dedication. This is why self-sacrifice, if not forthcoming, was replaced by various forms of sacrifice of others. In the early days, failure to self-sacrifice was replaced by sacrifice that used the garotte Early on the public was never told about the king’s failure to die on the its behalf, but however he died, it was told that he died for his people and kingdom. The telling was done, of course, by those who succeeded the King and had performed the sacrificial ritual. Such a lie made leading the community by the Dream-King’s successors easier.

In later years, after many individuals had gathered up the courage to form a community through their self-sacrificial charisma, and when, for that very reason, public failures happened more often, sacrifice was replaced by a ritual theatre. The most impressive theatre of this kind was performed by the Azteks, the predecessors of the Mexican people of today. Once sacrifice reached such a high degree of ritualized and, therefore, theatrical state, the theatrical ‘devices’ employed in realizing the ritual were many, including the skinning of the sacrifice. By this time, the sacrifice no longer necessarily included the King, but was often replaced by captured ‘enemies’.  Anthropologist David Carrasco describes the ritual-theatre in his book “City of Sacrifice” thusly:

“Once the victims had been sacrificed and skinned, the ‘skins’ were worn by the captor’s assistants, in prodigious displays of male power and success. As these skins worn by Aztec males moved through the city, the experience of the ideal battlefield permeated the public spaces of Tenochtitlan, and transformed the neighborhoods into miniature battlefields….” This ritual-theatre, which introduced the ‘magic’ or ‘charisma’ that was necessary to bind individuals into a community is sometimes called as “synesthesia”, which Carrasco describes (p157) as a study in ritual and theatre that “…gives emphasis to the anthropology of experience and especially the process of synesthesia (, which awakens in the ceremonial atmosphere, the whole human organism to the ontological and political message of rituals.”

The exclusion of the King from existential syneththesia rituals eventually became an existential flaw in the ritual that was meant to form and maintain the community.

To put it simply: ‘the word got out’ that self-sacrifice was being faked and the ritual ceased to be charismatic in the way it had been when the people had still lived in the wood and had survived as animal herders, root, berry, and fruit gatherers, and mushroom pickers. As governments tried to cover the lack of their charisma by increasing the numbers of the sacrificed, they thereby substituted charisma with a dread that overwhelmed society (note no longer ‘community’). It is an open secret, that society today is no longer held together by charisma, but through the threat of annihilation. Society has an implicit understanding that increased social chaos and war casualties are not something to be accepted as truisms, but are a consequence of cynicism bred by political de-aethesia No, not aesthesia, but de-aesthesia.

Widespread pessimism and a sense of despair has led society to understand that this ‘game’ of ‘de-aesthesis’ cannot, inspite the demand and insistence of governments, be long-lived. This is why on the one side of the social scale, superpowers and the elite who form their backbone are preparing for war, while the poor, on the opposite end of society, are going berserk with no glue to hold them together.

Small countries, like my own Latvia, have been seized by one party governments, who get their support from one party super governments like the U.S., E.U., but also take as their examples from such other supergovernments like China, Russia, India. The war of which I speak above, is to be among the superpowers in the inter-national realm, while intra-nationally it is waged as per the example set by NSA. Incidentally NSA’s invasion of intra-national space and private communications may not be so much to gather personal information, but to instill fear and repress individual sub consciousness.

If the wood hid the terrible deeds of our forebears, the city has no moss, grass. or leaves to hide a head torn off by an explosion, and will be seen lying in the street by every child and of course everyone else who lives in the city . Nothing will be hid, and there will be no dreams.

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