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Eso’s Chronicles 236/ 22
Dream-time Long Lost
© Eso A.B.

In the preceding blogs I tell how when the West speaks of ‘democratic’ governments it speaks of self=securitizing governments, which means that the Parliaments of these governments stand for self-interest, though they may have some diversity of personal opinion. Since most of these governments are now ready to merge in one or another kind of federated union, it means that the emergent super states are also going to be super-fascist states; re: Super Self-Securitizing Centralized Powers (SSSCP).

As readers know, I trace the beginning of this self-evident catastrophe to the flight of the Goths (formerly Vikings) from the fall of the Byzantine Empire, which they had much to do with screwing up. I hold that before the arrival of these Vandals (but another name for the Varangians and Vikings), the Byzantine Empire existed in a “dream-time”, a time which remains reflected in much neglected fairy-tales.

If anyone cares to note, fairy-tales reflect the life of humankind living deep in the forest ‘dreaming’ of some far off Kingdom where peace and fairness rules. The King of this Dream Land was most likely known by a number of names: Prester John, G(Y)enghis Khan, John The Baptist, or simply John (Yan, Han, Huan, Ian, Ivan, Johann, etc.). It is likely that this King was real, one of the founding priests of a Temple in the Forest.

Since human beings were still used to exercising the liberties offered by the environment of the wood, and, therefore, disobedient to all disciplinary directives from anyone who presumed authority, the authority in order to be obeyed had to prove itself through self-sacrifice. It was the charisma of self-sacrifice to death what impressed the unbelieving men and women of the wood and named the authority, Him-Her, the Thing, das Ding, King or Queen.

As time went by, the Temple grew, developed, and acquired wealth. The latter caused envy among certain men of the wood who may have deemed themselves Cynics or Realists. It was easier and safer to be a Realist to come raid the Temple from far away than one who was living nearby. This is how the first traitors emerged—from afar. When the men who lived in destitution in a land known as Scandinavia heard of this wealth, they went Viking (literally wading) down rivers of Europe East and West, brought ‘dream-time’ to an end, and instituted the secular kingdom. Evidence of this, if we care to look, lies in pieces of half-truths all about.

When the Vikings or Varangians wiked their way during the 8th and 11th centuries to the Black and Caspian seas,7340,L-4454202,00.html , and discovered Jerusalem [then Byzantium (tsargrad or koenigsberg)] certain ‘Hans’ or ‘Huns’ (or was it Johns?) attacked the Vikings from the East and forced them to retreat whence they had come. It is then that so-called Goths arrived into the area now known as the Benelux, began to fight among themselves, out of which fights emerged what we today know as the French, the English, and the Germans.

It should not be surprising that the descendants of these Goths-Anglo Saxons remembered the tales of their forebears, and once stabil in their new home land looked for a pretext to return to the southeast of Europe and attack the Huns. By then the Children of the Wood had changed their name from “cross my heart and hope to die”, Johns of the Cross (the cross meant my signature), to the Children of Johns (Yohammads). Contrary to the Catholic Church, founded by the Goths as an alternative to the religion of the East, which claims history to begin with the birth of Jesus some two thousand years ago, the actual history begins with the sacrifice of a Jesus like being, probably a version of Prester John, John the Baptist, or Ghegis Khan about the time of 11th or 12th centuries. If anyone wishes to discover more on the matter, I recommend Anatoly Fomenko’s, “History: Fact or Fiction”, 2nd  vol. In other words, the Crusades began with the attempt by the French to return to Byzantium.

Today, the French, just like the Jews, are a mirror image of their former Viking and destitute selves. Let us remember Jehanne D’Ark or la Pucelle, who saved the craven secularists in the 15th century by her self-sacrifice. Today, knowing that their nation is about to be submerged into a centralized state known as the European Union, all three nations that emerged from the Vikings are desperately looking for a way out. The French, finding themselves geographically and economically in a vulnerable position, are—like the Brits and Germans—looking for a way to escape this fate. The French, in the personage of their socialist Prime Minister Hollande are willing to risk WW3 to save France as a nation, while Israel and Saudi Arabia are making plans of their own to attack Syria,7340,L-4454202,00.html

Regarding the domestic troubles of the French, the following link is enlightening:

The cycle of history--fictional history by the way--is about to repeat itself. If Jesus was crucified in 1083 or 1183, as per Anatoly Fomenko, and the First Crusade was the one that began in 1204 and ended with the sacking of Constantinople (then Jerusalem), then the French Prime Minister is fishing for another blood bath today.


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