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Eso’s Chronicles 220 / 6
Comeuppance! (6)
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While resistance to Christianity borne of (or  begot by) capitalism is as old as neo-Christianity itself, it almost ceased during the 20th century, when (paradoxically) many rebellious authors produced a number of books that hinted that the history of Christianity as presented in Western Universities was not quite up to standards and, thus, not quite up to correct answers.

This writer was among the avid readers of these books, beginning with Albert Schweitzer’s “The Quest of the Historical Jesus” and the more recent by Bart Ehrman, “Lost Christianities”.

What is wrong with most accounts about Jesus is that ll follow the same chronological outline as presented by the Catholic Church, which to this day claims to be the Mother of all Christian orientations .

Among the first challenges to affect the Catholic origins theory is the Russian mathematician turned historian Anatoly Fomenko. Though not the very first critic (Isaac Newton—17th cen.—was earlier), Fomenko’s criticism is well researched and lengthy. He is one of the latest doubters of the veracity of history as presented by the academicians of the West, who indeed never outgrew Catholic scholasticism and to this day mirror its prejudices. Though academicians haughtily ignore Fomenko (because as a Russian he is believed to think in reverse gear), refusing to listen to him evidences arrogance and colonialist chutzpah that has not yet been outgrown.  Like it or not, Fomenko has shaken the West’s identity and its version of history.

I presented a brief summary of how we arrived to the false flags that fly over Western government buildings today. A couple of blogs back (218), I wrote how the Franks (some will say it was the Goths) turned themselves into the French, took control of the West and then turned on the East whence they had come. [Nevertheless, some claim they came from the north and across the Baltic Sea and were known as Scandze—instead of Vikings.) The real story, as it has imprinted itself in this writer’s mind, went something like this:

After being chased from Byzantium by the Turks and settling in Europe in an area now known as the Benelux countries, the Franks , in order to set themselves apart from the Christians in the East, set about creating a new Christianity. To this day every European is taught to know these Eastern Franks as the founders of the Holy Roman Empire, a realm never yet real, but continuing to exist in the fantasy of European politicians as the European Union. That is to say, the Crusades, begun by the French, as confirmed by the President of the U.S., George Bush, will go on .

Following the dictates of Western educational institutions, the common belief is that the Holy Empire was founded by a Pope in Rome. But the real history is that there never was a ‘Western’ Holy Roman Empire, and even the idea of it was stolen from the actual Holy Roman Empire in the East, with its headquarters, at first, in Alexandria (remember the Coptic Church?), Egypt, moving on to Constantinople, Byzantine, when a Byzantine (true Roman) ‘Caesar’ met Phara-jones Cleopatra and took her on a Med cruise to better bed her. The transfer of the ancient capital cities from the South to the North Mediterranean began with a dalliance.

While the dalliance between Alexandria and Byzantium makes sense, the Holywood concoction of dalliance between Rome, Italy, and Egypt does not make sense, because according to Fomenko (at least) Western Rome never got going until the 15th century of the Western Era.

Because Fomenko is no lightweight historian, but a member of the Academy of Sciences in Moscow, I suggest that the Russian government (with international assistance from China, India, Iran, and others with a stake in the truth) support and finance renewed research of the chronology of history. Whether led by Fomenko or another scholar, it is time that the comedy we are presented with does not turn into a greater tragedy than it already has brought. We need to discover either the true chronology of our history or learn to live with history as an uncertainty, in knowledge that our cynicism is not of our making, but a mark of Cain stamped on our foreheads by our governments. The West is in profound need to reexamine its past, its claims of achievement, and presumption to determine our planet’s future.

A reexamination is important because the current version of history is used by the West as a political tool. Its claim insists not only on the right to the territories the West occupies (and expands on yet again at the expense of the East), but also declares the West to possess ‘the right’ kind of character suitable to possess our planet. On the basis of these claims, the West has not shirked to employ ‘terrorists’ to capitalist ends. Having despoiled its own spiritual heritage, the West today has turned to despoiling Islam by taking advantage of the jealousies of Muslims, who are unable to deal the West a deserved comeuppance.

The corner the East is backed in today is a consequence of the False Flag history presented by the ruthlessness of the liberal West, even as it imitated the ruthlessness of one Emperor Alexis I, who destroyed Eastern Christianity with one push that cost its spiritual leader his life. That push is a story all by itself, now well camouflaged behind the Aztec story of Nanauatzin’s (image: ) heroic leap into a fiery pit at the sacred city of Tenochtitlan in Mexico. This story cannot be found in historical accounts in the East or West, but Book 7 of the Florentine Codex  recorded by Bernardino de Sahagun a Franciscan monk . Sensational, as such a replacement of a historical event in EuroAsia of the East may be, it is unlikely that it is mere happenstance that Sahagun was a Franciscan monk and the place to tell the truth happens is transferred to a newly discovered continent. What Sahagun reflects is an event in Constantinople affecting the Bogomils several centuries before the defeat and neo-Christianization of the Mexican people .

Such juxtapositions of events is an ‘old’ tool employed by schemers sequestered in ‘think tanks’ in the West, and is employed to this day, because Common Man simply cannot imagine such dishonesty as the basis of history.

The reason the East has come to a desperate situation is that up to this time, there always was another step and a space to retreat to. This allowed the West to expand not only as colonizer of Eastern territories, but when colonization as such stopped, was able continue to short circuit economic exploitation by means of technology over Nature, not to mention make the Vatican a dictator over the chronology of history. Strange as it may seem, a major tool in the hands of the West is an ‘Early Christianity’, which  today we know as Islam, and which almost no one believes has its origins in Christianity. Today, the closest we get is as at the following link, re: encounter of eastern Christianity with early islam: .

For the cultures of the East (that of Russia, China, Iran, India) to regain their ground vis a vis the West and to neuter the ‘terrorists’, these have to respond to Western cynicism less with arms than with reeducation undermining of its intellectual presumptions.

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