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Eso’s Chronicles 226/ 12
Blood to Go
© Eso A.B.

America’s misfortune is that it inherited ‘democracy’ in the form of an unsolved European crime, but was fooled into believing that the crime was a divine gift through the Magna Carta , Pilgrims-Calvinists , and the Age of Enlightenment and Reason

What America has not understood to this day is that urban ‘democracy’ is a delusion that finds for itself a delusionary act to translate into. It is like you have just come on the street after seeing a fantastic movie and are asking yourself: “Where can I find myself a lover or heroic role similar to the one in the movie?” You find the answer by going into a pizza parlor and ordering a pizza with anchovies. In short, you slap yourself in the face with the tail of a fish.

True democracy exists only in the wood, where every tree offers an opportunity to either hide or climb if whoever comes towards you appears stronger than you and you have not made your greeting friendly, or—if you are more courageous—you make him-her your dinner and no human rights organization will make an issue of it. In our post-wood civilization, where the ‘natural’ environment has been turned into an urban setting, ‘democracy’ is but a longue durée memory of the liberties in the wood, now best expressed through liberal capitalism, libertarianism, and libertinism. As stated in the previous blog in a slightly different context, ‘democracy’ is the death of death itself, which in every day language translates itself as “this is all there is” , “enjoy it while you can”, “the strong rule”, “the rich chose the music”.

I have also written that the event that set the modern era into motion was the substitution of the Christianity of the Wood with a Christianity of urbanites, which Christianities do not much differ from ‘democracy’ in the wood and ‘democracy’ in the city respectively. Because these bipolar versions of democracy and Christianity are not well understood and even less discussed, the original versions have fought the latter version with bloody and tragic fury, while the latter (in possession of nuclear bombs, and night vision goggles) claim the former belong in a oo.                                                               

I have no particular wish to pick on America, because—as stated in the first sentence—Europe is where the alternate or neo- versions of ‘Christianity’ and ‘Democracy’ took root and were the gospel stories were ghost written and ancient literature was rewritten. In so far as other governments (Russia, China, et al) have evolved influenced by European and American versions of Christianity and democracy, these, too, face a bloody comeuppance. As much as a comeuppance spells disaster, it cannot be avoided, because there is no other solution to the never faced problems of governments and the economy other than through a reintroduction of death in a manner never to be forgotten. I dare say, I see Robespierre, Stalin, and Pol Pot as comic book characters to the Saturn whom many artists have been prophesying as being on the way, but never quite succeeding in portraying the horror, because their works, always based on experiences of their times have never reached the crescendo that is yet ahead. Were we to create an artistic series, we would likely begin with the tapestries once covering piles of potatoes on a French potato field, take a look at the Goya’s Saturn , and end with Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ , which in 2003 the U.S. had removed from the hall of United Nations  because Collin Powell had war on Iraq and execution of Saddam Hussein in mind.

It is worth noting that the false flag of urban ‘democracy’ has been propping itself up by selecting fascism and communism as the bugaboos which will seize power if ‘democracy’ is turned out of its blood smeared offices. America and its cronies in Europe have ‘outlawed’ fascism by pointing to the atrocities of Hitler against the Jews. Russia, too, through Lavrov, its foreign minister, states: “Sure enough, the Russian-Belgian contacts had to string along with the twists and turns of the European history, but we can say with full confidence that mutual affection between our peoples has been the constant of our relationship. Now that ideological contradictions are a thing of the past…” In other words, now that bloody ‘democracy’ has a clear field as a result of the collapse of fascism and communism and there appears to be no chance of a re-analysis, ‘democracy’ may resume ruining the planet.

                                                               As we ought to know, both Belgium and Russia have their own bloody histories. Belgium’s King Leopold II (1835-1909) exceeded Hitler’s and Stalin’s murders, perhaps more than the two put together . Yet Lavrov’s statement clears the field for a Europe and Russia--‘knocked for a loop’ by their recent histories--to make recovery of their former ways and with renewed underhanded methods compete over the colonization of Eastern Europe through cooperative federalization greased by compliant politicians of impoverished nations. Sadly, the people of the formerly occupied nations are unable to gather their wits because their minds are massaged and whitewashed by urban democratic ideals and their forests are turned into tree stumps by banks.

Yet as a number of  founding fathers of American ‘democracy’ pointed out, especially Jefferson , America was not a federalist nation. In short, at least some of the founding fathers of America implicitly argued that the future of democracy ought to evolve along the lines of an autarky. To be sure, some have suggested that an autarky is a de facto fascist state, while forgetting that an autarkic government was the nature of government when humankind subsisted on the goods of nature and these had not been exhausted by being turned into ‘resources’ by proto-capitalist and capitalist governments, which decimated forests to plant grains, which are more quickly turned into money than animal furs.

Unfortunately, Jefferson’s ideas did not prevail, and America, its territory at that time (1743-1826) yet in a natural state, was wide open to invasion by technology, which began its assault by building railroads and killing off the native population. Technology, no doubt, facilitated the development of capitalism, which exploited and continues to exploit the planet:

The dangerous momentum that built America, turned catastrophic after the U.S. claimed to have ‘won’ WW2 (1945) and brought the Soviet Union to its knees (1991). Its wealthy, bloated, and simplistic minded elite began to overreach when they presumed to export ‘democracy’ with increasingly bloody methods to countries not yet directly under the control of their Federal Reserve Bank. As evidence of spying by the NSA shows , ‘democratic’ proto-invasions began as early as 1960s, though not yet on such a scale as in the present computerized era. Due to the financial and economic crisis, instigated by dysfunctional ‘democratic’ governments, now striking all Western-born nations simultaneously, Europe has become increasingly frantic in its attempt to become a Federalized Union. Brussels power plays have brought alarm to at least one European country—England.

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