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Eso’s Chronicles 224 / 10
Parallel Universes
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A news item in yesterday’s (Oct. 16) Apollo, an internet platform in Latvia, has an article about how in the near future many more of my countrymen may leave the country, because the government is determined to further reduce the number of municipal governments from 119 to about 30 by 2020 . The reduction is being done to simplify and make it easier for the remaining 30 municipalities to access EU funds. Moreover, there is an unmistakable trend for the municipalities to spend the EU funds in building up the cities and bypassing the countryside.

Surely there is a difference between a sovereign country and a country invaded by federalists who claim that its sovereignty remains unscathed!

In a curious manner the news link reflects a conversation that I recently shared with a member of another Latvian news portal ( ). My partner in the conversation is a retired radio engineer. He had just informed the readers at the portal that he is using his retirement to study the ‘photon’, a subject related to his profession, and that he had come to the conclusion that time was an illusion, a figment of our imagination, which is well illustrated by the cinematographic denouement of time in our particular space-time.

I have no problem in concurring with the man’s thesis, because for some time it has played a key role in the so-called Heisenberg’s quantum mechanics. However, what I bring to the engineer’s thesis is my own thesis, this being that hallucinogenic plants have since ancient times been used to bridge the small gap in time between the cinematographic pictures. As I perceive it, this ‘gap’ permits us to access a parallel universe. Indeed, there are scientists, such as Robert Lanza, MD,  who propose a theory known as Biocentrism, which propounds that these conceivable parallel universes suggest that there is no death. What interests me in particular is that I believe parallel universes occur also in our own space and time. I will say more about this in the following paragraphs. First, however, I would like to bring the readers’ attention to my previous blog (223) about the city or polis, which is a parallel universe to the one that preceded it, i.e., the time when humankind lived for the most part in the wood, where traditions were maintained not by the written, but by the spoken word.
In any event, the following is my letter to my correspondent, one Gunahrs B., apparently an electronics engineer, now retired and living in England. I have—for clarity’s sake==made some minor editorial changes.

“Hello, Gunars! Discontinuous consciousness has been in ‘use’ for some time by those who have higher education and funds to design machinery and drugs to take advantage of this phenomenon. I understand that some of our modern machines cannot really be used without the assistance of psychotropic drugs; combat pilots are said to be regularly using these drugs on their missions. In a simplified way in earlier times, this is the same as getting your (government approved) ration of rum when needing to advance across an open field against an enemy firing at you with deliberate aim and the air is filled with bullets that have lost their way (the battles at Austerlitz, Borodino, Gettysburg, Waterloo come to mind). While death under such conditions is almost certain, at least the combatants face it deliberately mindless and are not trapped in the niche evolution designed their consciousness to occupy.

“Yesterday I listened to a drone pilot, who lives with his family in Las Vegas describe his trip to his air force base, where he takes over an ongoing drone mission in Afghanistan, and begin ‘helping’ some NATO soldier or killing an Taliban ‘terrorist’ in Afghanistan: It does not appear as if this ‘pilot’ is on drugs, but the very fact that I have to put the word in quotation marks, reflects that I am talking about a ‘reality’ apart from where I sit at this moment. I cannot imagine this ‘pilot’ keeping at such a job (killing someone at one moment, the next helping his daughter chose what color tutu to wear) without soon seeking help at a PTSD hospital or in a bottle of vodka or bourbon. From what I have heard, marihuana is more efficient and less harmful than prescription drugs.

“In past times, before men’s lives were governed by governments (NSA and like) and most of us lived in or near a wood (as I did during WW2), while neo-religion had long repressed our native religion, there were still stories circulating about magicians, male and female (bur-vis and ra-gana) and their expertise with healing teas, potions, compresses and like. Then there were also stories of how these native medicine doctors were burned at a stake, or tied to a chair at the end of a pole, which was regularly dunked into a pond to make them confess to using mushrooms or Wild John to escape the Dominicans, Franciscans, or Jesuits come to ‘save’ them and us. Surely, with so many Latvians at one time serving in the tsar’s army in Central Asia fighting Turks and other ‘heathens’, it is disingenuous and stupid to believe that they returned home with missing limbs, and did not bring to Livonia Johns Grass seeds and contribute to local knowledge of  the plants healing properties.”

As far as ‘saving’ is concerned, it seems to have been little other than a repetition of the demand for our forebears to have ‘faith’ in the monks from Frankland teachings. Today those same monks have ‘progressed’ and become ‘scientists’ who likewise insist that the ‘doctrine’ of ‘science’ must be followed, i.e., if you wish to have access to communications you must have ‘faith’ in our ‘editors’ who are members of our ‘government’. In an astonishing manner, we are witnessing the repetition of the old fight between the ‘heretics’ and the ‘priests’ with imprimatur, when such an imprimatur has largely lost its validity . Another way to put this was put by heretics, such as my own Herrnhuter forebears. There was no need of middlemen-priests between them and God. However, this is why the living spirit in my countrymen continues being destroyed by ‘Christ-ianity’s’ middlemen and the Academia, while the Herrnhuters have disappeared among the anonymous. 

The above mentioned correspondence originated because my respondent questioned the efficacy of ‘drugs’, while putting his faith in ‘reason’. Because ‘reason’ is nothing more than another name for the process of ‘deduction’, I wonder why it cannot be that it cannot be deduced that we live in a realm of ‘parallel universes’?

If this is so, why is it not true that a universe where the detective story and novel has been destroyed by the ‘new’ culture being brought to us by such as the NSA (  which may listen to us and learn our secrets even through a turned-off mobile phone), why those of us opposed to such an intrusive government cannot fight back by claiming it to be a universe of false flags beginning more than a thousand years ago? May we not deduce that the paranoia of the U.S. government is sourced in the past?



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